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Warm-Weather Getaways for Year-Round Sun

As the winter season trudges on, some of us are already thinking about sunny getaways. While the bright lights and family gatherings of the holidays make this a very special time of year, sometimes we can’t help but sit by the fire and imagine it’s the sun’s rays on a warm coastline. But, where do you imagine your hot holiday taking place?

Arizona sunrise

In a recent highlight, TripAdvisor suggested eight warm-weather getaways, from South Africa to Spain. Here are our top favorites:


Durban, South Africa: A beach city with a unique blend of cultures from India to Western Europe, surfers love Durban’s Golden Mile. Families or couples can find an array of activities where modern resort style accommodations blend with the surrounding natural beauty. Check out Durban timeshare resales here.


The Canary Islands, Spain: Close to North Africa, these islands blend Spanish and Moroccan cultures amidst sand dunes, volcanoes, cliffs, and forests. National Parks and parties of the year can be found on any one of these seven islands, easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. A popular tourist destination for Europeans, Canary Islands timeshare resales abound for trade.


Barbados, Caribbean: Barbados boasts an atmosphere of laid back romance and high strung adventure, depending on which side of the island you’re on. West coasters will experience calm inlets for swimming opportunities,


with travelers on the east coast finding “massive, competition caliber waves.” Turquoise water is a staple on both sides, though, and Barbados timeshare resales on the market are available through PTR now.


Dubai, UAE: This spot offers the only 7-star hotel in the world and is a metropolitan adventure settled into a coastal desert offering unique cultural experiences at open-air markets, the largest natural flower garden, and camel races. Dubai timeshare resales may not be for everyone, but the ones available go quickly.


San Diego, U.S.A: For travelers taking a spur-of-the-moment vacation without time to renew their passports, San Diego provides a warm beachfront year-round. Great for young kids with access to parks, beaches, zoos, and theme parks, the city lets tourists vacation without really having to leave home. San Diego timeshare resales include WorldMark and Wyndham properties that owners could easily access through internal trades.


St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean: yes, we put the Caribbean on this list twice. It’s close, it’s familiar, and it’s full of exotic tropical forests and lagoons minutes from underwater marvels and less-than-crowded beaches. With over 200 historical sites, the island offers a world of diversion for vacationers; and eco-rambles, bio-tours, and climbing are available for the more adventurous tourists. St. Kitts timeshare resales, especially Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club, are a hot commodity that won’t lose value like some other timeshares on the resale market.


Maybe you can wait for your local weather to warm up. Maybe you can’t. Either way, the above locations are great getaways for families and couples alike. Ask Premier Timeshare Resale what other destinations can be right for your family in affordability or amenities today.


This week’s HOT SPOT: Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas II

This week’s HOT SPOT is one of the best places to be year-round. Palm Desert, California, is surrounded by high mountain ranges on three sides, with a south-sloping valley floor, bestowing the city with a warm, sunny climate year round. Palm Desert is known for having the warmest winter temperatures in the U.S., and while it can get quite warm in the summer, it’s still a great destination for those from cold weather climates, as evidenced by high rates of Scandinavian tourists visiting in the hot summer months each year. Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas II is the HOT SPOT resort in the city that unlocks activities like world-class golf courses and eco tours from the comfort of “a vacation home that feels like home.”


Tours in Palm Desert are a popular activity—from the Desert Adventures Eco-Tours that let travelers rent four-wheel drive vehicles and trek around the desert backcountry, to tasting tours that enable visitors to sample haute cuisine through the town’s upscale shopping and art district with an entertaining guide. Joshua Tree National Park is nearby, and local spas or those within the Marriott Desert Springs Villas II timeshare let you unwind and relax after long days of play.

Not fun enough? A local brew pub or a flight in a hot air balloon high above the mountains might pique your interest. The best part, too, might be the comfort of returning back to the Marriott Desert Springs Villas II for midday nap or dip in one of their seven pools—including a wading pool designed especially for kids on your family vacation—and whirlpool spas. Top-rated tennis facilities and a complete fitness center are also onsite of the Marriott Desert Springs Villas timeshare resort. marriott-desert-springs-villas-ii-timeshare-resaleEnticing yet?


The villas themselves are dreamy and elegant, too. The typical two-bedroom villa is approximately 1,400 square feet and sleeps eight, so while you don’t have an excuse not to bring your in-laws, at least they can have their own bedroom. The Marriott Desert Springs Villas II timeshares come with everything you’d need for a home-away-from home vacation: fully equipped kitchens, oversized soaking tubs in the master bath and furnished, private balconies and porches.

marriott-desert-springs-villas-ii-timeshare-resalePremier Timeshare Resale often receives inquiries for the Marriott Desert Springs Villas II timeshare resales, so if you have one that you’ve been considering selling, contact us so we can list it for free with NO UPFRONT FEES. If you’ve been inspired to try out Palm Desert, try staying in a villa at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas II and let us know what you think—we just might have a Palm Desert timeshare resale that suits your budget.


Tennessee continues: DOLLYWOOD & Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Even if visiting theme parks isn’t your thing, there’s a southern charm about this one that is undeniably appealing. 

Our family spent an afternoon at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where even our three-year-old could ride real rollercoasters and enjoy the Bluegrass and Barbeque festival that lasts over three weeks, celebrating the commencement of summer.


The staff were friendly and helpful, and Dollywood was as immaculate as a Disney park. And even after Memorial Day weekend: short lines and fast access to rides both large and small.  tennessee-timeshare-resales

tennessee-timeshare-resalesPlus, the park is smaller in scale than some of the more daunting theme parks, so it was walkable, even for the three-year-old, who would gather steam and start dancing every time we passed a bandstand emanating folky music complete with fiddles and banjos.


Accommodations nearby are plentiful, too, with timeshares in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg nearby. The Great Smoky Mountains (and their national park namesake) are nearby too, offering a serene retreat from the tourism and theme park atmosphere of the cities.


Camping, with lawn games and tents is a great way to enjoy being in nature and away from the hubbub.


But the Wyndham Smoky Mountains timeshare resale is, too. Great for just driving through, or getting out and enjoying a dip in the rivers that run through the national park, Great Smoky Mountains is free to visitors and open year round.tennessee-timeshare-resales


We hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway, too, on the north side of the national park, and enjoyed winding roads, being inside clouds…











…and a hike to a spectacular view of a waterfalltennessee-timeshare-resales—the way the first pioneers saw this country—before we said goodbye to Tennessee. And the verdict is in: we will be back.


Marriott Grande Ocean Timeshare is this week’s HOT SPOT

This isn’t the first time that we’ve written about this week’s HOT SPOT, but Hilton Head Island and the Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare on the shores offer travelers an exquisite vacation experience. Taking a quick glance at the tourist website that outlines some of the island’s activities, it’s easy to see how leisurely biking along crisscrossing boardwalk trails across sand dunes and beaches before an afternoon indulging in exfoliating scrubs and seaweed body wraps at the spa, or parasailing to breathtaking views of sunrise over the Atlantic on a Sunday morning would sound enticing to many. A Saturday afternoon playing 18-holes could be followed by an evening in five star restaurants or shopping at prime outlets. Local fruit markets and antique shops complement the experience of exploring the historical roots of the island through museums and local cultural tours.



Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resales offer the perfect place from which to begin exploring the island each morning and to return after a full day of activity. Don’t feel like venturing out? Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resort property offers beachside relaxation options under sun umbrellas or lounge chairs next to the pool. On-property barbeque and picnic areas allow guests to enjoy their meals alfresco, or the Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare’s Dolphin Grille, Pool Bar Jim’s, or MarketPlace offer a range of mealtime options for guests.


Staying in one of the two bedroom balconied villas with separate living and dining areas, and fully equipped kitchens let guests feel at home during their stay at Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resort. Master suites feature king-sized beds, a whirlpool tub, and a separate shower, and having a washer and dryer in the villa lets guests pack light and leave room in their suitcases for gifts and new wardrobe items acquired at some of the boutique shops on the island.


Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resales aren’t a HOT SPOT for no reason—always in high marriott-grande-ocean-timeshare-resaledemand, these units are often requested by new and repeat timeshare resale owners. If you own a Marriott Grand Ocean timeshare unit and are willing to list it, Premier Timeshare Resale provides advertising for FREE across a network of timeshare resale brokers. Working for NO UPFRONT FEES, licensed agents can help sellers who have loved and used their Marriott Grande Ocean timeshares but are ready to let go of them find somewhere new and get the most for their unit



Contact PTR today if you’re interested in Selling a Marriott Grand Ocean Timeshare or

Want to buy a Marriott Grand Ocean Timeshare resale.


And plan your next Hilton Head Island vacation, quick!


Lynchburg, Tennessee: Whisky and Wyndham Timeshares


Photo of Lyncburg by Megan Culbertson

While the city’s name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it’s most well-known product certainly does, at least when you drink it. Home to the Jack Daniel’s distillery since 1866, this small town in Tennessee offers fun for families and lovers of whisky, antiques, and green mountain scenery.


We spent the afternoon roaming Lynchburg’s town square, which is home to the old Moore County Jail, in use until 1993.


Woodcut by Dan Guest of Old Moore County Jail

tennessee-timeshare-resalesIThe museum it houses is full of relics, the smell of mold, and four jail cells (two for women, two for men), none of which had working plumbing until the 1960s. nformative and informal, the museum tour was led by a lively elderly gentleman volunteer that captures the spirit of Lynchburg almost as well as the spirits the town is known for: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky.




Photo from JackDaniels.com

We took a distillery tour (free, with a few dollars extra for a tasting at the end of the tour for guests 21 and older) that reviewed the history of the country’s oldest brand of liquor. During the tour we learned about the process of making whisky while walking through the gorgeous grounds of the property. A must-see for anyone in the area, the distillery in Lynchburg is only about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee, and in the heart of the state’s beautiful countryside.


We learned that the Tennessee Valley wasn’t “electrified,” (yes, that means the rural population of the entire state had no electricity) until the 1930s when Roosevelt’s New Deal brought in power. And while the state’s small communities like Lynchburg are now fully “on the grid,” the small-town feel you get while meandering down back country roads is idyllic and a reminder to take life real slow – to enjoy it.


Tennessee has some great timeshare resales, including well-known Wyndhams, Westgate and a Holiday Inn, and several Tennessee timeshares currently listed for sale within an afternoon’s drive of the enchanting town of Lynchburg. Tennessee timeshare resales might not be the most popular on the market, but after a few days in the state, I don’t know that I’m exactly sure why. It’s a great place to vacation, and I’m sure our family will be going back.


Green and blooming: Arkansas is not so bad

Arkansas gets a bad rap, at least from what I remember of geographical jokes of backwoodsy and hick folk from school days. But our second venture into the state was as surprisingly beautiful and entertaining as the first.


Staying in Fayetteville we got a glimpse of a town that’s lush with green foliage and flowers, hip with college student trendy shops, flourishing with local flavors and, well, our weekend’s favorite: breweries. Microbreweries in Fayetteville have sprung up (maybe because of) those college kids and offer visitors and residents alike a fresh flurry of options for good food and varied recipes of beer and ale. And we went to them all.


Ok, no that’s not true, “all” is more than one weekend can accommodate, but it’s a great way to get acquainted with the town and enjoy good food and company while you


Brewery Passport with Stamps

do it. Plus, you get this cool brewery-passport with places for stamps for each establishment that you can fill up with a sense of accomplishment (and tipsiness) as you visit each one. Containing information about each brewery, a map in the back, and responsibly, a list of cab companies’ information in the back, the “passports” are delightful souvenirs, too.

And okay, it might be a bit backwoodsy, but hey, the drive-through zoo in nearby Gentry, AR is actually really enjoyable. Camel rides are available…


…and so is getting pecked by an ostrich as you try to take a photo of it.


The zoo is cash only, and corn dogs are available for visitors with sacks of bread you can feed to all the animals in the petting zoo (except the Kangaroos and primates). It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids if you’re not too concerned about animal rights or environmentally sustainable entertainment.


arkansas-timeshare-resalesWe can’t wait to see what else Arkansas has for us on our next visit, (besides filling up the rest of our brewery-passports back in Fayetteville), but we’re pretty sure it will be great. There are a ton of great things to do locally, and sights to see across the state.


Check out Arkansas timeshare resales here to join in the fun. If you have Arkansas timeshare to sell, list it! That state is worth buying in.

Five Fabulous Beaches

No matter where you’re from or where you’re residing now, there’s this inescapable pull to sit near the sea. And while not everyone loves to swim in it, for almost everyone, there is something enchanting about being near the water that connects all the world’s land: sun or shade, rocky shore or sandy stretch, beaches call to you, and here are some fabulous ones that you should plan to see in your lifetime.



The Baths at Virgin Gorda

1-Maho Beach in St. Martin-St. Maarten: Although it might sometimes be crowded as a part of the larger Maho Bay in St. Martin, Maho Beach offers a thrilling experience for sunners. With an airport just inland, jetliners and commercial airplanes often fly so low overhead that beach goers duck (though they don’t have to). Beer is served nearby in cabanas, and it tends to be a very family friendly atmosphere. Find out more about St. Martin timeshare resales.


2- Glass Beach in Mendocino, California: the whole beach is composed of polished glass in the most beautiful shapes and colors. A bit of a trek from San Francisco, the Fort Bragg location is a beautiful drive up California’s coastal highways–as scenic on the way as when you arrive. California is America’s favorite state for pacific coast beaches, so check out other California timeshare resales for more accommodation and vacation options.



Photo by Tom Burke

3- Driftwood Beach in Georgia: with a stark kind of beauty, this beach on the north end of Jekyll Island has been said to resemble a graveyard of giant trees having washed up ashore. Branches are polished smooth by the sea, and the spot is actually a favorite for weddings and picnics. Georgia is a delight to visit in spring, summer, and fall, and timeshare resales in the state can offer a home-away from which exploring and relaxing become priorities for vacationers.


4- The Marietas Islands in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: beaches inside of caves with giant skylights, beaches nestled in between boulders and among coves with clear blue waters sound like a dream come true. Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic vacation spot, with activities and opportunities to explore Spanish architecture, Mexican nightlife, or the luxurious resort life. Puerto Vallarta timeshare resales are abundant and affordable, check them out!


5- The Baths at Virgin Gorda: Winner of the 2014 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award, the Baths are the number one attraction on the island. The boulders surrounding tranquil pools of lazy water are the result of now quiet volcanic activity that shelter serene and private scenery that will transport you to the imagination of your youth. Virgin Islands timeshare resales are plentiful and range in affordability and luxury.beaches-timeshare-resale


Beaches may be most fondly thought of in the summer time, but traveling “off-season” can offer deep discounts and a less crowded experience. The call of the sea will still be there, too, even if you’re answering it in a sweatshirt instead of a bikini. Plan your next beach side vacation today!