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Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club: Minutes from Kauai’s Historic Plantations

Waiohai Beach Club Kauai HawaiiKauai, Hawaii is known for its golf, beauty, surfing, and fun in the son. Hawaii has a rich history as well, and Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club is just minutes away from some of the island’s historic plantations. So while you visit, it is well worth it to leave your beautiful 2 bedroom villa or guest room and take in some local history.
The legendary Kilohana Plantation Estate, just about twelve miles from the resort, opened its doors to the public 25 years ago, and is a must see for anyone staying in Kauai. Centered on the sugar industry, the mansion at Kilohana was built in 1935 at the behest of Gaylord Parke Wilcox, head of Grove Farm sugar plantation. It was severely damaged by Hurricane Iwa in 1983, but has since been fully restored. It was added to the National Record of Historic Places in 1974, and named a State of Hawaii Historic Landmark in 1993. It is home to antiques, art, fine architecture as well as shops, dining and a gallery.
On Tuesday and Friday evenings, the plantation hosts an amazing theatrical Luau. The luau tells the story of the original Tahitian voyage to Hawaii through music and song. Everything is authentic, down to the hand made instruments. Authentic Polynesian cuisine and dessert is served, as well as traditional island cocktails!
Waiohai Beach Club Kauai NatureSeven days a week the Kilohana Plantation provides train tours of the 105 acre grounds, as well as a nature walk, orchard adventure, an animal feed stop where you can feed wild goats, pigs and sheep. You will have a lunch prepared with some pineapples picked freshly by you, and you can sample all of the in season fruits on the orchard adventure!
Also worth noting, the plantation is home to the Koloa Rum Company, with daily tours and tastings, or if you just want to sit and sip on a drink, stop by the Mahiko Lounge. Visiting the Kilohana Plantation will be an all day excursion to take everything in, and it is well worth the time.
Waiohai Beach Club Kauai OceanBeach fun, marine life, amazing dining, and local history are just a few great reasons to buy a Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club timeshare resale. Premier Timeshare Resale can help put you in the vacation ownership that is perfect for your needs. Contact us and our licensed RE/MAX agents to get started today!

Written by Shawn Romanick, Web Author

Kauai Timeshare: My 10 Favorite Things

Marriott's Kauai Beach Club

Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club

While lying on the beach at Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club on a timeshare vacation this past December, I came up with a list of my favorite things to do on my Kauai vacation. As we get closer to number one, you see that several of my favorites things to do centered around our ocean front timeshare villa. I think it’s safe to say, “Once you go ocean front, you never go back to anything less!”

10. Paddle boarding. Truth be told, yours truly, did not paddle out and attempt to stand on a float. But I did enjoy watching my husband successfully paddle board while sitting on the beach.

9. Pono Kai Dining. We stayed in Kalapaki Bay and although we really enjoyed Duke’s and the other Marriott on-property restaurants, the most memorable dining was in Pono Kai. There seemed to be several high end restaurants to choose from.

8. Sunset Beach. This beach requires a steep hike down to the beach, but it’s fairly short and worth the effort. You emerge from the trail to a pristine untouched beach. Our footprints were the only sets we could see as we walked down the coast. The water here was not safe for swimming. The waves were gigantic and even two local surfers came in and warned us that is was a bad idea to swim here. Seeing the huge waves smash into the rocks that dotted the beach on both ends, really reminded me that Mother Nature is not a force with which to be reckon!

Glasses on Beach7. Sitting poolside with a local frozen drink, the Aupaca. Cocktail servers are happy to bring you drinks and snacks from the poolside cabana. A locally inspired frozen beverage was a favorite of mine. The Aupaca featured kahlua, banana and another secret ingredient. There is no better way to spend an afternoon then by catching some rays and enjoying an Aupaca by the pool.

6. Helicopter ride. With our sense of adventure encouraging us, we took an open-door personal helicopter ride around the island of Kauai. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous and can not be taken in fully any other way. The helicopter flew up along the untouched Napali Coast and in and out of crevices, allowing us to get close to the landscape and captivating waterfalls that spilled over every other cliff. We flew through the fog and into the crater in the center of the island and were surrounded on all sides by waterfalls. It truly is something that can’t be described with words, but must be experienced. That said, those prone to motion sickness should be cautious and take the appropriate measures before getting on the helicopter.

Kauai Waterfall5. Hiking the trail. This is really an amazing hike, second only to Cinque Terra in Italy, in my opinion. The two hikes actually have one major element in common: the ocean. Both hikes wind high above the ocean, offering spectacular views of the coastline and crashing waves below. You can take a shorter hike to a small beach and back or the more adventurous can continue along the coastline for a multiple day hiking and camping journey. We opted to take a side journey into the tropical foliage for a refreshing swim below a majestic waterfall.

4. Beach Volleyball. It just so happens that the Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club is situated on the local’s favorite beach for playing volleyball. Locals come daily, but can be seen playing some intense doubles every Thursday and Saturday. We found some other volleyball amateurs and played until sunset more than once.

3. Balcony lunches. My favorite place to have lunch was the balcony of our villa. Enjoying lunch on the balcony, listening to local birds, watching the waves crash while the palm trees sway in the breeze, and watching the beach goers build sand castles and play in the waves is very hard to top. The birds will even fly over and keep you company on the balcony rail. One brave little bird even followed me into the room, hoping to find some crumbs in the kitchen.

2. Sleeping with the sliding door open. Why buy sound tracks of ocean waves, when you could have the real thing? In Hawaii temperatures at night are quite comfortable for sleeping. I highly recommend turning off the air conditioning, opening the sliding glass door and listening to waves crashing all night long. Of course, you must remember to close the screen door if you don’t want any nightly visitors!

Kauai Sunrise1. Sunrise and a cup of tea. Every day after a sound sleep to the crashing waves, I would wake up just around sunrise. The breeze off the ocean is chilly in the morning, so I would put on a sweater, make a hot cup of tea and sit on the balcony as the sun began to rise. Very few are awake this time of the morning so it also makes for a great time to meditate, practice yoga, or just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you are lucky, you may even catch a giant cruise ship pulling in to dock. It’s quite the site actually, as you will swear a boat that size cannot possibly fit through the opening of the bay, yet it does, right before your eyes!

What are your favorite things about Hawaii? Don’t have a list because you’ve never been? Make a Hawaiian vacation a reality with our Hawaii timeshares for sale and timeshare rentals. There are so many things to enjoy on these islands, you’ll want a timeshare just to have enough time to explore them all!

Kauai Timeshares: Paradise is Calling

Idyllic Kauai is one of the world’s best vacation spots. Spectacular sunsets, miles of beaches and rich cultural heritage make Kauai a Hawaiian paradise. With so much to see and do, you’ll want to buy a Kauai timeshare resale to be able to appreciate it all.

kauai beach tracks

Kauai Timeshare Resales

On this gorgeous island, you’ll find no shortage of Kauai fractional ownership opportunities. Many of the properties feature the kind of amenities you’re accustomed to encountering in a five star resort. Spas and a sparkling pool are just the beginning of the luxurious appointments. Many properties feature oceanfront condos, enabling owners to step out onto their own patch of beach. Whether the timeshare property is oceanfront or not, the view is always guaranteed to be spectacular on an island as beautiful as Kauai. Many communities boast gyms and tennis courts for active guests to enjoy. Lush tropical landscaping and soothing water features are the norm at these outstanding Kauai timeshare resale villas.

Gorgeous Hawaiian Beaches

On this island, you’ll find more than 50 miles of beaches to explore. Each one is worthy of your time because each one is so different from all the rest. Hanalei Beach has gentle waves that are perfect for swimming. You won’t be able to resist sunning yourself on the luxurious sands of Polihale State Park or spending a few hours hanging 10 at the world famous North Shore. With such diverse beaches, it’s possible to visit a new one during every day of your stay or choose a favorite to be repeatedly enjoyed.

Go for a Waterborne Adventure

wind surfing

Kauai has some of the best snorkeling in the world. In some cases, great snorkeling is available just steps from your Kauai timeshare resale resort. Even novice snorkelers can find water that’s appropriate for their abilities, making this an adventure that’s suitable for the whole family. Beneath the water’s surface, you’ll see brightly colored tropical fish darting to and fro. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a sea turtle floating lazily by. It’s the kind of unforgettable experience you can have every day when you buy a Kauai timeshare resale.

Cultural Indulgence

Kauai possesses a complex mix of a variety of cultures that makes for a fascinating vacation. Don’t be shy about wandering up to a local to strike up a conversation. Most people are pretty friendly and eager to share their insider’s knowledge about what to see and do. Dining on the island runs the gamut from traditional Hawaiian fare to Italian, Mexican, Asian and everything else you can think of. A trip to Kauai can be an amazing gastronomic experience.

Rich in History

When you buy a Kauai fractional ownership, you’ll be able to fully explore the colorful history of this ancient island. The Menehune Ditch and Fishpond shed light on Kauai’s most ancient inhabitants while the Kauai Museum unfolds the entire rich tapestry of Hawaiian history. Other attractions explore the island after the arrival of European explorers. The Grove Farm Homestead Museum and the Waioli Mission House Museum are two wonderful examples.

kauai sunset

Endless Outdoor Recreation

Kauai is easily one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Accordingly, many people come here to hike, bike and just generally appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. Waimea Canyon, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, features astonishing landscapes and some wonderful trails. There’s also Kokee State Park where visitors can meander their way through a high mountain forest. Another popular hiking spot is on the wild, remote Na Pali Coast. Of course, some people choose to observe Na Pali from the best possible perspective in a helicopter. And a Hawaiian vacation wouldn’t be complete without spending some time on one of the world-famous golf courses that are right outside of your Kauai timeshare villa. 

Colorful Hawaiian Lifestyle

When you look for Kauai timeshare deals, you’re opening up a world of tropical adventure. By vacationing frequently on Kauai, you might take in free hula performances, learn to surf or make a few friends among the locals. This island truly is one of the most idyllic spots in Hawaii and one of the best places in the world for a relaxing vacation. As you learn about Hawaiian culture and experience it firsthand, you’ll be doing it from the comfort of your own luxurious Kauai timeshare. Whether you’re spending your time at the resort style property or wandering farther afield, this is the type of investment you’ll never regret.

Buy a Kauai Timeshare

The expert realtors at Premier Timeshare Resale possess tremendous knowledge when it comes to Kauai timeshares for sale. The island boasts an impressive number of communities, each one more spectacular than the last. On the other hand, if you’re ready to move on from your piece of Hawaiian paradise, Premier Timeshare Resale agents can help you sell a Kauai timeshare with remarkable speed. It seems like more people than ever are interested in buying a Kauai timeshare. With so much natural beauty and outstanding attractions, you’ll want to own a piece of paradise too.