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Carry the Future Provides Hope & Help

Have you ever seen something on the news and thought “How terrible, I wish I could do something to help?” That is exactly what happened to Californian mom, Cristal Logothetis, who saw the tragic image on the news of the young Syrian boy who drowned before his family could reach safety in Greece. Cristal was Crisis Signcompelled to act and decided that she could do something to help refugee families with babies and young children.
Cristal began collecting baby carriers, starting an organization called “Carry the Future.” Once they had collected over 2,000 carriers, Cristal and nine other women travelled to Greece to gift them to Syrian and other middle-eastern refugee families as they arrived in Greece.

Photo Courtesy of "Carry the Future's" Facebook Page.

Photo Courtesy of “Carry the Future’s” Facebook Page.

It was such a successful trip that they have recently sent a Phase 2 team back to Greece with over 2,500 carriers. On each trip, the volunteers fit the carrier to the adult and show them how to use it, often accomplishing that in two minutes or less so that they can move on to help another family. Carry the Future volunteers speak about the relief and hope they bring instantly to these families through the simple gift of a baby carrier.
Premier Timeshare Resale’s owner, Kelly Marshall who is also mom to a 16-month-old, learned about Carry the Future and knew she wanted to help. Kelly is currently collecting baby carriers locally in Park City and the surrounding area to ship to Carry the Future. If you are interested in getting involved as Carry the Future provides hope and help to refugees, please visit Carry the Future’s Facebook page or contact us for more information.

Olympic Glory: Athens, Greece

We think that although Vancouver hosted the winter Olympic games, it’s a nice place to spend part of your summer, too. For summer Olympic Game Host Cities, our next pick for exploring is none other than the birth place of the Olympics itself: Athens, Greece.


Athens has actually hosted two summer games, one in 1896 and one more recently in 2004. In fact, Athens also hosted games in summer of 1906, although they are no longer officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (the IOC), which refers to them as the 1906 Intercalated Games. Because Ancient Greece was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, it is fitting that Athens be designated as their host more than once in the modern era.


The capital city of Greece and considered by some to be the birthplace of not only the Olympics, but also Western civilization, Athens is a traveler’s paradise. With the major landmarks of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods within walking distance from the city center, Athens offers tourists a host of art and architecture to feast on.


Food itself is delicious, and dining has long been a social tradition for Athenians who lounge for hours in tavernas serving up traditional fare and regional cooking. Cretan cuisine, largely regarded as one of the healthiest versions of the olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet is a current trend in Athenian fare that travelers from the US can’t get enough of.

Athenian accommodations aren’t few and far between, either. While Athens timeshare resales do exist, timeshare owners wanting to travel to Greece might do well to use their travel points and stay somewhere like the Athens Hilton—completely renovated and with a range of services sure to satisfy. After the 2004 Olympics, Athens upgraded many of their overnight stay options, with a notable increase in the number of good-quality, mid-range family hotels, while classic luxury hotel’s like the Grande Bretagne are still around to offer travelers a good night’s sleep—and spa session.


Athens is a tantalizing intersection of ancient and modern, and timeshare owners wishing to explore Olympic locations should contact an agent at PTR to get ideas about how to best utilize their trading power. International timeshare resales, while seductive, can be tedious to unload, so if you’re looking to sell an international timeshare, let us know so that we can help you make sure all the legal loose ends don’t fray. Contact PTR today!