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Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club; History, Beauty and Fun

maui-oceanLocated on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club is situated near some of most the beautiful and exciting offerings of paradise. Sightseeing, golf, gorgeous beaches, historic towns, and helicopter tours are just some of the activities at your disposal. The resort offers 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas featuring a private lanai in each suite.

Take a trip to Lahaina Historic Town, most of which is free, and explore one of Hawaii’s most historic landmarks. The old capital of Hawaii, it has 1000 years of rich history, and its Front Street was voted one of the “Top Ten American Streets” by the American Planning Association. With restaurants, shops, and beaches, Lahaina accounts for almost 80% of Maui tourism yearly.

If you would like to see the whole island, head over to Air Maui and take a helicopter tour. Explore a dormant volcano, rainforests, waterfalls, and the stunning coastline. Air Maui even offers a dinner package!

maui-parasailingAnother way to get a breathtaking view of the island is over the water. Hop on a parasailing adventure and enjoy the view with the wind in your hair. Float from 800 to 1200 feet above the ocean and check out the island and the two neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai.

For those looking to hit one or all of Maui’s beautiful golf courses, Ka’anapali Golf Course is less than a half mile from the resort, Kapalua Golf Corse is just about a mile, and The Dunes at Maui Lani is just a short drive at 26 miles.

maui-palm-treesAfter a day sightseeing, hitting the links or waves, relax and visit one of the resort’s bars or restaurants, or get pampered at the on-site Hale Mana Wellness Center. Enjoying a relaxing spa treatment is the perfect way to end your day in this tropical paradise.

The licensed timeshare resale agents with Premier Timeshare Resale can help you discover the perfect vacation ownership so that you can enjoy the history, beauty and fun of Maui. Contact us today!

Written by Shawn Romanick, Web Author

Hawaii Timeshares: You’ll Never Want to Come Home

Hawaii is a beloved destination that holds a special place in the hearts of the millions of visitors that have been welcomed by its majestic shores. From its lush tropical forests to its pristine waters and every scenic wonder in between, Hawaii has raised the bar for tropical locales since its discovery in 1778. With world-class watersports, golf, shopping, dining, and beautiful terra firma, Hawaii is the closest thing to paradise on earth. By buying a Hawaii timeshare resale property, you can own a piece of this enchanting destination and visit anytime you feel the need to be surrounded by the Aloha spirit.

hawaii luau


Hawaii Timeshares for Boarders of Every Variety

Of course, the endless golden coastlines and turquoise waters of Hawaii’s islands are the main draw for those in search of timeshares for sale on this island oasis. Surrounded by the warm waters of the South Pacific, Hawaii attracts watersport enthusiasts from around the world. The indigo waters may be ideal for kayakers and paddleboarders, but they are also home to some of the best surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing spots in the entire world. The North Shore of Oahu is famous the world over for its glassy waves, and the offshore winds prevalent on Maui create some of the best windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions in the world as well. So, if water action sports are your cup of tea, then Hawaii is definitely the place for you.

reef divers

Hawaii Timeshares for Reef Divers

The sparkling waters around the Hawaiian Islands are also teaming with aquatic life, making them an ideal playground for SCUBA divers. Coral reefs stretch on for miles, housing an amazing array of tropical fish species of every size and color. The coral itself is amazing to behold, with its pink hues shimmering against the contrasting waters of the turquoise sea. In fact, there are over 400,000 acres of coral lining the beaches of Hawaii’s eight major islands, and the desolated islands of Northwest Hawaii, which are just a short boat ride away, are home to almost two million acres of living and breathing coral species. With so much life teaming just below surface, snorkeling and SCUBA diving remains a popular pastime in these enchanted isles.

Hawaii Timeshares for Land Lovers

The lush, volcanic islands of Hawaii are just as breathtaking on land as they are underwater, making Hawaii fractional ownership the ideal way to explore all that Hawaii has to offer. The rich volcanic soil creates a veritable blanket of green foliage year-round. The mountains and hills of inland Hawaii are home to tropical forests and waterfalls that provide mountain bikers and hikers with endless recreational activities. There is a myriad of dirt trails that dissect the lush, mountainous islands, offering the perfect opportunity to take a leisurely stroll to a hidden waterfall or a challenging trek through the mountainous, jungle environment. 

Hawaii Timeshares with Golfers in Mind

golf island

For those in search of manicured emerald greens set against a breathtaking ocean backdrop, look no further because Hawaii has an array of scenic golf courses for players of every skill level. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind courses can be found on each of the major islands, but avid golfers will tell you that Maui is the place to be. Home to hundreds of courses worthy of Tiger Woods’ stamp of approval, Maui is known throughout the world as heaven on earth for golf lovers. Thankfully, timeshare resale properties on a world-class Hawaiian golf course are not as expensive as one would think. In fact, numerous Hawaiian timeshare deals can be found at any number of Maui’s coveted golf resorts.

Buying or Selling a Hawaiian Timeshare

If you’re looking to buy a Hawaiian timeshare or sell a Hawaiian timeshare, you might be pleased to know that there are more options for buying a timeshare resale available than timeshares on the mainland, because in Hawaii, both “right to use” and deeded contracts are available. Timeshare properties are in abundance throughout Hawaii, but purchasing a timeshare directly from a resort is usually the more expensive route to take, due to higher demand and limited land available for building. This makes a timeshare resale the best option. In fact, timeshare resale properties in Hawaii can cost as much as 50% less than buying a timeshare directly through a resort. 

Hawaii is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty and it offers all of the modern conveniences of any metropolitan U.S. city, creating an active environment of people who take pride in sharing the Aloha spirit that represents the essence of these magical, emerald isles. Regardless of their hobbies or lifestyle, everyone who experiences the magic of Hawaii cannot help but want to experience it time and time again. A Hawaiian timeshare resale property allows you to experience the beauty of Hawaii without spending an arm and a leg on hotel or resort accommodations. If you’re in search of the perfect timeshare property or need to sell a Hawaiian timeshare, look no further than Premier Timeshare Resale. Our experienced agents can help you navigate the Hawaiian timeshare market and take care of all of your buying or selling needs.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Gets New Timeshare Tower: the Grand Islander

Someone has plans for a 37-story timeshare tower in the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki, and it’s none other than Blackstone. Purchasing the property from Hilton Worldwide, Blackstone will develop the land at the corner of Kalia Road and Paoa Place, nestled right in next to the rest of Hilton’s Hawaiian Village at Waikiki. Whether Blackstone plans to purchase the entire village or just the corner space where the new timeshare tower is planned is as yet unclear.


Hilton-hawaiian-village-timeshare-resaleHilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki has 22 oceanfront acres of Waikiki’s widest stretch of beach and offers guests as many as five pools (including the Waikiki’s longest water slide) and twenty restaurants and bars. Timeshare owners who have stayed at Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki have never complained about its exotic wildlife, gardens, ponds and waterfalls interspersed throughout the grounds, or its world class spa, children’s program, or programmatic activities like Hula lessons or morning exercise classes. Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki is truly one of those unique places that has something for everyone.


So Blackstone’s plans for a new timeshare tower come as no surprise, and Hilton Worldwide’s president and CEO Christopher Nassetta confirmed the rumors of the purchase, saying that the deal for Blackstone’s timeshare at the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki is mutually beneficial: the location for the new tower was previously used by Hilton as a loading dock. With this transaction, both parties get more revenue and long term value.



And while the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki has consistently demonstrated excellence in timesharing customer service, travelers to Hawaii might be interested in another Hilton Hawaiian property: the HGVC Waikoloa Beach Resort. Hilton’s Hawaiian properties are not to be overrated and if you’re interested in Hawaiian timeshare resale, contact an agent today to decide whether a Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resale could be within your grasp.

Timeshare Travel Tips: Plan Your Family Vacation Now

The end of February is just around the corner, and with the brutal winter that much of the country has seen this year, many families are beginning to map out their spring break or summer vacations. Read on for a few tips about how to plan your family trip smart and make the most out of the vacation time together.


Make a travel wish list—wherever you’re going, talk to everybody in the family and see what they’re interested in doing there? Dad wants to visit revolutionary wartime pubs, Mom wants to see a Shakespeare in Boston Common, our ten year old wants to see the USS Constitution, and the 5 year old wants icecream. Done. Our family should be staying in Marriott’s Custom House.

Research, research, research—should our travel route include freeways or scenic drives? Should we plan to travel early, midday or evening? Finding the best flights and deciding where to eat aren’t in the same category, but researching both will let you make the most out of your limited time. TripAdvisor has some great ideas for destinations, itineraries, and attractions.

Choose a destination for everyone—cruises and theme parks like Disneyland or Disneyworld often make family vacations easier. Adults aren’t just sitting around waiting for kids to get done riding rollercoasters—there are exciting options for everyone, like spending the night in a treehouse, or strolling around the Food and Wine festivals at Epcot.


Memorable vacations can occur in any destination, but choosing one that fits your family’s interests, budgetary limitations, and accommodation preferences will help ensure that spending several days at a time with your family is not just bearable—it’s enjoyable! Places like New York City can exhilarate, while any number of Hawaii timeshare resale resorts will bathe you in the lap of luxury and exquisite tranquility. You just have to find which works for you.Family-vacation-timeshare-resalae


That’s where research comes in! Especially if you’re thinking about buying or selling a timeshare resale, please do your research before transferring money or signing contracts. Using a licensed real estate agent in good reputation who NEVER CHARGES UPFRONT FEES is a good way to avoid scams, and talking your vacation options over with someone who is not a high-pressure salesperson can help you explore what may be right for your family. Contact Premier Timeshare Resale today to learn more.


Hilton Timeshares: Hawaii

When many of us think timeshare, we think of swaying palm trees, white beaches and crystal clear oceans. Hilton’s Hawaiian timeshare can fulfill these dreams and more, so listen up as we list all of Hilton’s perfect Hawaiian timeshares.



The Lagoon Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

The Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations Club is the first of many Hilton Hawaiian timeshares located in Honolulu. It features a spectacular view of the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, and also includes all the features and amenities of a five-star hotel. This tower features luxurious rooms with their own balcony, and a prime location in the middle of

The Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Hilton’s Hawaiian Village. The Kalia Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations Club is yet another exotic resort located within Hilton’s Hawaiian Village, and is only a short walk to the famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. The resort is also immediately located next to an array of shops and restaurants and allows guests to explore some of Hawaii’s off shore adventures, including scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. The Lagoon Tower  by Hilton Grand Vacations Club is a resort and spa, and also holds a 5,000 square-foot family activities pool and Waikiki’s longest slide. The resort also overlooks the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon and is a short walk away from the best stretch of Waikiki beach on the island.



The Kings’ Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club

The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort

The next group of Hawaiian Hilton resorts are located in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers a relaxing vacation in spacious suites that give you easy access to both the Waikoloa beach and various pools in the resort. The Big Island offers plenty of activities for everyone, including visiting an active volcano, seeing a working coffee plantation or visiting golf championship courses. The Kings’ Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort is the newest of all Hawaiian Hilton resorts, and was carved out of a lava field to form a 112-acre oasis located between two of the best golf courses on the island. King’s Land is superbly located next to lively restaurants, boutiques and endless water recreation.The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort allows guests to enjoy the beauty of the island firsthand as you explore the many nature paths and trails from the resort throughout the island. Guests can also enjoy access to the pools, whirlpool spa and pool bar at the neighboring Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort.



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