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Kelly Marshall - family

Getting to Know the Premier Timeshare Resale Team

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One of the fun things about starting any new job is getting to know the people you’re working with on a regular basis. When we were discussing possible blog topics and the idea came up to interview our Premier Timeshare Resale team members, I was excited to get started.

So, whether you’re familiar with our company or not, you can read on to learn a little bit more about the people behind the name, Premier Timeshare Resale. Beginning with Premier Timeshare Resale Owner/President and an Associate Broker with RE/MAX AssociatesKelly Marshall.
Kelly Marshall - family

Why/how did you start working with timeshares?

Some might say it was by accident. With my Bachelor’s degree (from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania) in Mass Communications: Public Relations & Advertising, I took an interview for a Marketing Position with Marriott Vacation Club in Park City. I was hired in the Marketing Department for their vacation club, essentially, timeshares.  After a year, I wanted to work in Sales, but without any prior sales experience they wouldn’t even consider me for an interview.

Playa del Carmen, MexicoSo, I moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and planned to find a job where I could practice Spanish to become fluent. While there, a gentleman I met suggested that with my personality, I should sell timeshares!

I laughed and told him I tried, but didn’t have the required sales experience. He said, “You are a woman who speaks English, living in Mexico. You’re hired.”

I sold for Fisherman’s Village for 3 months. After which, I sent my sales numbers to Marriott in Park City (the same one that initially wouldn’t interview me), and they hired me! I packed my things and moved back to Park City, and worked in Sales for Marriott’s MountainSide and Summit Watch.

Lake Tahoe During a trip to Marriott’s Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe, California, I noticed three different timeshare resale offices and saw the prices on the resale market.

With that information as my guide, I came back to Utah and got my Utah Real Estate license, left Marriott, and opened “Mountain Timeshare Resale” with Alanna Hatz in 2006.

Within the first year, I realized the need for a company that had licensed agents who did not charge upfront fees, not just in Utah, but worldwide.  We changed the name to Premier Timeshare Resale and started helping everyone we could.

Premier Timeshare Resale logo

What is a favorite place you have lived or traveled to and why?

Park City, UTIt’s difficult to pick just one! In the US, my favorite place is where I live, Park City.

However, I’ve really enjoyed trips to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Canada. Europe is a favorite for food, art, and historic towns and cities. Thailand has some of the best beaches I have ever visited by far.
boy in Thailand
While in Thailand, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage. That was one of the best experiences of my life. It was something I would have told you I could never do. Well, we did. I left crying every day, but somehow even though I went to give love to the little babies, I left getting more from them!

Lastly, what is one thing you wish people knew about timeshares that they may not know?

That they can get really good deals to stay at top notch properties.
window beach
A lot of timeshares offer a full kitchen and a great view. You are also often steps away from either the pool and the beach. 

This makes ALL the difference when staying with kids.

Our kids (who are both preschool age) love the beach, but for only 20-30 minute increments if we are lucky! I can’t imagine packing all my things up for a “day at the beach” that may only last a few minutes! The same holds true for a day on the ski slopes.

Convenience is key. Timeshares offer that… at better prices!

Countdown to Opening Day: Park City Update

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Nothing gets locals in a resort town more excited than the countdown to opening day

Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

at the local ski resorts. Except maybe when that countdown includes snow in the forecast! There is already a dusting of snow on top of the Wasatch Mountains here in Park City, the resorts have started making snow and even better, there is a chance of accumulating snow in our forecast this week.
This summer, Vail Resorts officially announced that they were merging Canyons Resort and Park Downhill SkierCity Mountain Resort into one entity to create the largest ski and snowboard area in the nation, simply called: Park City. Vail acquired management of Canyons Resort in 2013 and purchased Park City Mountain Resort in 2014 giving them this unique opportunity. The newly combined resort will have 7,300 skiable acres.
To accomplish this merger, Vail is investing $50 million dollars in capital improvements, including building “Quicksilver,” a new 8 passenger gondola that will connect the two properties. Vail just announced that this new
Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

Photo Provided Courtesy of Vail Resorts

lift, plus additional improvements like a new restaurant (Miners Camp), renovations to two other restaurants (Summit House and Red Pine), upgrades to two popular lifts (Motherlode and King-Con) and trail improvements, should be completed in time for the 2015 holiday season (Christmas week). Park City is set to open November 21 (the Saturday before Thanksgiving).
The merger has heightened interest in Park City timeshare properties. These properties include many of our best sellers like Marriott’s Summit Watch and MountainSide resorts, plus Westgate Park City Resort & Spa and The Lift Lodge (formerly Sweetwater). Other great timeshare options in Park City include: Park Plaza, Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Sunrise Lodge, Skiers Lodge, Park Hotel Condominiums, Park Regency and a new Wyndham Resort (a ski-in, ski-out resort located on the former Canyons Resort side of Park City).
If you have your heart set on a yearly ski-vacation in Park City, contact us today to learn more about a timeshare ownership. Looking for something for this year only? We have weekly rentals also available, fill out a rental form on our website and we will do our best to match you with the vacation of your dreams. Bring on the snow!

Lunch with a Timeshare Owner: Marriott’s MountainSide in Park City

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Here at Premier Timeshare Resale, we talk a lot about why timeshares are a great investment. But, don’t take our word for it. I sat down with Phyllis Kirchner, a timeshare owner at Marriott’s MountainSide in Park City, Utah for over a decade, and asked her what her timeshare experience has been over the years.

While many timeshare owners choose to buy their timeshare as a vacation home, family was the motivator for Bob and Phyllis Kirchner.

Park City Timeshare Owners

Meet the Park City Timeshare Owners

“We bought the timeshare because we have family that surrounds the Park City area and it was an easy place for all of us to gather and spend time together,” says Phyllis.

Coming from Idaho Falls themselves, family from Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado, could easily find their way to Park City’s central location for some quality family time.

“It was better than having everyone go to your house when you don’t have the room and your house getting messy from the whole family being there.”

Although the Kirchners aren’t big ski bums, they enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery that Park City sports all year long.

“In fall, I love all the colors. You can take the lift to Sundance and it’s just so quiet and peaceful. All of the trees are orange and yellow and it’s a beautiful sight. In the summer, it’s the perfect temperature to layout by the pool,” says Phyllis. “It’s just a perfect getaway.”

We have highlighted Park City and the MountainSide Resort as great all-season getaways. But, don’t think that buying a timeshare in one city sticks you there forever. The Kirchner’s timeshare allows them to exchange it for Marriott timeshares all over the country, including one of the couple’s favorite locations, Hawaii. Where would the Kirchners buy a second timeshare? Why paradise of course!

“If I were to buy another timeshare, it’d probably be in Hawaii because to live there it’s so expensive. Timeshares are a way to live in a place that you couldn’t afford otherwise,” says Phyllis. “Or, ‘get your fix’ of locations you wouldn’t want to live in year ‘round.”

Whether you’re buying a timeshare to relax on the golden beaches of warm Oahu or to get the family together for Christmas, buying a timeshare resale can create memories that will last a lifetime. Plant your roots in any of the thousands of resorts that offer timeshares, and you’ll always have a special place to call home.

Timeshare Family Vacation

The Family on Vacation in Park City

“I do feel like it’s a home away from home when we go there,” concludes Phyllis as she gazes past me into memories of Thanksgiving dinners in the red mountains and walks along Main Street. One thing is sure, the Kirchner’s time in Park City is something they’ll never forget.

This Week’s Hot Spot: Marriott’s MountainSide

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With winter weather and snowstorm advisories sweeping across the country creating icy road conditions, fires in hearths, and the realization that Jack Frost has come back to town for the next few months, we start getting excited about our winter travel destinations. Premier Timeshare Resale blogs a lot about Park City, Utah, but not without good reason. It’s one of the premier winter destinations in the country, and with first-class resorts, like this week’s hot spot Marriott’s MountainSide, there’s quite a bit to say.


Nestled in between the Uinta and Wasatch mountains, Park City offers some of the best powder skiing and snowboarding in the world, and its three ski mountains offer terrain in varied ability levels steps away from haute cuisine and local historical silver-mining cultural flavor.  A ski-in, ski-out resort on Park City Mountain Resort, Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare villas feature kitchens and separate living and dining areas, complemented by an outdoor heated pool. The whirlpool-sauna combination soothes aching muscles after a day on the slopes and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Premier Timeshare Resale was born in Park City, Utah, and as our agents and offices have been located near Marriott property itself in the city, the licensed realtors know pretty much everything there is to know about Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare resales. Our knowledge and proximity make us some of the industry experts on this property, and brokers frequently come to us with buyers looking for Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare sellers. We don’t need to convince you this is a great property in a great location; we just need you to convince your friends who have been looking to sell their Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare units to sell with Premier Timeshare Resale. It’s FREE, with NO UPFRONT FEES, and with tons of satisfied timeshare resale buyers and sellers, it’s a smart, educated, and easy choice to make.


Contact PTR today to list your Marriott’s MountainSide property today and gain the most exposure to timeshare resale buyers, as well as licensed agents who represent you for NO UPFRONT FEES, for your peace of mind. Selling timeshare on your own can be a complicated business, so let our reputable agents handle the hassle on your behalf.


Park City like you never knew it: affordable and quiet

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Forbes Travel Guide had an editor spend two days in Park City this summer, and writer Caroline Patek wrote about the allure of the experience here. In her post she talks up the summer as Park City’s “best-kept secret” for its voluminous trails and countless goings on across the area.


It’s true, summers in Park City see its Main Street bustling with tourists, “locals” and area residents coming for a day or weekend visit from close-by rural towns and neighboring counties. Park City’s second season, summer is warm in the day, cool at night, and offers a host of recreational and cultural activities Patek reviews in her post.


“Well, now summer is over!” you say. “We’ll have to wait till next year to vacation there with the kiddos, or spring for a weekend for the parents.” While planning several months in advance is never a bad idea, I’d argue that there’s still time.


As a former local of Park City myself, I will let you in on a bigger secret than summertime: Autumn. Fall in Park City is quiet, serene, breathtaking, and affordable. There are still many activities available in the “off-season,” even though many resorts close for Fall and Spring months, but if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with little hassle and even less dinero, Park City might be your spot.


Splashes of warm color quilt the mountainsides, and hiking or biking among them is still doable for early autumn on a number of public trails. Weather can range from mild with highs of sixty degrees, to a cold rain shower or a burst of snow, even in early September. The unpredictability can be exciting, and the views are exquisite.


Buying a Park City timeshare for the Autumn off-season can be done incredibly reasonably too. Properties on or near Main Street are affordable for almost any family wanting a Fall vacation, and others offer spectacular vistas of the mountain territory around. Travelers should be aware, of course, that in the off-seasons activities and dining options can be more difficult to plan, due to closures and hiatuses, even when they are more affordable, though websites like Park City’s chamber of commerce highlight potential ways to spend your time, like farmer’s markets, museums, hot air ballooning and scenic drives.


Premier Timeshare Resale is exceptionally knowledgeable about Park City timeshares, from the larger Marriott’s Mountainside and Summit Watch & Westgate Resort and Spa, to smaller, cozier, more affordable properties such as Park Plaza, Sweetwater Lift Lodge, and more. Contact an agent today to see how much your Park City timeshare is worth, or if you’d like to snag a great deal on buying an Autumn Park City timeshare.


Park City Special

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As a former resident of Park City, Utah, I can vouch that most everything the author of this article says is spot-on.

Highlighted as “The Best Town in America,” the website OutsideOnline details Park City’s charm and challenges as a tourist hot-spot where local residents revel in the winter (and summer!) wonderland and it’s adventurous opportunities for play.


Ski, skate, bike, hike, or trail-run, hunt, or fish are only a few of the options that locals and visitors alike enjoy. Park Silly Sunday Markets on Main Street see local vendors peddling home-made, organic and sustainable wares throughout the summer. Sundance Film Festival brings glitz and glam to the mountain hideaway each winter.


And the accommodations are limitless. Well, almost. Home-base to Premier Timeshare Resale itself, Park City boasts hotels and timeshares that range from the extravagant Deer Valley Club (fractional property) and Marriott’s MountainSide or Marriott’s Summit Watch, to Westgate Park City Resort and Spa at the Canyons ski resort. Smaller, more affordable properties also enjoy sustained use, like the Park Plaza or the Sweetwater at Park City Lift Lodge in Old Town, which continue to be desirable properties despite modest names.


Whatever your fancy, Park City promises an escape to suit your needs. Stay for a day, a week, a year, or a lifetime. It will be an experience you will not forget.



Park City Powder

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Starting to think about snow? Skiing? Snowboarding? Tubing? Now is the time!

Park City alone in the past 24 hours has accumulated a total of 10 inches of snow and 32 inches in the past two days- a great indicator that the season is off to a good start with good powder perfect for winter sports. Resorts all over the Park City area are open and ready to go, so why not buy a timeshare and see them all?

The season’s total snowfall so far has been over 93 inches and only has room to grow! For daily snow updates visit the Canyons’ Resort website and sign up. The Canyons is only one of many resorts in the Park City area open for the season and ready for you to take advantage of.

Park City also has plenty to offer for those who’d rather curl up in front of a warm fireplace with hot cocoa, or relax in a lodge spa and enjoy the winter wonderland from indoors. Whatever your inclination- Park City has you covered!


If you’re interested in buying or selling a timeshare in Park City, Utah, contact our licensed real estate professionals at 888-235-0466 or visit our website for more information:

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