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Experience Bahamian Culture and History at Harborside Resort at Atlantis

Harborside Resort AtlantisThe Harborside Resort at Atlantis, located on the stunning Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas, is the perfect timeshare option for those looking to have fun in the sun, experience amazing Caribbean dining, take in a rich culture, or take in some rounds of golf. With beautiful 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas, the resort is perfect for singles, couples, or families.
Paradise Island, Nassau is lush with history and cultural tradition. Part of travel is getting to experience a new locale and the customs of the people whom you have chosen to visit. Let’s explore some of the ways you can take in some of the amazing local traditions on this spectacular tropical island.
Harborside ResortArawak Cay on west Bay Street in Nassau is home to many authentic Bahamian restaurants. Known to the locals as “Fish Fry” it is a great place to get just that, dishes such as fried snapper. Take in one of the local beverages like Kalik or sands beer while watching the locals practice for the New Year’s Junkanoo Parade.
Speaking of Junkanoo Parades, stop by the Educulture Junkanoo Museum in Nassau to learn about this local custom. What started as a celebration by slaves who were given off 3 days for Christmas, became a beautiful parade called Junkanoo. The museum boasts interactive exhibits where you can dance, make masks and meet a Junkanoo Queen!
Head over to George Street in downtown Nassau to visit the historic Christ Church Cathedral. Constructed in 1670, it is the first church built in the Bahamas, and considered “The Mother of All Anglican Churches” there. Having been destroyed and rebuilt over the years this final incarnation opened in 1841 and remains in use to this day.
Harborside ResortWith rich history and local customs, as well as all the water attractions, dining, and night life, buying a Harborside Resort at Atlantis timeshare is the perfect fit for those wanting to experience the heart of the Bahamas. Premier Timeshare Resale can help you find the ideal timeshare to match your vacationing needs. Contact one of our accredited agents and let us get you on your way!
Written by Shawn Romanick, Web Author

Ethical Travel: Top Ten Destinations

At Premier Timeshare Resale, we are concerned not only with making the timeshare industry a legitimate one, but using our personal and professional resources to serve and support others. One of the ways we can do this is to promote responsible and ethical travel. Fortunately for PTR, Earth Island Journal does just that.


Each year, the Ethical Traveler (an Earth Island Institute Project) researches and publishes a list of ten destinations in the developing world that best represent policies and actions protecting both human rights and the environment. The goal in publishing this list is to encourage these developing nations to continue in their efforts through the reward of tourism spending. Volunteer researchers evaluate each country for its performance in the areas of human rights, social welfare, and environmental protection, as well as its appeal as a travel destination.


The number one country was the Bahamas, with its recent implementations to reduce human trafficking and significantly expand national parks and marine protected areas. Chile was another top ten destination, with its increased gender equality measures, ambitious environmental initiatives and a program to move logging workers into tourism. The Dominican Republic was also a favorite for its improved social welfare and a plan to become carbon negative by 2020.


The other destinations in the top ten ethical travel spots are listed here with links to timeshare resale properties within the country, when applicable: Barbados, Cape Verde, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau, and Uruguay.


Interestingly, some of the destinations voted as winners in 2013’s ethical travel spots are falling off the list. Costa Rica continues to be a hub for child sex trafficking, and Ghana, another 2013 winner, is found to have active discrimination against same-sex couples. Samoa also lost its spot due to unsustainable logging and unimproved women’s rights.


For some, and definitely for the folks at Premier Timeshare Resale, it matters where we go and how we get there. We are grateful for the Earth Island Journal for reporting this valuable information, and encourage you to read their full report here, if you are interested.