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Marriott Grande Ocean Timeshare is this week’s HOT SPOT

This isn’t the first time that we’ve written about this week’s HOT SPOT, but Hilton Head Island and the Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare on the shores offer travelers an exquisite vacation experience. Taking a quick glance at the tourist website that outlines some of the island’s activities, it’s easy to see how leisurely biking along crisscrossing boardwalk trails across sand dunes and beaches before an afternoon indulging in exfoliating scrubs and seaweed body wraps at the spa, or parasailing to breathtaking views of sunrise over the Atlantic on a Sunday morning would sound enticing to many. A Saturday afternoon playing 18-holes could be followed by an evening in five star restaurants or shopping at prime outlets. Local fruit markets and antique shops complement the experience of exploring the historical roots of the island through museums and local cultural tours.



Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resales offer the perfect place from which to begin exploring the island each morning and to return after a full day of activity. Don’t feel like venturing out? Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resort property offers beachside relaxation options under sun umbrellas or lounge chairs next to the pool. On-property barbeque and picnic areas allow guests to enjoy their meals alfresco, or the Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare’s Dolphin Grille, Pool Bar Jim’s, or MarketPlace offer a range of mealtime options for guests.


Staying in one of the two bedroom balconied villas with separate living and dining areas, and fully equipped kitchens let guests feel at home during their stay at Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resort. Master suites feature king-sized beds, a whirlpool tub, and a separate shower, and having a washer and dryer in the villa lets guests pack light and leave room in their suitcases for gifts and new wardrobe items acquired at some of the boutique shops on the island.


Marriott Grande Ocean timeshare resales aren’t a HOT SPOT for no reason—always in high marriott-grande-ocean-timeshare-resaledemand, these units are often requested by new and repeat timeshare resale owners. If you own a Marriott Grand Ocean timeshare unit and are willing to list it, Premier Timeshare Resale provides advertising for FREE across a network of timeshare resale brokers. Working for NO UPFRONT FEES, licensed agents can help sellers who have loved and used their Marriott Grande Ocean timeshares but are ready to let go of them find somewhere new and get the most for their unit



Contact PTR today if you’re interested in Selling a Marriott Grand Ocean Timeshare or

Want to buy a Marriott Grand Ocean Timeshare resale.


And plan your next Hilton Head Island vacation, quick!


Unlimited Paid Vacation: annual timeshare use made easy

Some companies in the US are giving their employees unlimited paid vacation days, according to this article in NBC News online. All work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy, apparently, and not being sharp and ready to handle the important and complex tasks that come your way on-the-job isn’t ideal. Companies that are offering their employees unlimited paid vacation days are finding that people who take vacations come back refreshed and ready to work, and are actually more productive than employees who are chained to their desk.


It’s not around for everyone yet, as only 1% of companies are offering “endless summer” for their employees, but some notable companies like Netflix are on board with the idea, and combine sick days, personal days, and vacation days. Companies are arguing that without worrying about days accruing and not needing to pay out unused vacation days when an employee leaves is better for the employer, and that employees tend to take on average the same amount of time away from work that they do with limited days.



Photo by U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Amber E. N. Jacobs

What would you do with unlimited vacation days? It would certainly make planning that annual timeshare vacation a little easier. Without having to earmark vacation days six months in advance and then worry about getting ill in early spring and having to go to work with the sniffles, you could rest easy in bed with a box of tissues and daydream about your upcoming South Carolina vacation.

Myrtle Beach  timeshare resales boast access to the nation’s number 3 boardwalk (designated by National Geographic) and miles of sandy beaches for swimming, hiking, biking and fishing. Marriott’s Ocean Watch Villas timeshare resales are a favorite of the area, and with two outdoor pools and nearby day activities including spas, horseback riding, sailing, and golf, it’s an ideal place to spend a few of your unlimited vacation days.


Hilton Head Island timeshare resales abound as well; the island features 12 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic and enjoyable activities like the largest annual outdoor tented wine tasting event on the east coast and the Dove Street Festival of Lights. Marriott’s properties at Barony Beach Club, Monarch, SurfWatch, Grande Ocean, and Harbour Club and Point offer vacationers a variety of views and deluxe down pillows. All you have to watch out for is sunburn.


Even if you’re not lucky enough to get unlimited paid vacation, it’s important to take time off—so contact a licensed real estate agent at Premier Timeshare Resale today to check out South Carolina timeshare resales and complain about not having enough paid vacation days. We’ll listen.


Traveling, touring, timeshare destinations: California, South Carolina and Utah are Staff Picks

We write a lot about travel, about tourism, about vacations. We found this article (with lots of pretty photos!) we really like that makes the distinction between “traveler” and “tourist” unequivocally clear. We’ve done a lot of traveling, our folks at Premier Timeshare Resale. And by a lot, I mean in excess of twenty countries and all fifty states combined. We’ve traveled more than 25,000 miles this year alone, traipsing across our homeland’s natural landscapes, metropolitan cityscapes, and passing through foreign borders in every cardinal direction since January of 2013 just to go.


We do trains, cabs, boats, planes, trolleys and buses, mopeds and even a mule once or twice. But we also know that as important as getting there is where we lay our tired bodies at the end of the day. Tent, cabins, and fluffy four poster beds in luxury suites. In fact, some of the world’s best beds have been found in New York City, Las Vegas, and across Westin Properties in San Francisco, Savannah and Boston.


So maybe you’re a traveler with dancing feet, or maybe you like your several-star rated comfort resorts. Maybe both. Check out some of the favorite destinations and their timeshare resorts for resale—the Premier Timeshare Resale staff picks, below:


Park City, Utah. Yeah we love it here for the Marriott’s Mountainside, the Summit Watch, and the several fractional ownership properties available in a location that’s often overlooked as affordable, but is always sleek and sassy.


Hilton Head, South Carolina. It’s not just for the DC Democrats (or Republicans, for that matter)—it’s a fun-filled family destination that boasts sea breezes, one Disney and no less than eight Marriott Vacation Club timeshares. Heavenly.


Newport Beach, California. Sure, you may be more familiar with the O.C. or Arrested Development’s boardwalk banana stand, but it’s a high-class warm weather year round spot that claims ocean breezes and proximity to Los Angeles and Disneyland. Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas have been a featured hotspot in the past, and for good reason: they rock.


Days are still getting shorter, but our travel-longings longer. If you’re planning your vacation today, we want to hear about it! Inspire us all, and share your favorite timeshare resort or beach spot of 2013.