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Mother’s Day Musings: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

mother-child-beachThis weekend my mom and I loaded up the car and headed north for Idaho Falls. Besides the joys of taking a mother-daughter road trip, we were going to visit a handful of grandparents and my brother, who recently moved there.

The weekend was spent among family, flowers and wine, each generation (four in one room!) performing duties of gratitude for their mother, sister, and other lovely ladies in each of our lives.

Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday. I comes from a long international history of celebrating mothers and has prevailed through times of turmoil, even the creator of America’s national day denouncing the holiday all together. Here are a few thoughts to hopefully keep you remembering the essence of Mother’s Day year-round.

grandma-grandaughters-benchMother’s Day History

Celebrating mothers extends back to ancient times, when Greeks and Romans held festivals to honor their mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The tradition continued throughout Europe through a Christian festival held during Lent. But the Mother’s Day that we recognize today started in the early 20th century with Anna Jarvis.

Anna’s mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, began Mother’s Day Work Clubs in the late 1800s to teach women how to raise their children. The clubs later became a way unite families during and after the Civil War. After Ann’s death in 1905, Anna got the idea for a day that celebrated mothers and their sacrifices. Anna came to recognize that there was an unequal amount of national holidays that celebrate men, and began petitioning for Mother’s Day to become a nationally recognized holiday, which was granted by Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

Even before its presidential endorsement, Mother’s Day quickly became a popular holiday around the country. Of course, it didn’t take long for florists and card companies to take advantage of the need for Mother’s Day gifts and began avidly marketing Mother’s Day products. Outraged by the commercialization of Mother’s Day, Anna eventually denounced the holiday and spent her personal wealth on lawyers to get the holiday removed from the national calendar, but she never succeeded.

mother-pregnant-girlMother’s Day Traditions

Anna Jarvis’s original intent for Mother’s Day was for people to wear a single white carnation as a badge while taking the day to attend church and visit one’s mother. The idea of flowers as the perfect Mother’s Day gift has blossomed and today the industry makes over $2 billion from Mother’s Day alone and over 140 million cards get sent to mothers (interestingly there are only about 83 million mothers in the U.S.).

With such extreme numbers, it’s easy to see what Anna Jarvis was upset about. I certainly was guilty of spending money on multiple bouquets, cards and Mother’s Day knick knacks, but I think there’s more to this holiday than cold consumer habits.

In Ethiopia, families gather each fall to sing songs and indulge in a large feast as part of Antrosht, a multi-day celebration honoring motherhood. Even in the U.S., Mother’s Day has been used to do more than spend money. Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr., used Mother’s Day in 1968 to host a march in support of underprivileged women and children. In the 1970s, women’s groups used the holiday to promote the need for equal rights and access to childcare.

Around the world and even throughout our own culture, Mother’s Day is clearly about more than a card and obligatory phone call (although, more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year). I find myself passionately agreeing with Anna Jarvis’s initial motivations behind Mother’s Day: to give women a day in the national calendar, and to have a day to celebrate mothers and their sacrifices. Although Anna eventually felt that the holiday lost its original heart, I have a hard time agreeing.

flower-gift-childCelebrating Family

This weekend, I not only celebrated my mother, but my whole family. I dined with grandmas and grandpas, I talked with my great grandmother, I joked with my brother, I spoke with aunts and uncles, I learned about my cousins, I congratulated newly-mothering friends, I caught up with my dad and cuddled with my mom. It was a weekend devoted to appreciating family and celebrating the women that hold it together. Because, of course, mother’s don’t want it to just be about them, they want the day to be about the people they love and care for, a demonstration of the truly generous spirit of motherhood.

Although Mother’s Day has passed this year, we still have another chance to honor our parents and grandparents…for Father’s Day! If you’re looking for a way to truly honor your parents, think about buying them a timeshare resale. The gift of a vacation home says more than thank you for life, but thank you for the memories we have yet to create together. Bring the family together every year with a Park City timeshare in the idyllic Wasatch Mountains or relax on the beach with your family in a Florida timeshare. Our licensed timeshare agents can help you find the perfect gift that keeps on giving!



Timeshare Scam Warning: Premier Timeshare Resale Impostor

stopYet again, impostors have tried to piggy-back on the great name of Premier Timeshare Resale. We want to warn all of our past and potential clients of a Mr. Sanchez and a Mr. Cortez that have been calling timeshare owners pretending to work for Premier Timeshare Resale. Sanchez and Cortez are NOT affiliated with PTR. DO NOT answer any calls or emails from them offering to sell your timeshare.

Earlier today, a PTR client contacted our offices concerned about two agents, going by the names of Sanchez and Cortez, calling about selling their timeshare. These men have heavy Spanish accents and say that they are with Premier Timeshare Resale and advising that they would like to include their unit in a 90 minute presentation in Punta Cana in an effort to sell it.

Thankfully, these timeshare owners were smart enough to visit our staff website page and see that neither Sanchez nor Cortez work for PTR and they emailed us to alert us to the scammers immediately.

bag o cashTimeshare owners, and friends and family of owners, we talk a lot about timeshare scams on our blog. Our mission at PTR is to legitimize the timeshare industry, which means providing the best possible timeshare deals and customer service, as well as putting an end to timeshare scammers around the world. We love to see success stories of scam artists rightfully convicted of the times they’ve committed and being put out of business. We hope that a similar fate will befall the impostors in this case.

Be aware of scammers in the timeshare industry. Never trust an agent that promises a buyer without confirmation. NEVER PAY AN UPFRONT FEE for any timeshare deal you do. And always thoroughly check the company’s website, staff page, and Better Business Bureau rating. These three simple rules can keep you from ever being taken advantage of by timeshare scam artists trying to steal your money.

Please, share the word on social media with friends and family. Let’s put an end to these scammers!

Timeshares for World Cup Fans

With the Cricket and Women’s FIFA World Cups in full swing, we thought we would take a look at all of the beautiful locations the world-wide tournaments are held in. Spanning the globe, the World Cup of many sports constantly travels to foreign lands. Timeshares are a great way to make your travel flexible enough to see all of the championships you want, while never sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Sydney opera houseThis year, the Cricket World Cup is being hosted in Australia and New Zealand. Although these exotic locations are halfway across the world, they are popular destination for United States travelers because English is a shared language. However, although the alphabet is the same, the combination of slang, accents and fast speech can make one feel like they don’t even speak the same language!

canada sunsetBack to the North American continent, Canada is currently hosting the Women’s FIFA World Cup. Our neighbors above are another popular tourist destination for locals due to its beautiful cascading landscapes and close proximity. A timeshare in Canada can do more than bring you closer to a number of sports championships, it can also become what feels like a second home and a place you and your family will treasure year after year.

brazil sunsetWhen it comes to World Cups, nothing can compare to the Men’s FIFA championship. Hosted in beautiful Brazil last year, you’d be surprised at how many timeshare opportunities exist in this majestic land. While the trip to Brazil may stem from a love of football, it will grow into a passion for the place and you’ll look forward to your trip each year in no time.

Whether you’re traveling to see your favorite athletes in person, or just to experience a new country, buying a timeshare can make your travel easier. Guaranteed reservation dates, an in-room kitchen, and a full-service resort eliminate many of the struggles associated with traveling abroad.

flight boardPremier Timeshare Resale believes in travel, and wants to share the gift of travel with everyone by making it easy. A timeshare resale not only cuts down on planning, but cuts costs, getting you your timeshare at the best price possible. If you have questions about how owning a timeshare resale can make your travel dreams come true, talk to one of our licensed timeshare resale agents. These trained professionals can answer your questions and begin the search for your dream vacation home.

Five Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

2015New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. Yes, I do love the sequin dresses and popping champagne, but more than anything I love reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the future. Each year, I sit down with my pen and paper and carefully craft my New Year’s Resolutions. This is a special opportunity we all get to say good-bye to old habits and actively form new ones, but this is often easier said than done.

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to keep. Of course we are all excited for the first few weeks, but as the year waxes on, our old habits take over and we quickly forget the promises we made ourselves just a month earlier.

A big resolution of mine this year is to travel more. Travel has always been important to me, and I’m ready now to start exploring the world. This is a resolution that can easily get pushed aside by work, relationships and money, but I’m determined to keep my promise this year. Here are a couple of tips that can help you, and me, keep our resolutions this year and make 2015 the best year yet!

runner determined1. Be Specific
The more vague a resolution is, the easier it will be to procrastinate on and push aside. Instead of promising to exercise more, promise to run a mile three times a week. The more specific your resolution, the easier it will be to fulfill it. For me, instead of just promising to travel more, I want to travel to three new places I’ve never been before, and one of those have to be outside of the country. I’ve decided on Florida, Washington state, and Mexico. Knowing exactly where I want to go helps me look for opportunities that will help me achieve my goal.

2. Automate
It is much easier to fulfill resolutions when the thinking is taken out of it. If you can automate a system to help you achieve your goals, you won’t even realize you’re working until they come to fruition. For people who want to save money, working with the bank to move part of their paycheck into a separate savings account can be a huge help in achieving that goal. I’m going to do something similar to save up for my travel expenses by figuring out how much I’ll need for each trip, breaking that down by month, and pulling that money into a special travel savings account each month.

Timeshares are a great way to regulate travel as well. Because they occur annually or biennially, it is easy for busy owners to set aside time to take advantage of their timeshare. The regulation makes travel an easy task, especially since it takes the planning of finding a place to stay out of the equation.

plane at night3. Have an Action Plan
Resolutions start out as ideas, but the first step is turning those concepts into actions. Making deadlines that force you to move can help you reach your goals. For instance, I’m setting deadlines for scheduling flights, hotel rooms, and activities. Having a plan that requires action not only gets me excited about my trips, but helps me break down my big goals into smaller, more achievable pieces.

4. Talk About It
When trying to accomplish big goals or break old habits, it’s helpful to have friends and family that can keep you accountable. Talking about your resolutions with others will not only keep you excited, it will motivate you to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Don’t be shy when people ask what your resolutions are. In fact, your enthusiasm could motivate others to reach their goals as well.

5. Reward Yourself
Hard work deserves a reward. Set checkpoints as you work toward your goals where you can reward yourself. For example, when I book my flight to Florida, I’ll reward myself with some shopping for beach attire. Or when I get a hotel room in Mexico, I’ll reward myself with a delicious Mexican dinner. These little rewards will help motivate you to continue achieving.

pocket watch travelIf travel is your New Year’s Resolution, timeshares are a great option. Their specific locations and regulated seasons help you plan your trip and buying a timeshare resale will be a fun conversation starter that will get you excited for all of your upcoming vacations. Whether you want a mountain getaway or a beach holiday, Premier Timeshare Resale has timeshare deals that will make your resolutions come true! Research our timeshares for sale and take the first step toward achieving your goals this year!

Park City Says Good-Bye to Summer

Photo Courtesy of Park Silly Sunday Market

Photo Courtesy of Park Silly Sunday Market

Park City is known for its winter activities. With some of the best ski resorts in the world, Sundance Film Festival, and perfect powder, it’s easy to see why Park City timeshares during the winter months are in high demand. But, this quaint mountain town also has a lot to offer in the off-season months.
Premier mountain biking, fresh produce from the local Farmer’s Market, and artisan crafts from the weekly Park Silly Market can all be found during the summer and fall months. These attractions and more brought thousands of people to Park City this summer. In fact, the Park Silly Market alone saw over 162,000 people over the last few months.
Events like the Park Silly Market and other summertime activities can give any visitor a real local’s experience. From live music to neighborhood artist, the market showcases the local color and talent that can engage tourists and make Park City feel like home.
Photo Courtesy of Park Silly Sunday Market

Photo Courtesy of Park Silly Sunday Market

Here are some fun highlights that the Park Silly Market just released about their 2014 season:
• 124 musicians, performers and bands were showcased for free to the public
• 118 free booths were given to farmers
• 7,345 lbs. of trash were recycled
As a part of the local community, it’s great to see what these events do for locals and visitors alike. A Park City timeshare makes it easy for tourists to come see what this town has to offer all year-round. Once you visit, you’ll always want to come back!
Do you already own a Park City timeshare? We need inventory! Contact one of our licensed timeshare resale agents today about selling your timeshare

5 Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back to Las Vegas

las vegas fabulousI recently returned from a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, Nevada. Only a six-hour drive from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas is a popular vacation spot out here. I remember taking annual summer trips to the fabulous city growing up, and enjoy escaping to Las Vegas every now and again with my friends now that I’m older.

That’s the great thing about Las Vegas. While its reputation makes the city seem adult-friendly only, the town is really built for fun-lovers of all ages. The Strip has been designed to entertain the young and the young at heart. Here are five of my favorite attractions from being a wide-eyed tyke in Caesar’s Palace to a 20-something thrill-seeker.

5. Race for Atlantis – Caesar’s Palace
I’ll lead with the bad news: this ride doesn’t exist any more. It was taken out recently due to some remodeling, however, I remember this virtual trip through the sea as a kid and it was amazing. Now, although the ride is gone, the pre-show and aquarium are still there. Caesar’s features a small, round aquarium that contains many fascinating sea creatures from stingrays and blue tangs. It’s not quite the same, but still gives children and adults alike an entertaining view. And above the aquarium you can still catch the pre-show, where King Atlas asks his son and daughter to duke it out for who will be the next ruler of Atlantis. These animatronics figures use fire and water to engage the crowd and it ends in a shocking display of fierce family competition. Although this won’t entertain you all day, it’s a great show to catch in-between shopping and dining at Caesar’s Palace.

4. The Big Apple Coaster – New York, New Yorklas vegas NY
There are many rides to choose from when in Las Vegas. The Big Apple Coaster was one I had wanted to try for a long time and I was finally able to during my most recent visit. The coaster is visibly older and not nearly as fast as I thought it would be, but it has loops and corkscrews that keep it interesting. It’s a short ride and contains no unseen turns, so hesitant children needn’t be too afraid. Every passenger gets their picture taken before and during, which make for great souvenirs. Also, the entrance is located at the back of an arcade, so those who prefer not to ride can be entertained and it gives everyone a fun place to be after the ride. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and will a few prizes!

3. The Lion’s Share Slot Machine – MGM Grand
I’m a sucker for mythology and this slot machine has a lot of it. Two decades ago when the MGM Grand first opened, the Lion’s Share machine sat amongst hundreds of others waiting to be played. While the other slot machines have cashed out their lottery and been removed for newer models, the Lion’s Share stays because no one has ever scored the big bucks. Today, with a $2.345 million jackpot and counting, the Lion’s Share has become a legend, encouraging gamblers from las vegas slotsall over the world to come and test their luck at this life-changing machine. Legally, the MGM Grand can’t remove the ancient device until the maximum lottery is won, so the Lion’s Share stays while the rest of the casino has grown and modernized. The romantic idea of the $3 minimum turning into over $2 million is what draws hopefuls to this machine day and night, and is why it’s a must-see stop when visiting Las Vegas.

las vegas bellagio2. Bellagio Fountains – The Bellagio
One used to be able to find many free and elaborate shows simply walking along the Strip. However, favorites like Treasure Island’s “Sirens of TI” have been replaced by Walgreens and shopping centers. Fortunately, the water show outside of the Bellagio is still in full force. Featuring classic tunes by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, the fountains dance through the hot Nevada air every 30-minutes. The gentle mist of the water-works cools observers’ faces as tourists young and old gather around the 8.5-acre lake for a little bit of Las Vegas magic. I make sure to catch a show every time I visit Las Vegas and it never gets old. I revert back to my youthful sense of astonishment every time.

1. Wander the Strip
It may seem ridiculous that this is my favorite thing about Las Vegas, but it is. As a young girl, I remember walking through mall after mall and seeing all of the beautiful, sparkling things and people. A decade later, I’m still mesmerized by everything that Las Vegas is. Yes, there are some grimy, inappropriate parts. But there is also constant spectacle; Las Vegas is a place where you must suspend your disbelief and live in a new kind of place. Simply sliding on your walking shoes is the beginning to an unpredictable adventure every time you’re in this city. From the extravagance of fine eateries and elaborate acrobatics to costumed superheroes posing for pictures and lazy days by the pool, Las Vegas has entertainment for all sizes of people and budgets.

las vegas vivaMy description of Las Vegas may be romanticized, but it is not exaggerated. Discover our incredible list of timeshare deals in Las Vegas and find out for yourself. If you’ve never been, try renting a Las Vegas timeshare. Or, if you’re like me and have visited fabulous Las Vegas many a time, perhaps it’s time to learn what buying a Las Vegas timeshare could mean for you.

Lynchburg, Tennessee: Whisky and Wyndham Timeshares


Photo of Lyncburg by Megan Culbertson

While the city’s name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it’s most well-known product certainly does, at least when you drink it. Home to the Jack Daniel’s distillery since 1866, this small town in Tennessee offers fun for families and lovers of whisky, antiques, and green mountain scenery.


We spent the afternoon roaming Lynchburg’s town square, which is home to the old Moore County Jail, in use until 1993.


Woodcut by Dan Guest of Old Moore County Jail

tennessee-timeshare-resalesIThe museum it houses is full of relics, the smell of mold, and four jail cells (two for women, two for men), none of which had working plumbing until the 1960s. nformative and informal, the museum tour was led by a lively elderly gentleman volunteer that captures the spirit of Lynchburg almost as well as the spirits the town is known for: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky.




Photo from JackDaniels.com

We took a distillery tour (free, with a few dollars extra for a tasting at the end of the tour for guests 21 and older) that reviewed the history of the country’s oldest brand of liquor. During the tour we learned about the process of making whisky while walking through the gorgeous grounds of the property. A must-see for anyone in the area, the distillery in Lynchburg is only about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee, and in the heart of the state’s beautiful countryside.


We learned that the Tennessee Valley wasn’t “electrified,” (yes, that means the rural population of the entire state had no electricity) until the 1930s when Roosevelt’s New Deal brought in power. And while the state’s small communities like Lynchburg are now fully “on the grid,” the small-town feel you get while meandering down back country roads is idyllic and a reminder to take life real slow – to enjoy it.


Tennessee has some great timeshare resales, including well-known Wyndhams, Westgate and a Holiday Inn, and several Tennessee timeshares currently listed for sale within an afternoon’s drive of the enchanting town of Lynchburg. Tennessee timeshare resales might not be the most popular on the market, but after a few days in the state, I don’t know that I’m exactly sure why. It’s a great place to vacation, and I’m sure our family will be going back.