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Buy a Florida Timeshare for the Ultimate Family Vacation

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Florida is one of the most traveled destinations by individuals and families. Annually, it is visited by millions of people seeking relaxation on one of its beautiful beaches. Florida timeshare deals give you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil Florida atmosphere while exploring this unique place. From amusement parks to the Everglades, you will find an adventure of a lifetime waiting for you at a Florida timeshare resale. 

florida beach

When you buy a Florida timeshare resale, you will be investing in a state that has over 1200 miles of sandy beaches. The beaches are located on the Atlantic and Gulf side of the state. When you explore the miles of beaches, you will be able to enjoy fun activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving or sun bathing. 

You can buy a Florida timeshare to use when you visit one of Florida’s fresh water lakes. Florida has over 8000 fresh water lakes for individuals to go camping, boating, swimming, hunting or fishing. One of the largest lakes in Florida is the Lake Okeechobee. Fishing enthusiasts can fish for marlin, bass, catfish, kingfish or swordfish in the lakes or the ocean. 

Florida Sports

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy following professional sports teams since Florida is known for the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat, the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. In addition, Florida offers golf enthusiasts the opportunity to play a game of golf on spectacular golf courses. Florida is host to many golf tournaments during the year. Owning a Florida timeshare will give you the chance to be a part of these sports.

Florida Activities

disney world epcot

Exciting family activities abound in Florida. Amusement parks, museums and zoos offer memorable experiences for the entire family. Florida is home to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and millions visit this attraction each year. Other amusement attractions in Florida include Epcot Center, SeaWorld, Gatorland, Busch Gardens and Universal studios. Buying a Florida timeshare will give you a nice place to stay when you explore one of these exciting attractions. 

The Everglades National Park is another popular place to explore in Florida. It has swamps, prairies and pinelands waiting to be discovered. You can see a wide variety of animals when you explore the Everglades by riverboat, canoe, airboat or kayak. 


Timeshare Options

A Florida fractional ownership gives you the chance to buy several months or weeks of time in a timeshare. The price of the timeshare will be split between other people who will share the timeshare property. You will not own the whole property, but you will own a certain percentage of the property. This option gives you the opportunity to rent your timeshare to others when you are not using the property. Another benefit of the fractional timeshare ownership is that you are not responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of the condo. If you were to buy the condo, you would have to be responsible for the entire maintenance cost, but the cost is split between the owners with fractional ownership.

Individuals can choose to buy timeshares in many locations in Florida. Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Key West and Kissimmee are just a few of the cities that offer timeshare deals. A timeshare will make your vacation more relaxing with the conveniences of home. If you plan to visit an area more than once, you can save time and money with a timeshare. A timeshare resale will take the stress out of planning your next trip since you know you will have somewhere to stay once you reach your destination.


Buy a Florida Timeshare Resale Today 

A timeshare in Florida offers families a better alternate than staying in a hotel. Timeshare resales offer more living space and amenities that make it feel more like home. If you need more space for a family vacation, a timeshare will be your opportunity to enjoy spending some quality time together without being sheltered in a small hotel or motel room. You can make memories together while exploring the wild, beautiful and serene state of Florida. 

Florida offers individuals a break from everyday activities. It offers an exciting place to reside with beautiful weather. When you decide to buy or sell a timeshare in Florida, you can get assistance at Premier Timeshare Resale. A broker can help you find the best property to enjoy the natural settings in this beautiful and serene state.

Travel Safe: Plan for Potential Health Concerns

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We love planning vacations, and we love taking them, and as a timeshare resale company, Premier Timeshare Resale loves it when you take them, too. But one thing we want all our travelers to be aware of are potential health hazards related to traveling, and as one article in a San Antonio news online source reports, those with cardiovascular disease factors may be at increased risks for heart attack on holiday.

Diabetes, being overweight or obese, and high blood pressure are all risk factors that travelers should be mindful of when vacationing. Eating, drinking, staying out late, travel stress, like delayed flights, and unusual physical activity, like that unplanned hike to a waterfall are all activities that can spell trouble for overweight and out-of-shape travelers. And the fact that it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between indigestion and a heart attack means that fewer people are likely to go to an ER on vacation when they think they’ve over peppered their food.


Some precautionary measures you can take include talking to your doctor before you go, and ensuring you have all the medication on your trip with you that you might need.  Double check with your insurance company to see what your health coverage is while you’re traveling. When you fly, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, and move around as much as possible to prevent blood clots.


Above all, pay attention to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it might not be—don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.


But precaution doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a vacation. Whether your fancy is snuggled up


Photo by Andrew Hitchcock

fireside in a cabin in the snow, sipping daiquiris on a sunny beach, or frolicking through hiking trails in a national park, vacations are meant to be time off, and time away—time to refresh, recoup and revive. PTR has new timeshare resales listed from Florida to California and back, so contact us today if you think a timeshare vacation might be right for you. But check with your doctor first.



Winter Storm: Stay in bed and plan your next Florida vacation with a timeshare resale

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NOAA/Reuters, from Chicago Tribune

According to this photo, it appears that pretty much the only sane place to be right now is Florida. But travelers up and down the east coast and in much of the eastern half of the US won’t be getting there any time soon, thanks to another large winter storm system settling over the country and dumping record snowfalls and inches of ice below. Ironically named Pax, the system is screeching travel to a halt by air and devastating roadways in Washington, D.C and around New York, and creating hazardous road conditions from North Carolina to Maine, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune


So…many of us a dreaming of Florida, and other sunnier, warmer places. Winter often gives us daydreaming blues, but it can be a great motivator to plan for that summer vacation when actually escaping the cold becomes difficult due to terrible travel conditions.


Luckily, Florida timeshare resales exist in affordable abundance, and with options from names like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Disney, travelers can be sure that they have access to the best of the best in timeshare resort properties.


Disney timeshare resales are a great getaway for the whole family, and adventurous families can even stay in a treehouse. Hilton’s Sea World timeshare resales offer the flexibility of points and start at $1,900. For a one-time purchase price, that’s often less than many of us spend on vacations every year! Want an Ocean Front room in the luxury of a Marriott timeshare resale? Check out Marriott’s Harbour Lake Lahaina Towers for a deliciously sunny, warm, and sea-salted air vacation (sounds pretty perfect when your window shows you this dreary view):


Photo by Jack Beggs 

Well, even if you can’t pull yourself out of bed today, you can spend some time surfing the web, finding more news about Storm Pax, and warm up by planning your next Florida vacation! Get in touch with Premier Timeshare Resale today to get information on more warm and sandy destination options.


Mainstreet, USA: Timeshare Resales can save you $$$$

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While sweeping tours of Europe and plunging into the wilderness of National Parks are exhilarating ways to vacation, there’s something to be said about staying close to home, or at least, close to the feel of it. Small main streets (even in big cities) lend a certain charm to a traveler’s weekend or week-long escape, and Fodor’s has categorized some of the best. Here are five highlights of examples of family-run businesses and quaint restaurants reflecting vibrant and historic Main Streets, USA:


1-      Water Street in Port Townsend, Washington. The city had been slated to be the West Coast’s largest harbor, and while those plans didn’t come through, Port Townsend holds on to its charm. Watching Victorian ships set sail, enjoying a pint in at the local brewery, or peruse some of the local art in the several galleries nearby. Port Townsend timeshare resales are around too, for those prone to vacation ownership.

2-      Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Southern Charm can be found here in abundance, and the historic district showcases mansions, palm trees, and horse-drawn carriages to take you back in time. Private homes with ornate 19th century architecture and local gourmet eateries can spark your interest before you browse the City Market, an open-air gathering of local crafts, produce, and souvenirs. Charleston timeshare resales offer travelers who fall in love with Charleston annual affordable options for returning.

3-      Center Street in Woodstock, Vermont. Picturesque, tree lined streets and quaint shops make Woodstock seem like something out of a postcard. With brick buildings overlooking a river bridge, and a unique farm experience (milk a cow, make butter!) at Billings Farm & Museum, travelers can spend a full day on the streets, ending their experience with at the yummy Mangowood restaurant in the Lincoln Inn. Nearby Smuggler’s Notch timeshare resale offers a nearby base came from which you can spend a day exploring Center street.

4-      Beverly Street in Staunton, Virginia. A small town with big personality, Staunton and its main street offer tourists hundreds of shops, galleries and restaurants to enjoy. The birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, Staunton boasts a presidential library even as it has established itself as a premier arts and cultural destination. Ingleside Resort is a stately timeshare resale in Staunton for travelers to take advantage of.

5-      Duval Street in Key West, Florida. Known for its local color, Key West’s Duval street offers regal views of sprawling Victorian mansions amid the nightly Duval Pub Crawl in which patrons generate a carnival-like atmosphere in the streets until well into the morning. Key West is a hot vacation spot, and many timeshares exist for timeshare resale buyers including the illustrious and reputable Hyatt properties, as well as the popular and more affordable Coconut Mallory Resort and Marina.


Florida timeshare resales are especially popular, but many of America’s best-known main streets are in the Northeast or on the East Coast. Contact Premier Timeshare Resale today to get vacation itinerary ideas based on available timeshare resale property so you can try before you buy, or let us know if you want to sell your timeshare: we list for free, no upfront fees, and promise to work on your behalf for the sale of your timeshare.


Weekend Getaways III: Miami, Key West, Palm Beaches and Naples

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Miami, our favorite warm coastal city, is a cultural extravaganza of food, entertainment and fashion. It’s been called the cleanest city, and the richest. Miami is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America” is the second-largest U.S. city (after El Paso, Texas) with a Spanish-speaking majority, and the largest city with a Cuban-American plurality. Where beach, sand, sun, and commerce connect, Miami offers residents a host of experiences and activities. A vacation destination in and of itself, Miami offers several reputable timeshare properties for sun-and-beach lovers, with luxury accommodations at Hilton and Marriott in addition to more affordably priced properties like the Clarion Suites Crystal Beach and Health Club. But if you want to get away from Miami for the weekend, try these options:


Key West. As the southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West offers a charming historic Old Town whose compact nature makes it easy to navigate among our recommended weekend escape spots on foot or by bicycle. With three Key West Hyatt timeshare resorts from which to explore the town’s culinary treats, sailing adventures or diving opportunities, Key West’s attraction is clear. Consider the nearby Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park offering snorkeling and daily guided tours of the park and the historic fortress utilized in the Civil and Spanish American Wars.


For an artsy weekend with vintage flair that’s not overly stuffy, Fodor’s recommends Palm Beaches.  A romantic getaway, Palm Beaches has a well-heeled history that comes a rich cultural legacy that lends itself to world-class museums. Combine the Norton Museum of Art with the laid back flow at Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar and you’ll soon be reveling in the offerings of the area. This itinerary’s pairings of rich cultural experiences and the depth of artistic expression found in the nearby gardens and museums is a perfect balance for the weekend.


Anchored by the Botanical Garden, East Naples is blossoming into a foodie destination alongside Naples’ reputation as a resort location. Older Naples timeshare resale resorts make Naples an affordable destination that retains its attractiveness in dining, shopping, and daytime activities like the Dolphin Explorer, a three-hour eco-tour that observes Southwest Florida’s dolphin population and makes a beachcombing stop on one of the area’s unspoiled barrier islands.


Florida remains a top vacation destination, and a hot market for Miami timeshare resales, as well as Disney timeshare resales, and properties in the Keys. Contact PTR today for more information on buying or selling Florida timeshare resales.