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North Beach, Coronado, California

The Crown City

Most people love to celebrate birthdays. My mother-in-law is no exception, loving to commemorate hers all month long.  May is her birth month. This year, she made a special request that our little family of 4 join her for a trip to Coronado, California, the last week of April to usher in her birthday month. (Clearly, I need to start taking notes! I don’t celebrate mine nearly long enough.) And what better place to celebrate than “The Crown City”?
Sixth Street and Orange

So, come April 24, we flew into San Diego and caught an Uber to Coronado Island. Which isn’t an island at all, by the way. As my husband pointed out (and mentioned almost every day we were there). Coronado is actually a peninsula connected to the mainland by the Silver Strand (aka The Strand). But I digress.
Dragon sculpture

While the “island” is several blocks across, we found we could easily walk everywhere we needed to go. Thankfully, we were on vacation time, so no rush to get anywhere. So, walk we did. It gave us that much more time to take in the beauty all around us, from meticulously manicured lawns to sculptures to painted electric boxes to the gorgeous and fragrant flowers in full bloom. I couldn’t get enough of the birds-of-paradise, which seemed to peek out at us at every turn.

Helicopters and Happy Hour

North Beach helicopter, Coronado

On our first full day, we walked to the beach on the Pacific Ocean side of Coronado and enjoyed playing in the sand. Overhead, helicopters and other military aircraft passed by regularly. Coronado is, after all, home to Naval Base Coronado. It’s the United States’ ninth largest naval base.
After a day at the beach, my husband and I (and our 9 month old son) did an early Happy Hour date night at Coronado Brewing Company. Though there were several items on the menu that looked appetizing, we opted for the Ahi Poke, Artichoke Dip, and Spanglish Fries. All good choices, but I’d say my favorite of the three was the Artichoke Dip. Such creamy deliciousness! And, to finish it off, we split the Brownie a la Mode. So good!

Coronado Ferry

Coronado Ferry Landing

The next day, we walked over to Coronado Ferry Landing. While it boasts shopping centers with art galleries, clothing stores, and several places to eat, we made a bee-line for the ferry. After a lovely ride aboard a Flagship Ferry across San Diego Bay, we enjoyed a morning at leisure in downtown San Diego.
San Diego Bay  
The bay walk bustled with activity and people rolling massive suitcases. While San Diego airport is not far, I could only guess they were on their way to the massive Disney Cruise ship docked close by. We enjoyed lunch, then found our way back to the Coronado Ferry and the beautiful beaches that awaited us back across the bay. Is there such a thing as too many days at the beach when you’re on vacation?

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado sign

No trip to Coronado would be complete without wandering down Orange Street and taking in the sites, especially the historic Hotel Del Coronado. So, on our second to last day, we walked down to Leroy’s on Orange for their Saturday brunch. Since I am a huge fan of poke (after having discovered poke bowls in Maui a couple of years ago), I had to try the Poke Tacos. I was not disappointed.
historic Hotel Del CoronadoContentedly full of poke tacos and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, I walked to the beach near Hotel Del. I let the kids get in another dose of quality beach time, complete with sandcastle building. Then, while my husband and mother-in-law watched the kids, I meandered through Shops at the Del to check out the lovely lobby of Hotel Del Coronado. What struck me most was the sizable chandelier; crystals elegantly draped above as people checked in at the counter.
While their vacations had just begun, it was sadly time for ours to come to an end. And so, the next morning, we took another Uber back to the mainland towards home.

Getting to Know the Premier Timeshare Resale Team

One of the fun things about starting any new job is getting to know the people you’re working with on a regular basis. When we were discussing possible blog topics and the idea came up to interview our Premier Timeshare Resale team members, I was excited to get started.
So, whether you’re familiar with our company or not, you can read on to learn a little bit more about the people behind the name, Premier Timeshare Resale. Beginning with Premier Timeshare Resale Owner/President and an Associate Broker with RE/MAX AssociatesKelly Marshall.
  Kelly Marshall - family  

Why/how did you start working with timeshares?

Some might say it was by accident. With my Bachelor’s degree (from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania) in Mass Communications: Public Relations & Advertising, I took an interview for a Marketing Position with Marriott Vacation Club in Park City. I was hired in the Marketing Department for their vacation club, essentially, timeshares.  After a year, I wanted to work in Sales, but without any prior sales experience they wouldn’t even consider me for an interview.
Playa del Carmen, MexicoSo, I moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and planned to find a job where I could practice Spanish to become fluent. While there, a gentleman I met suggested that with my personality, I should sell timeshares!
I laughed and told him I tried, but didn’t have the required sales experience. He said, “You are a woman who speaks English, living in Mexico. You’re hired.”
I sold for Fisherman’s Village for 3 months. After which, I sent my sales numbers to Marriott in Park City (the same one that initially wouldn’t interview me), and they hired me! I packed my things and moved back to Park City, and worked in Sales for Marriott’s MountainSide and Summit Watch.
Lake Tahoe During a trip to Marriott’s Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe, California, I noticed three different timeshare resale offices and saw the prices on the resale market.
With that information as my guide, I came back to Utah and got my Utah Real Estate license, left Marriott, and opened “Mountain Timeshare Resale” with Alanna Hatz in 2006.
Within the first year, I realized the need for a company that had licensed agents who did not charge upfront fees, not just in Utah, but worldwide.  We changed the name to Premier Timeshare Resale and started helping everyone we could.
Premier Timeshare Resale logo  

What is a favorite place you have lived or traveled to and why?

Park City, UTIt’s difficult to pick just one! In the US, my favorite place is where I live, Park City.
However, I’ve really enjoyed trips to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Canada. Europe is a favorite for food, art, and historic towns and cities. Thailand has some of the best beaches I have ever visited by far.  
boy in Thailand
While in Thailand, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage. That was one of the best experiences of my life. It was something I would have told you I could never do. Well, we did. I left crying every day, but somehow even though I went to give love to the little babies, I left getting more from them!

Lastly, what is one thing you wish people knew about timeshares that they may not know?

That they can get really good deals to stay at top notch properties.
window beach
A lot of timeshares offer a full kitchen and a great view. You are also often steps away from either the pool and the beach. 
This makes ALL the difference when staying with kids.
Our kids (who are both preschool age) love the beach, but for only 20-30 minute increments if we are lucky! I can’t imagine packing all my things up for a “day at the beach” that may only last a few minutes! The same holds true for a day on the ski slopes.
Convenience is key. Timeshares offer that… at better prices!

Kapalua Coastal Trail hike

Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can, at times, be painful. But it can also be hugely rewarding!
Whether we like it or not, those small feet will slow us down. Make us wait. And, often, smell the roses. (Every. Single. One.) Watch a snail crawl. (Yes, really.) Or pick up yet another fistful of tiny rocks. (Because why not?!) And, Ooo look! A rainbow!Toddler smelling flowers
If we allow them to, they can help is see the world in wide-eyed wonderment again.
So, despite the possibility of getting a little less sleep on your next trip, you decide it’s time to take your toddler along. Surely you don’t need near as much gear as when she was less mobile and somewhat more dependent, right? Well, yes and no.

Here are a few things you may want to have along for your next adventure away from home…with your toddler!

Homedics sound machine*A sound machine. It’s familiar and nice to create some background sound. That way, your toddler is less likely to be distracted by other noises when you reach your destination and you are trying to get them down to sleep. I really like the one made by Homedics.
*A leash. Preferably one with an animal and/or backpack attached. Or, if your toddler is a little older, the wrist leaches might be a good option for you.
Yeah, I know. You’re thinking, “What?! A leash?! For my CHILD?! I swore I would never be one of THOSE parents!” But let me tell you, when my daughter was 18 months old and wanted to run (everywhere!) and thought it was a great game to see mommy chase after her, I was super glad I had one.
*Travel crib (the Lotus Crib by Guava Family is a personal favorite) or bed bumpers (they are great to use in twin beds, sofa beds, and even as a divider/buffer in bigger beds with parents).
*Travel stroller. (Family-owned Zoe strollers are great for travel!)
Zoe XL1 V2 Stroller in Maui

*Seal-able snack and drink containers, filled with toddler’s favorites. Sometimes it’s helpful to wait to fill drink container until after you get through airport security, though, so you don’t have to do the pre-security beverage chug and/or dump.
*A baby/toddler carrier. (Love my Lillebaby carrier with awesome lumbar support!)
*Toys and books. Some that are familiar, but also some new. While familiarity in new places is comforting, it doesn’t always hold toddler’s attention quite like something a toy or book they’ve yet to experience.
Blaze and the Monster Machines toy cars
On one airport layover, I came across a boy playing with some Blaze and the Monster Machines cars. Not only was he having a ball with them, he allowed a couple of other kids to join him in rolling them back and forth (including my active toddler, for which I was truly thankful!). After I got home, I made sure to buy a couple to add to my travel bag.
Also, triangle crayons! So your toddler can still get his color on without them rolling around (and away!) like typical crayons.
Toddler in CARES harness wearing Firik headphones*Cozyphones/Firik headphones. These are so great since they wrap around your child’s head, rather than going in the ears. As much as I want to limit my kids’ screen time, there are times when it’s just easiest to plug them in on the plane. And it usually makes the time go much quicker (for them, at least). These things have been a lifesaver for me, especially now that I travel with a toddler AND an infant.
*CARES harness and/or lightweight car seat for plane. The inexpensive 9 lb Cosco Scenera Next ones are great for lugging through airports. Or anywhere away from home.
*Go-go Babyz Travelmate or similar device for transporting car seat. If using an umbrella stroller or suitcase to carry your car seat, get a car seat luggage strap to make lugging it easier for you and more fun for them.
*Tutu/cape or other similar dress-up item. Because you never know when you might need a princess or a superhero!Toddler in tutu on boardwalk
And, lastly:
*A sense of adventure, sunny disposition, and a whole lot of patience!
Toddlers are a force to be reckoned with for sure. There’s no sugar-coating or denying the facts. Yet we can learn a lot from their carefree wanderings and simple delights.
So, go collect your toddler and let them help you see the world, on your next trip, through their rose-colored glasses. Wearing a tutu. And a tiara. Or, perhaps, a cape.


Flying with Baby (part 2)

people walking through airportOkay, so you packed your bags and you’re ready to head to the airport with baby!**
Before you leave, make sure you have these important documents (easily accessible): a copy of baby’s birth certificate (as baby’s ID), baby’s passport (if flying internationally), and a letter of consent to travel (if traveling without baby’s other parent).
Now, to navigate the next part of your trip! To help it go a little more smoothly, here are a few good things to know.

At the Airport

airport check-in sign
If possible, check your infant car seat.  It’s one less thing to have to pull through the airport and fumble with (especially if you’re flying with “infant in arms” on the plane). Just make sure to buy a padded car seat bag in which to check it.  This will help minimize possible damage from traveling through the baggage maze at the airport.
If you opt to bring a car seat and/or stroller with you through the airport, buy or borrow a lightweight, water-resistant gate check bag.  This should help protect it somewhat once it’s gate checked.  Whether or not there’s inclement weather, it’s more likely to stay clean and dry as it’s being loaded onto and unloaded from the plane.
strollers with baby gearA stroller is often the easiest item to aid in the transportation of infant car seats through the airport (and pretty much everywhere, amiright?).
Just be sure to verify the vehicle you will be using at your destination is large enough to accommodate it.  Some rental cars are barely big enough to fit your suitcase(s), much less a stroller.

Going Through Security

Traveling with baby, you can bring more liquids than the average passenger as long as they’re for feeding and/or cleaning baby (think bottles, sippy cups, and wipes).  If you are carrying more liquids, tell the TSA officer and ask how they would like them handled.  Also be aware your liquids may be subject to testing.
For this reason, it’s a good idea to give yourself more time before your flight to go through the screening process.
Make sure liquids are easily accessible.   I suggest packing them in their own bag (a gallon Ziploc or something similar).  This way you can show your friendly TSA officer exactly what liquids you have and they can be put through the x-ray machine separately.  Include any baby snack pouches you bring in this bag, as well.
water bottles
I often bring an empty water bottle for myself through security and refill it once I’m on the other side.  As a breastfeeding mother, I drink a lot of water.  And I hate paying for water, especially at the airport!

What to Wear

slip on shoesWear shoes you can easily slip on and off!  Sometimes it feels as though you are completely undressing and redressing going through security.
It’s much easier to accomplish this if you don’t have to fumble with removing and re-tying a pair of sneakers while juggling baby, bag(s), belts, coats, etc.
mom wearing baby
Wear a wrap or soft structured baby carrier to hold baby.  That way, they can sleep and you can be (mostly) hands free, both going through the airport and getting on the plane.
Baby must be taken out of carrier (unless in a sling) and carried in arms through the walk-through metal detector.
Once on the plane, FAA regulations state you must take them out of the carrier during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
Some carriers are easier than wraps for accomplishing this, especially if baby’s asleep, so just keep that in mind when choosing which of your carriers to bring.

On the plane

Yay!  You made it through the airport!  After getting yourself settled into your seat on board your aircraft, open your air vents.
Although I used to always freeze on airplanes, I find that babies make great heaters!  Also, this is the “cleanest” air possible.  It keeps the air moving in front of you, so you’re less likely to encounter airborne germs.
baby sucking on pacifier

Possibly one of the most important tips– make sure to have baby nursing or sucking on a bottle/pacifier or some type of food during take-off and landing.
And/or when you feel pressure in your own ears.  This includes when there is any potential turbulence since they may change altitude to avoid it.
Hopefully, this should help avoid major discomfort incurred during significant changes in altitude.
One other tip for the plane: remember those extra liquids you packed?  Be sure to carefully open lids and reseal once airborne to avoid any potential spraying incidents caused by pressure build up.  Especially cups with flip-up straws.
It’s usually a good rule to check with your airline to find out if there are any additional airline specific policies you need to know when bringing baby on board.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

flying with baby
In general, most people are very helpful when they see me traveling with littles.
While a few people may not have “been there” before, most of us know that you are doing the best you can to help make this a comfortable trip for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!  It’s going to be great!

**If you missed last week’s blog about things to pack, you can check it out here.  One thing I forgot to mention: a sound machine may also be useful.

Flying with Baby (part 1)

Congratulations!  You booked your timeshare and now you are mentally packing your things, ready to take off your next grand adventure…with baby!  How fun!
Mom with flying baby on beach at sunset

But, at some point, it dawns on you how much (stuff) you have to think of when traveling with your new little.  Babies, despite being adorable milk chugging machines, can require quite a bit of gear!
Was this really such a great idea?  Should I book a nanny, instead?  Possibly.  In all seriousness, though, babies are great and, more than likely, there will come a time when you will find life demands bringing baby with you.
So, from one traveling parent to another, let me help make your trip with baby a little easier.
Let’s focus first on the ever-dreaded topic of FLYING with baby.
Early on in the flight, someone usually comes over the intercom to remind you to please remain seated throughout the flight and keep your seat belts fastened, in case you encounter unexpected rough air.  That is a good thing to remember when traveling with your little.
Though we may be as prepared as possible, sometimes things happen that there is just no way to anticipate.
For all those other times, here are a few helpful suggestions:

What to Pack (in your diaper bag)

Baby clothes on changing table

In addition to the usual things you may or may not carry with you on the daily, this is one time you want to make sure to pack a change of clothes for baby…and you!  Even if the flight isn’t very long.
In the event of a blowout and/or baby getting sick, it’s nice to be able to change.
On that topic, bring a few gallon Ziplocs for soiled clothes and some type of seal-able plastic bags for soiled diapers.
Bring more diapers (and wipes!) than you think you’d normally use.
Stack of diapers
Being on a trip with baby in a soiled diaper because this is the one day she went through 10 times more diapers and wipes than normal can be miserable for everyone.  So, if she normally uses 5 diapers a day, bring at least 10 with you.
You can usually buy more diapers and wipes at your destination.  However, if you’re arriving late at night or at a time when it won’t be convenient to shop for diapers right away, you’ll want to plan for that as well.
If you use pacifiers, be sure to bring AT LEAST two and a pacifier holder. Preferably, one that clips to you or baby so it’s less likely to go missing and/or get dropped when you most need it.

Bring toys and/or books to help entertain baby.

Baby in stroller
Sometimes a couple of new toys or books are nice, since they can be more interesting for longer periods of time than toys they are used to seeing.
Also, if you have any way to attach toys to you, baby, and/or bag, that can be helpful when they decide to randomly throw the toy when you least expect it.
For this reason, balls are not usually the best toy to have on a plane. Just sayin’.
Also, backpacks make some of the best travel diaper bags – way easier to carry, especially if you have a baby in a carrier and often also rolling a bag behind you.

Person holding backpack
What about all that baby gear?

As for larger items, a lot of hotels and resorts will have extra cribs or pack ‘n plays you can use once you get there; you just have to know to ask for them. Best to call ahead and reserve it with your room.
If you’re like me and you like to bring one with you, I love our Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family. It’s a little pricey, but knowing how much we would be traveling, it has been a good investment for our family.
Also, on a recent trip to Maui, we loved having our Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center with us.
Really, though, anything you can fit in your suitcase is fair game.
Alright, go grab your diaper bag and let’s pack to make this next flight a success!People walking through airport
Next week, I’ll give you a few tips to help you as you maneuver through the airport and on the plane.  Stay tuned!