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Tips for traveling by land, air or sea.

Great American Fishing Destinations

If you like sitting lake or riverside, wading into a stream, casting from a boat, or the thrill of reeling in the big one from the deep sea, the United states is one of the world’s premier angling destinations. Fresh waters abound, and saltwater is never too far away, so let’s discover some great American fishing destinations!
South Dakota Trout FishingMost people trek to Black Hills, South Dakota to see the majestic Mount Rushmore, or visit the gun slinging town of Deadwood. Often overlooked are the many streams full of trout that dot the landscape. The area is dotted with small to mid size lakes as well, easily fished from the shore or small boat. Yellow perch and trout are the mainstay here, and you should have no problem hooking a few.
Niagara Falls New York FishingNiagara Falls, New York, are probably the most famous falls in the country. Rather than trying your luck taking a ride over in a barrel, toss your line into the beautiful Niagara River. In the summer months, trout, walleye, muskies, and smallmouth bass abound, and the bass put up an exciting fight. While you’re there, might as well give the falls a visit as well.
Deep Sea Fishing in CalifornaiSan Diego, California offers some fun family friendly deep sea fishing. Bring your own gear and rent tackle, or if you need to, rent it all there. Tuna, sand bass and calico bass are just a few of the fish you’ll want to hook here. And if you have had your fill and want some fresh water action, there are lakes nearby as well. When you are done, hit one of the many coastal eateries and dine on some of the best seafood around.
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Written by: Shawn Romanick, Web Author

Snow Lovers Delight and Save With the Epic Pass

Downhill SkierFor those of us who like to hit the slopes, whether you are local to some of the best mountains in the U.S. or plan on traveling to Park City, Canyons, Tahoe, Breckenridge, and Brighton, just to name a few, Vail has just tossed out an awesome way to save, the Epic Pass. At just $809 for adults, and $419 for children 5-12, $609, $489 (for 13-18), $319 kids 5-12 for locals; the Epic Pass is a great way to hit several mountains and save a fortune.


With 7 day passes averaging over $700, an Epic Pass is the way to go, especially if you plan on a 2 week or longer ski trip, or planning more than one trip to ride the best mountains the states have to offer. Most of these world class slopes charge over $100 per adult lift ticket daily, so the pass is a great way for snow lovers to save money. The Epic Pass also comes with 6 buddy tickets, so your friends can also save big when they hit the powder with you.



Vail owns many of the United State’s premier ski and snowboard destinations. They recently bought Park City Mountain and Canyons, and installed a connecting gondola making it the country’s largest ski resort. Add that to some of the finest trails in Colorado, Tahoe, and Utah and you have every snow bunny’s dream vacation. The Epic Pass is only available at this price until April 10th, so if you want to hit these amazing mountains, better order soon!



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Written by: Shawn Romanick, Web Author




Timeshare Travel Tips: Plan Your Family Vacation Now

The end of February is just around the corner, and with the brutal winter that much of the country has seen this year, many families are beginning to map out their spring break or summer vacations. Read on for a few tips about how to plan your family trip smart and make the most out of the vacation time together.


Make a travel wish list—wherever you’re going, talk to everybody in the family and see what they’re interested in doing there? Dad wants to visit revolutionary wartime pubs, Mom wants to see a Shakespeare in Boston Common, our ten year old wants to see the USS Constitution, and the 5 year old wants icecream. Done. Our family should be staying in Marriott’s Custom House.

Research, research, research—should our travel route include freeways or scenic drives? Should we plan to travel early, midday or evening? Finding the best flights and deciding where to eat aren’t in the same category, but researching both will let you make the most out of your limited time. TripAdvisor has some great ideas for destinations, itineraries, and attractions.

Choose a destination for everyone—cruises and theme parks like Disneyland or Disneyworld often make family vacations easier. Adults aren’t just sitting around waiting for kids to get done riding rollercoasters—there are exciting options for everyone, like spending the night in a treehouse, or strolling around the Food and Wine festivals at Epcot.


Memorable vacations can occur in any destination, but choosing one that fits your family’s interests, budgetary limitations, and accommodation preferences will help ensure that spending several days at a time with your family is not just bearable—it’s enjoyable! Places like New York City can exhilarate, while any number of Hawaii timeshare resale resorts will bathe you in the lap of luxury and exquisite tranquility. You just have to find which works for you.Family-vacation-timeshare-resalae


That’s where research comes in! Especially if you’re thinking about buying or selling a timeshare resale, please do your research before transferring money or signing contracts. Using a licensed real estate agent in good reputation who NEVER CHARGES UPFRONT FEES is a good way to avoid scams, and talking your vacation options over with someone who is not a high-pressure salesperson can help you explore what may be right for your family. Contact Premier Timeshare Resale today to learn more.


Holiday Air Travel With Kids

Are you crazy? Flying across the country (or the world) with little ones in tow is a hassle at best, a nightmare at worst. As a mom traveling alone with a six month old, I missed a flight due to an emergency diaper change back in 2011 and am still waking up in cold sweats from it. I also schlepped her to NYC at 15 months and Chicago at 18 months old, each time traveling by myself. It wasn’t easy, and I might have experienced muscle failure from carrying the fat baby in one arm for half an hour without a break through a TSA security line, but the memories of those trips are magically unforgettable.


This article gives you some sanity-saving tips about how to travel smartly with kids. Unfortunately, it also rings up a hefty price tag, with the suggestions in the article alone totaling more than $115 add-on costs, not to mention the suggestion to buy your kiddo an extra seat and inundate them with technology like tablets on which to watch their favorite videos. The snacks are a fantastic idea though.


If you can afford it, the expensive tips in the article are great ones. If you can’t afford it, and are still doggedly determined to take your little one(s) on a trip they’ll probably never remember but that you’ll never forget, here are four (FREE) travel tips from a mostly broke single mom who’s flown a lot with a demanding little one:


1 — Snacks. Okay, yeah I borrowed this one from the FoxNews article, but it is a classic lifesaver.

2 — Books. Yeah, the old fashioned kind. With pictures and words and pages that turn. Reading to your child on the flight not only engages their attention, it reassures them that they are safe in an unfamiliar and behaviorally rigid environment. Silly faces help a lot, too.

3 — Pacifiers/Bottles/Gum. While this could technically fall under the “snack” category above, it applies specifically to the ear-popping pressure changes. Soothing infants with a sucking toy, or making a game out of chewing gum and hearing the “pop” in their ears is an exciting privilege for young ones.

4 – Know that you’re in for it. Traveling can be stressful, so giving yourself (and your kids) a free pass can help you not lose your mind when it comes to the 11pm delayed flight public meltdowns or the sore muscles from constantly carrying your two-year old who is perfectly capable of walking, but wants the comfort of being held in the stressful environment.


Sure, smartphone preschool apps and Angry Birds are helpful, but you don’t have to be loaded to love travel, and you don’t have to spend the extra cash for your kids to enjoy flying. Mostly, we’re all just excited about seeing the world from above the clouds. Re-experience the wonder and adventure of travel with your children, and they can take that with them for a lifetime. For ideas on where to travel, visit our timeshare resale website, complete with great deals and tantalizing photos of fun family destinations.


Intergalactic Timeshare Resale: Exciting Destinations

We know you’ve got those itching feet and the wanderlust that comes with being human, so why not consider a trip through outer space for your next weekend vacation? Sure, Earth has all those fall foliage colors right now (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), but nothing compares with views of the stars.  



At Intergalactic Timeshare Resale, we believe in traversing not only your country or planet, but the Universe, and at a great price. Buying timeshare resale can save you as much as 70% off developer prices, just like on your home planet. Plus, most non-earth, galactic timeshare ownership comes with membership in one of the major resort trade companies (usually MDI–Multi-versatile Destination Inc., or Interworld Interspacial). With these organizations, you can easily book, bank, or trade your week at your home resort timeshare in Cloud City, for example, for an exciting outpost adventure in the Outer Rim Territories with desert spa treatments on Tatooine or a luxurious and metropolitan experience on Coruscant in the Galactic Core.


Like some Earth-based timeshare resale companies, we believe that vacations shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg (or a tentacle), and that those annoying timeshare-presentations are nothing but a price tag added to your resort purchase. In legitimizing the intergalactic timeshare industry, we promise to charge no upfront fees. If you’re looking to unload a timeshare property you don’t use often enough, we’ll advertise at no cost. We get our deci-creds when yours are in your bank account from selling your timeshare resale with us.

Come on, Earthlings! Access your daredevil spirits today and consider a trip outside your comfort zone.

For the less adventurous who prefer to stay on Earth, we recommend companies like Premier Timeshare Resale, whose honest business model served as a pattern for Intergalactic Timeshare’s attempt to stop the galaxy-wide scamming and fraud and cut down on inflated resort prices. We’re sure PTR has good inventory too, and they use licensed agents, just like us. So contact them today if you’re not up for a wooded retreat on the Forest Moon of Endor.

Autumn is Around the Corner!


Great Alleghany Passage: Photograph by Paul G. Wiegman

Summer (in Texas, at least) is certainly still in full swing, but many wanderlusters are already plotting their autumn escapes. Whether it’s culture or scenery, here are five domestic destinations you might consider if you’re feeling antsy or restless as cold weather closes in:









Albuquerque, NM: International Balloon Fiesta

October 6th-8th marks the 41st anniversary of unleashing hot air balloons spanning the space of 54 football fields. Get up early to watch the sunrise on the ascension of more than 600 hot air balloons while spending the weekend at Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm, nestled in the city’s pastoral North Valley. The cozy 20-room guesthouse combines luxurious accommodations with field-to-fork dining.


Photograph by Danita Delimont


Arendtsville, Pennsylvania: National Apple Harvest Festival

If you didn’t head to Albuquerque for the 6th-8th of October, you can stop by PA that weekend or the 13th and 14th for the National Apple Harvest Festival where you can indulge in locally grown fruit, home-pressed cider, pie eating and bobbing contests, or hay rides, scarecrow displays, antique and classic car shows, chainsaw carving demonstrations, and arts and crafts from more than 300 vendors.


San Diego, California: Hot Spot Year Round

When the rest of the states start to get chilly, the southwestern-most corner of the U.S. is still warm and sunny. Extend your summer or boost your cooling spirits with a visit to the oceanside town that offers outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, or just lounging in the sand. Maybe you’d cruise historic highway 101 or visit California’s largest mission. Whatever your fancy, San Diego’s sprawling and inclusive community has it all.


Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The Great Alleghany Passage

The 141-mile Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) traverses western Maryland and southwestern Pennsylvania through the forests and along and over riverbeds. The trail is a packed crushed limestone over abandoned railroad tracks and offers easy hiking or biking through a motor-free zone. The trail winds through towns and wildnerness alike, and travelers can plan their route to rest in points of interest like

Frostburg, Maryland at mile 15. The host of the Appalachian Festival, September 14-15, the festival offers regional music and dance, goat milking and beekeeping, and traditional arts and crafts.


Point Clear, Alabama: Grand Hotel Marriott Resort

Live oaks and Spanish moss bedeck this luxurious getaway lying on 700 acres in the Mobile Bay area. The Marriott’s 405 rooms have been redone for a modern upgrade, and the Southern hospitality won’t disappoint when guests are greeted by name upon arrival. Enjoy a cocktail overlooking the bay at a great post-labor day discount (29% off) or use your Marriott points accumulated from Marriott timeshare travel.

After kids are back in school, prices drop and resorts are far less crowded. Get out and enjoy the solitude, or talk to one of our agents about how to maximize your vacation value by buying an off-season timeshare resale today.






Travel Spotlight: Wisconsin

When most people here “Wisconsin,” they might think of cheese, or Green Bay Packers, or maybe just plain cold, but my recent traverse through the state convinced me it has much, much more to offer.

With several state parks and forests, the state is awash with natural beauty. Dotted with fir, pine, alder, birch, and ash trees along the roads, and lakes interspersed throughout the landscape, many scenic drives offer travelers breathtaking views from the highway, with small towns proffering produce markets, leatherworking, and brewing. If rural beauty isn’t your thing, the towns aren’t bad either. Milwaukee is home to 750,000 residents and boasts a metropolitan area of over 2 million. With it’s location on the lake, and a recently re-developed river-walk downtown, it has an urban charm that doesn’t feel overwhelmingly bustling.   Madison, Wisconsin is known for its artistic and music scenes, and its emphasis on local community and development through small business and programs like community supported agriculture, gardens, and local markets in support of its growing population.   Other smaller communities like Delafield, Wisconsin, offer five star boutique hotels with first rate cuisine nestled within clean and well maintained quiet townships offering a haven from a busier life.   Some of the smaller resort communities are well-worth visiting as well. As renowned vacation sites, both Lake Geneva  and Wisconsin Dells offer timeshares, in addition to nearby several other bays, harbors, and rivers.  If you haven’t considered Wisconsin as a vacation destination, please do so. Wisconsin_timeshare_resales   If your interest is piqued and you want to view Wisconsin timeshares for sale, find them at the link above.   But above all, get outdoors and enjoy the wonders this beautiful state has to offer!