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Tips for traveling by land, air or sea.

Cruising: Now on the cheap!

Much of the press that cruise vacations have received lately has been negative, and some vacationers are turned off. But for those who aren’t intimidated by a few isolated events, embarking on a cruise ship now may be more affordable than it has been in decades. Here are five suggestions on how to save even more money if you decide to venture out to sea:


1-Book early and enjoy perks, like free-airfare to the departure port or on-board credits to spend at the spa or a cabin upgrade. Experts recommend booking at least four to six months in advance to get the full benefits.


2-Travel in the off-season. Summer and mid-winter holidays are often in high demand for those with school age children, but if you can travel during the fall or spring, you’ll enjoy deeply discounted rates by cruise lines needing their ships to reach a profitable capacity.


3-Look for repositioning cruises. Cruise lines will rotate their ships from one location to another every few months depending on high-seasons. For example, Alaskan summer cruise ships will move to the Caribbean for the winter or vise versa. These cruises can cost as little as $35 per person per day! Keep in mind that although they are one-way, and stop at fewer ports along the way, they are a great option for passengers wanting some time away in a luxurious environment.


4-Use a travel agent. Agents are experienced in negotiating the minutiae of cruise options, so you can tell them what your preferences are and they can quickly sort through the often confusion options of various lines and itineraries.  They also have access to options restricted to the public, so they can get you the best price available.


5-Remember that “all-inclusive” doesn’t quite include…all. If you want to visit the casino, spa, or special restaurants, you’ll pay extra. Some “all-inclusive” cruise prices don’t include beverages other than water! So keep in mind that you may want to have some spending money when you total up the price of your cruise vacation. You can plan ahead with this neat tool available from Independent Traveler.



And for our timeshare owners out there, cruise vacations are often available through timeshare exchange companies like Resort Condominiums International, (RCI) through using your network points you’ve saved.  If you don’t have membership with RCI, you can always look online at classified advertisements. Many people are looking to sell or trade their cruise tickets for a resort stay. As always, beware of scams, and deal with internet sales smartly!


If you’re intrigued and think you might want to buy a timeshare resale for future cruising options or to enjoy, get more info here. Or if you’re tired of resorts, you might want to sell your timeshare and take to the seas!

Destination: Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia offers the perfect combination of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure for many travelers to the Northwest. The city center is dense and highly navigable on foot, with the surrounding area based around several large breathtaking parks with a myriad of refreshing natural sights.

With a superb selection of casual outdoor dining and haute cuisine, there is something in Vancouver for everyone.  Especially when you consider it’s critically acclaimed opera, symphony, and ballet, as well as it’s burgeoning “underground” music scene.

One area of the city, called Granville Island, is a paradise for families of all ages. Developed in 1979 from what used to be an industrial wasteland under the Granville Bridge, Granville Island now offers a Kid’s Market and free water park to before strolling along beside the houseboats, or striking up a chat with local fishers.

And if you’re looking for a thrill, don’t pass Vancouver by: with its local emphasis on outdoor play, you can find almost any adventure sport (or regular sport!) that suits your fancy, from boating, fishing, cycling and mountain biking, eco-touring and embarking on sea-safaris, to golfing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, scuba diving, and whale watching.  You won’t be bored!

Vancouver accommodations are many and range from the luxurious and ornate hotels to simple and home-like bed-and-breakfasts, with several “wilderness” and camping “hotel” options as well!

If you own a timeshare and want to visit Vancouver, or enjoy the city so much and want to buy a Vancouver timeshare, consider trading and buying options at Worldmark by Wyndham at Vancouver and Club Intrawest Vancouver. Both Worldmark and Club Intrawest are reputable first class resorts that are nestled in the heart of the cosmopolitan city center. Both resorts offer stellar amenities that reflect the urban charm of their surroundings. And both resorts are available to purchase through the points system, which is gaining in popularity. If you’re interested in finding more about how to buy resale Vancouver timeshares, visit one of the links below.

Whatever your aim, whether to pursue outdoor adventure, revel in cosmopolitan culture, engage in family-focused activities, or simply relax on the beach, Vancouver, BC has it all, and it’s just waiting for you to visit.

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Welcome to Sundance

It’s that time of year again folks— time for the celebrities, the music, the fun and, of course, the films. From today until January 27, The Sundance Film Festival has taken over Park City, Utah and is about to go into full swing. For those of you new to Sundance, it is one of the largest film festivals in the United States, held in Park City, Salt Lake City and Ogden, and is a showcase for both international and American independent filmmakers.


Sundance is one of the many attractions Utah offers, and Premier Timeshare Resale offers timeshares in Park City, right at the heart of it! The Sundance Film Festival’s website offers a Trip Planner where you can pick which shows to attend and buy tickets in advance. Think Sundance is too expensive for you? Think again! You can buy tickets for as low as $15 for shows the day of, or you can buy packages that let you see any shows on certain days.


Sundance Film Festival isn’t just for the film buffs, you can walk the quaint streets of Park City for some serious shopping, and you might even see a celebrity or two! Enjoy the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the town, and then relax with some hot cocoa to warm you up in one of the many restaurants in town, and have a vacation you’ll never forget!


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Las Vegas for the Underdog: a quiet weekend in Sin City

I am not a fast-paced party person, don’t love gambling, don’t stay out late, and get over-stimulated and overwhelmed easily. Still, I’d never been to Las Vegas, and although it took some convincing, I eventually came around to the idea that “The Entertainment Capital of the World” had enough to offer even me to make it worth an extended weekend trip.

I did stay on the Las Vegas Strip, at The Cosmopolitan, a newer and smaller casino property originally built to be condominiums, but in 2008 after the housing market crash, was converted to hotel rooms. It’s not a timeshare itself, but offers an elegantly modern hotel stay experience with fabulous amenities and is centrally located in the middle of the strip. My room offered as all the balcony rooms do, a spectacular view of the Belagio’s fountains and the north strip.

In the effort to avoid the “typical” Vegas experience, I devised an Alternative plan for experiencing the city. Since it was my first time visiting, I did manage to squeeze in a few mainstream activities, like a show-girl cabaret, as well as New York New York’s rollercoaster and The Cosmopolitan’s eclectic and unconventional but highly praised all-you-can-eat buffet.

However, with my “Alt” plan for the weekend, I managed a relaxing and low-key weekend in Sin City. Here’s how I did it.

  • Hotel Spa: Las Vegas has innumerable spa options at the multitudes of resort-casinos and hotels, and most are pretty pricey. My tip? I searched on Groupon.com for discounts before the trip, and snagged a 50 minute facial and 50 minute Swedish Massage for only $109.  Most spas also have elaborate facilities that usually include a soaking pool, steam sauna, dry sauna, showers, reading rooms, and every toiletry you could conceivably need, offering all-day access with the purchase of a spa service. It afforded me an incredibly relaxing and low-key afternoon away from the hubbub and neon lights.
  • Waking Early: The streets of the strip and downtown both are surprisingly clean and peaceful from about 7am until 2pm, while still offering full-service in food, drink, shopping, and sights. Being out early means avoiding big crowds and rowdy vacationers as well as the loud music that blares from storefronts and bars after dark. I also chose the morning, and downtown to try my hand at Blackjack. Before noon, it’s easy to find $3 tables, and the dealers are friendly, slower-paced, and helpful at many of the older downtown casinos
  • Getting off the Beaten Path: Most vacationers stay on the strip, or in and around Fremont street downtown. While the strip showcases opportunities for spending your money on couture clothes and bags, phenomenal food and drink, or “games of chance;” and Fremont street will sell you anything from zip-lining and fortune telling to 44oz frozen Daiquiris right on the sidewalk, (not to mention more gambling opportunities), there’s more to be seen outside of the main activity centers, such as pawn Shops:  Made popular by the show Pawn Stars, the Las Vegas pawn experience is fun and different. Most of the merchandise in pawn shops are electronics and jewelry, and the store from the show will most likely have a line around the block for entry, but spending part of an afternoon perusing the trinkets that gamblers sell for more cash to play with can be interesting, occasionally with a great find. Museums are another great way to escape the loud or overwhelming Las Vegas activity. The city has a great selection of museums, most of which offer the typical “museum” experience of informative (and quiet) observation of exhibits. Take your pick from the Atomic Testing Museum, the automaker Carroll-Shelby Museum, Neon Gallery, Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Aviation History, Children’s Museum, and more.  Don’t forget about art galleries, antique shops, quilt shops, up-scale resale stores, craft fairs, and other unconventional Vegas niche opportunities to explore too!
  • Enjoying Down Time: I think with all that Las Vegas has to offer, it’s hard not to get caught up in the myriad opportunities to play, but I found that coming back to the sanctuary of the hotel room helped me unwind after intense evening outings navigating the crowds. Room service, although it can be pricey, is a great way to enjoy the experience of being on vacation while avoiding the overstimulation of walking around Las Vegas at night. 
    And of course, the many and exotic pools are a great way to soak up vacation-rays in a quiet and serene setting. The pools are another place that are relatively empty before ten or eleven o’clock in the morning, especially in late Autumn, when I went, so you can have your pick of pool-side real-estate.

I was impressed with my very first weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. My travel partner had been several times, and when I asked what the comeback appeal was, the reply made perfect sense: Las Vegas is a place where anyone can find anything they’re interested in at any time, and without having to worry about what’s appropriate to wear, or adhering to a regional or restrictive social code.  Everything is easy in Vegas, even for a homebody like me.

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Park City Powder

Starting to think about snow? Skiing? Snowboarding? Tubing? Now is the time!

Park City alone in the past 24 hours has accumulated a total of 10 inches of snow and 32 inches in the past two days- a great indicator that the season is off to a good start with good powder perfect for winter sports. Resorts all over the Park City area are open and ready to go, so why not buy a timeshare and see them all?

The season’s total snowfall so far has been over 93 inches and only has room to grow! For daily snow updates visit the Canyons’ Resort website and sign up. The Canyons is only one of many resorts in the Park City area open for the season and ready for you to take advantage of.

Park City also has plenty to offer for those who’d rather curl up in front of a warm fireplace with hot cocoa, or relax in a lodge spa and enjoy the winter wonderland from indoors. Whatever your inclination- Park City has you covered!


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Travel Post: The Hoover Dam, a day trip from Vegas

If Las Vegas is America’s playground, then the Hoover Dam, less than an hour away from Vegas, is America’s most captivating post-recess lesson in science and technology, not to mention History! After an exciting trip to Las Vegas, my travel partner and I headed out of town to tour one of the most impressive engineering marvels of the 20th century.

Hoover Dam is remarkably close to Las Vegas, with its proximity making it an attractive day-trip option for anyone needing a break from the action and intrigue of the nearby city. Forty-five minutes after leaving the Las Vegas Strip, we arrived in breathtaking Boulder Canyon. The contrast from the bright neon civilization of Vegas to the stark desert beauty of Boulder City and the canyon was refreshing, and a new high way diverting traffic from across the dam itself made car traveling simple, quick, and smooth.

Although you can’t see the dam from the arched highway (pictured above), a trip down to the facility and visitor’s center is worth the time and effort. We arrived in plenty of time to do a power-plant and dam tour, both of which were interactive, informative, and engaging.

With a new visitor’s center erected in 1995, Hoover Dam’s capacity for tourism has expanded into making visitors comfortable and keeping their attention. With options in addition to the tours from providing life-size models and detailed exhibits of the electricity generators powered by the dam’s water inflow, to short video presentations about the Colorado River’s geographical and damming history, you won’t be bored.

The tours themselves were informative and hands-on, with explanations of the dam’s purpose, construction techniques, and continuing maintenance.

We got to explore some of the bigger maintenance tunnels  and learned some cool facts about the dam, like:

  • It was 70% overbuilt—engineers wanted to be 170% sure that it would accomplish the task of holding back the Colorado river!
  • It was completed nearly 2 years AHEAD of schedule, and finished under-budget.
  • 96 men lost their lives in the building of the dam, and
    lthough many were due to pneumonia or influenza, even more were reported as being caused by illness so as to avoid paying out insurance on accidental deaths associated with construction.
  • Finished in 1935, the entire construction was completed without ANY complex technological devices; pen and paper calculation, and “eyeballing” were utilized extensively.
  • Accounting for the area’s moderate seismic activity, the dam isn’t actually anchored to the canyon walls. It’s wedged in between the rock, with the water of Lake Mead (the dammed Colorado River) holding it in place. When the canyon walls shift with earthquakes, the dam shifts with them.

Seismic activity is still closely monitored, of course, and the Hoover Dam is thought to be able to withstand above 8.0 shocks on the Richter Scale. It’s also meant to last 2,000 years at efficiency, though it will probably last closer to 3,000.

If you want to know more about the dam or its visiting opportunities, visit the US Bureau of Reclamation’s website at www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/

As a traveler who loves to learn as well as relax and party, I highly recommend this venture for the more adventurous visitors to Las Vegas. It definitely helps to have your own car, and though going in the off-seasons (October through May) probably provides a less crowded (and definitely cooler, temperature-wise) experience, it’s open year-round, and certainly worth the detour.

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