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Deer Valley Buys Solitude: Utah Mountains Change Again

skiers manyIn October, Deer Valley announced their acquisition of Solitude Ski Resort. The actual terms of the purchase have not yet been released, but the implications are notable, especially considering the new partnership between Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR).

We talked a while back about the ONE Wasatch proposal re-presented this year by Ski Utah. Although the idea got mixed reviews, as the Utah ski resorts become more interconnected, one has to wonder if ONE Wasatch is bound to happen. The idea suggested that seven of Utah’s premier ski resorts combine their services using a series of lifts that would allow skiers to move through the mountains from one resort to the next.

The first step in creating ONE Wasatch is in action, as Vail Resorts works to combine Canyons and PCMR. Some argue that Deer Valley’s purchase of Solitude is step two, however, Deer Valley was never originally in the seven-resort plan and the connecting lift between the two canyons involved PCMR and Brighton. That said, Deer Valley has expressed their support for the ONE Wasatch proposal.

skier girlUltimately, there are a lot of differences between the two acquisitions this year. Deer Valley announced that the parks will remain separate for the time being, and that Solitude will still allow snowboarders while Deer Valley will remain a ski-only resort. On the other hand, Canyons and PCMR have already started connecting the two and announced a $50 million improvement plan to be completed by next season.

Deer Valley’s purchase came as a surprise to some since Solitude and Brighton Ski Resort had discussed a purchase over the last several months. After the deal fell through, Solitude partnered with Deer Valley. When commenting on the purchase, General Manager of Deer Valley Bob Wheaton, said that Solitude will continue to work with their neighbors at Brighton, including keeping the current lift connection open, and the possibility of combining the resorts in the future is not off the table.

The transfer of Solitude to Deer Valley will begin at the end of the 2014-2015 ski season, so no real changes will be seen until next year. But Deer Valley plans to exchange employees between the two resorts as a training process, allowing Deer Valley to learn all they can from Solitude’s day-to-day operations, and vice versa. The only real visible difference this year is that season pass holders will get four day-tickets to the other resort.

The outlook for the two resorts is exciting, as is the future for Utah skiing in general. This year has been instrumental in the future of Utah’s mountains and the results have been overwhelmingly positive and almost always in the skier and traveler’s favor.

ski liftAs the Utah mountains continue to be developed and the resorts improve their amenities, the already strong tourism industry in Utah will grow. The timeshare industry is no exception and will grow as the resorts do. We talk a lot about the right time to buy a timeshare, and when it comes to Park City timeshares, the time is now.

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Park City Counts Down to Ski Season

skiier glassesForget counting down to Christmas, Park City is counting down the days until the resorts open and the ski season begins. Epic ski pass holders are excited to switch between Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort, thanks to Vail Resorts’ newest acquisition. Deer Valley is preparing its ski slopes, and across the mountain Brighton, Snowbird, and Alta are already starting to get some snow.

Opening Thanksgiving weekend, the Utah ski resorts are preparing for impact. Once the clock strikes December, the mountains are non-stop packed with locals and tourists alike thirsty for that beautiful Utah snow.

Although snow has been more sparse than normal the last few years, weather experts expect this season to be long and powder filled, partially due to the wet summer Utah experienced thanks to the storm system El Nino.

Utah has a history of breaking snow records. Even though last year was considered “dry” there was still a two-day snowstorm that began one Friday night and didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon, leaving over a foot of fresh powder for lucky skiers and snowboarders.

While two days is nothing compared to the six-day blizzard that dumped over three feet of snow in the valley in 1993, it still stands as a testament to Utah’s prevailing winter conditions. Dry air at over 10,000 feet makes for perfect powder all season long.

skiierAccording to the Farmer’s Almanac, above normal snowfall is expected throughout the United States. Snow is inevitable, but particularly in the West with “winter downpours” all season. With this snowfall, however, also comes the cold. Last year was one of the coldest winters recorded in history across the United States. The chill isn’t expected to get much better, so it’s important for mountain-goers to bundle up.

If Utah’s first storm of the year, which dropped 6-12 inches during the first week of November, is any indication, it will be a good year to get on the mountain.

One of the benefits about skiing and snowboarding in Utah is the number of opportunities to experience different mountains and resorts. With the shear proximity of many of Utah’s world-renown ski resorts, it’s easy to mountain hop with day passes. But Park City is making it even easier to experience multiple resorts with the Epic Pass.

Yes, the aptly named Epic Pass allows holders to seamlessly hop between two major Park City ski resorts: Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort. But it also allows users to visit a number of Vail Resorts’ mountains in Colorado, making it truly the best deal in the West.

This is the first year that Utah will have the Epic Pass, and the turn out is expected to be very high between locals and tourists alike. It’s a lot for a small ski town like Park City to manage, so it will be interesting to see how the Epic Pass affects tourism in the area.

ski runIt would be a true shame to miss out on this year’s skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Utah. World-class resorts combined with world-class snow makes Park City the premier destination for snow-philes this season. With the expected growth of Park City, now is truly the time to own property in the area. As the resorts continue to grow and improve, your property’s value will only increase.

Property in Park City, though, can be expensive; quickly running into the millions for even a small condo. And for those who don’t plan on living in Park City year-round, that can be an impossible price tag. But luckily, there is a way to buy seasonal property in Park City for a fraction of the price.

Timeshares are a great option for snow-lovers who want the comfort of a condo without the responsibility of up-keep and the absurd price tag. It’s easy to spend a week or two with family and friends when you buy a Park City timeshare. Plus, this small ski town has some of the best timeshare resorts in the country. Westgate Park City Resort & Spa, Marriott’s MountainSide, Marriott’s Summit Watch, and many more top shelf timeshare resorts are at your fingertips when you buy a Park City timeshare.

Canyons Ski Resort: Why You’ll Want to be There this Winter

SkierTired of overheating this summer? Counting down the days until the ski resorts open again? We understand and can help you decide which world-class timeshare resort perfectly fits your snow obsession. Canyons Resort recently earned a top ten ranking for the second consecutive year in SKI Magazine. Here’s why you should consider Canyons when looking to escape the sun for a premier ski resort.

1. Access. Ranked fifth for ski access, Canyons is a mere 35 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport.

2. Terrain Parks. With boxes, rails, gongs cars and three new parks this season Canyons earned the number 11 ranking.

Canyons Bubble Lift

Photo Credit: Alpinezone.com

3. Lifts. Ranked number 15 Canyons is home to the Orange Bubble Express, North America’s only heated lift.

4. Family Programs. The ultimate family getaway, Canyons has activities from six weeks old to over 60 years old. This variety earned Canyons the number 10 spot on SKI Magazine’s list.

5. Dining. All the great dining options from on mountain Cloud Dine to Slopes, The Farm and many more has earned Canyons a ranking of 10.

6. Lodging. Having nine properties including the Luxurious Waldorf Astoria you are sure to find something in your price range. Lodging earned Canyons a number seven ranking.

7. Guides. Friendly, helpful guides that can answer any question you throw at them earned Canyons a number 17 ranking.

8. Off the Slopes. Zip tours, sleigh rides, snowshoe tours, snowmobile tours and Park City’s nightlife all contribute to the number 12 ranking Canyons gets in this category.

9. Weather. Averaging 355” of snow a year is a skier’s paradise so it’s no wonder Canyons was ranked number 17 in this category.

Canyons Grand Summit

Photo Credit: Canyons Resort

10. Après Ski. Last but not least after your time on the mountain take time to relax at the Red Tail Grill or any one of Park City’s great night spots. All of the evening activities available has garnered Canyons a ranking of 13.

Now that you’re hooked, check out the great deals we have on Canyons timeshare resorts. Or, if you’re not sold on Canyons, check out the other great Park City timeshares for sale on our website! You’ll be sure to find the right price that can make your ski fantasies come true.

Park City Mountain Resort Loses to Talisker

gavelThe judge finally ruled on PCMR vs Talisker this week—and Talisker won. On Wednesday, the 3rd District judge ruled that PCMR missed the 2011 deadline to renew and Talisker would take back ownership of the 2,800 acres of mountainside that the two were battling for.

Vail Resorts, who took the lead for Talisker in this case and has been a longtime partner with Talisker lands, is ready to take over PCMR’s lease. However, the resolution isn’t that simple.

Since PCMR still owns the base and a few lower lifts, they are refusing to give Vail the rains by stating that their land is “not for sale.” Furthermore, PCMR’s lawyer announced that they will be repealing the case and bringing it in front of a jury.

While many hoped that PCMR and Vail would settle outside of court, an agreement could never be reached, pushing the judge to make this decision. Both sides seem fairly hostile, but particularly John Cummings, Chief Executive of Powdr Corp., which owns PCMR, who has threatened to tear out lifts built on the mountain by PCMR.


Photo by Ron Hoffman

Regardless of the hostility between PCMR and Vail, both advocate for the betterment and protection of the Park City community and feel confident that the resort will open for the 2014-15 ski season.

Marriott’s MountainSide resort sits right at the base of PCMR, and Canyons Resort, owned and operated by Vail already, also houses many popular Park City resorts. However, the dispute between PCMR and Talisker/Vail should not deter you from visiting or owning a Park City timeshare. Park City knows how important its world-class resorts are to the local community and visitors. Those are the people that everyone is putting first as the companies battle it out over this premier mountain spot.

For more details, check out our source here.

ONE Wasatch Concept to Connect Seven Utah Ski Resorts

The catch with skiing is buying a pass. In Utah, it can be a pretty difficult decision with so many world-class resorts acting as neighbors in the Wasatch Mountains. However, a concept spearheaded by local organization Ski Utah is underway to eliminate the most difficult question in skiing—Where should I go?


onewasatchONE Wasatch is a concept that brings together seven of Utah’s best resorts, covering over 18,000 skiable acres, with interconnected lifts and runs that can be enjoyed with only one lift ticket. This concept would allow skiers and riders to access 100 lifts and more than 750 runs with a single pass.


In a conference held on March 19, representatives from participating resorts Alta, Brighton, Canyons, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Snowbird and Solitude gathered at Ski Utah’s headquarters to announce their support of the ONE Wasatch project. Although no plan or development is underway, the concept of ONE Wasatch is getting the discussion started.


ONE Wasatch has received plentiful support from not only the resorts involved, but also the public, with the greatest concern being Deer Valley and Alta possibly having to remove their ski-only policy. Skiers, while largely in support of the concept, have requested that Deer Valley and Alta do not change their policy and continue to be ski-only resorts.


Of course, this is not the only issue ONE Wasatch is facing. Local environmental groups and backcountry enthusiasts have given the concept some backlash, however, nothing as harsh as the campaign against the SkiLink project, which proposed selling public land in order to build an interconnecting lift between Park City resorts. One reason why there has been more support for the ONE Wasatch concept is that the connecting lifts would be built entirely on pre-owned private land, and privately funded by the resorts themselves.


ONE Wasatch is adamant about being defined as a concept, one that promotes the vision of a one-of-a-kind mountain experience. A resort connection of this size would be the first and only in the United States, and may even rival similar designs in Europe. The project, while largely aimed at increasing tourism, is also passionate about setting an example for ski destinations worldwide—one that allows for expansive resort connections while preserving water quality and backcountry.


When this happens, it will make your timeshare ownership even more valuable to your family. For ski-in-ski-out at Park City Mountain Resort, a Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare resale will get you out the door on on the Pay Day or Crescent Lifts in just seconds. Marriott’s Summit Watch has quick ski hill access via Town Lift, but also boasts a Historic Main Street Location. One of the few locations where you can walk out your door and onto the slopes at Deer Valley Ski Resort is Deer Valley Club. Own four week fractional ownerships at Deer Valley Club. And, finally, Canyons currently offers four timeshare ownership options at the base of the Gondola; Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Sunrise Resort, Grand Summit (13 week quarter-shares!), Westgate Park City Resort & Spa and Miner’s Club. A fifth in the plans to join Canyons in the future will be Wyndham. Buy a timeshare resale at any of these resorts at today’s low prices and be ready to hit the slopes every year!


To find out more, visit onewasatch.com or subscribe to our blog for more updates as the ONE Wasatch concept continues.