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HGVC Series: The Elara in Las Vegas

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Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

To start off our Hilton Grand Vacations Club series, we will look at the Elara in Las Vegas, Nevada. This premier hotel sits at the center of The Strip. It’s towering glass window walls reflect the lights and energy of the street it calls home. This is Las Vegas at its finest.

But before we can explore the Elara, we must first learn what is so special about the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. Hilton’s motivation behind the HGVC system? The importance of travel. Hilton makes travel a priority, knowing that vacation can rejuvenate the soul and expose us to new horizons. HGVC strives to make travel more cost effective, more comfortable, and more accessible.

There are a few perks to HGVC ownership. First, their resorts are in some of the most popular travel destinations in the country, easily making you the envy of your peers. If leaving the country is your fancy, HGVC has partnerships in nearly 100 countries across the globe to make your international travel easy.

HGVC ownership also offers a number of perks in the form of points, which reward your travel and help you live the most luxurious vacation possible. These perks and more make Hilton a strong contender when looking to buy a timeshare.

So now we know why to buy an HGVC timeshare, but the question becomes, “Which one?” The Elara on the Las Vegas Strip is a strong contender for those who love shopping, entertainment, and testing their luck.

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

For starters, the hotel is connected to the Miracle Mile mall, a circular building with over 170 shops and restaurants. The Elara shares this shopping center with Planet Hollywood, which means Elara visitors have easy access to all of Planet Hollywood’s fine eateries and casinos.

In the rooms, owners can take advantage of separate bedroom suites that include a furnished kitchen and dining area. Rooms exploit the tower’s view of Las Vegas with floor to ceiling windows and each room has a 42-inch HDTV for those nights you want to stay in.

The hotel features a fully equipped fitness center and relaxing outdoor pool, complete with the Oasis Bar & Grill. When the sun is hot, one can easily sit under a cabana with a refreshing beverage and revitalize before the evening’s events begin.

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com

Whether you prefer a more upscale dinner or something low key, the Miracle Mile has an abundance of options for you and your date, or the whole family. Start the night right with Pampas Churrascaria Brazilian Grille or take it easy at Sin City Brewing Co. before catching a show at the Miracle Mile’s theatre for the ultimate variety performance. All of this and more is available right outside your hotel door.

Photo curtesy of Hilton at www.hilton.com When exploring The Strip with kids, there are a ton of fun attractions you simply can’t miss. For animal lovers, the Shark Reef at Mandalay bay will inspire and mesmerize youngsters and adults alike. Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage is another great stop, featuring white lions, tigers, and dolphins. Oh my! Plus, the Mirage puts on a show each night with an erupting volcano that is sure to entertain the little ones.

To learn what other fun attractions Las Vegas has for kids and adults, follow our blog series and we will expose all of the secrets of Sin City as we look at the other three HGVC hotels in Nevada.

If you’re not convinced check out our Why Buy a Timeshare page that will explain all the benefits to becoming a timeshare owner. If it’s time to sell your HGVC timeshare, contact one of our trained agents today.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Gets New Timeshare Tower: the Grand Islander

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Someone has plans for a 37-story timeshare tower in the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki, and it’s none other than Blackstone. Purchasing the property from Hilton Worldwide, Blackstone will develop the land at the corner of Kalia Road and Paoa Place, nestled right in next to the rest of Hilton’s Hawaiian Village at Waikiki. Whether Blackstone plans to purchase the entire village or just the corner space where the new timeshare tower is planned is as yet unclear.


Hilton-hawaiian-village-timeshare-resaleHilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki has 22 oceanfront acres of Waikiki’s widest stretch of beach and offers guests as many as five pools (including the Waikiki’s longest water slide) and twenty restaurants and bars. Timeshare owners who have stayed at Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki have never complained about its exotic wildlife, gardens, ponds and waterfalls interspersed throughout the grounds, or its world class spa, children’s program, or programmatic activities like Hula lessons or morning exercise classes. Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki is truly one of those unique places that has something for everyone.


So Blackstone’s plans for a new timeshare tower come as no surprise, and Hilton Worldwide’s president and CEO Christopher Nassetta confirmed the rumors of the purchase, saying that the deal for Blackstone’s timeshare at the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki is mutually beneficial: the location for the new tower was previously used by Hilton as a loading dock. With this transaction, both parties get more revenue and long term value.



And while the Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki has consistently demonstrated excellence in timesharing customer service, travelers to Hawaii might be interested in another Hilton Hawaiian property: the HGVC Waikoloa Beach Resort. Hilton’s Hawaiian properties are not to be overrated and if you’re interested in Hawaiian timeshare resale, contact an agent today to decide whether a Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resale could be within your grasp.

Winter Storm: Stay in bed and plan your next Florida vacation with a timeshare resale

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NOAA/Reuters, from Chicago Tribune

According to this photo, it appears that pretty much the only sane place to be right now is Florida. But travelers up and down the east coast and in much of the eastern half of the US won’t be getting there any time soon, thanks to another large winter storm system settling over the country and dumping record snowfalls and inches of ice below. Ironically named Pax, the system is screeching travel to a halt by air and devastating roadways in Washington, D.C and around New York, and creating hazardous road conditions from North Carolina to Maine, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune


So…many of us a dreaming of Florida, and other sunnier, warmer places. Winter often gives us daydreaming blues, but it can be a great motivator to plan for that summer vacation when actually escaping the cold becomes difficult due to terrible travel conditions.


Luckily, Florida timeshare resales exist in affordable abundance, and with options from names like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Disney, travelers can be sure that they have access to the best of the best in timeshare resort properties.


Disney timeshare resales are a great getaway for the whole family, and adventurous families can even stay in a treehouse. Hilton’s Sea World timeshare resales offer the flexibility of points and start at $1,900. For a one-time purchase price, that’s often less than many of us spend on vacations every year! Want an Ocean Front room in the luxury of a Marriott timeshare resale? Check out Marriott’s Harbour Lake Lahaina Towers for a deliciously sunny, warm, and sea-salted air vacation (sounds pretty perfect when your window shows you this dreary view):


Photo by Jack Beggs 

Well, even if you can’t pull yourself out of bed today, you can spend some time surfing the web, finding more news about Storm Pax, and warm up by planning your next Florida vacation! Get in touch with Premier Timeshare Resale today to get information on more warm and sandy destination options.


Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resales: Lagoons and Beaches make for great relaxation

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With over 415 positive (from “very good” to “excellent”) ratings, Hilton’s Grand Vacation Suites at Hilton Hawaiian Village—Lagoon Tower shines as a bright spot on sunny Oahu in Hawaii as a beacon of warmth during the long, cold winter.


Holidays on Hawaii can be expensive, as many Americans flock to the white sand beaches to escape frigid weather, especially residents of the rainy Pacific Northwest. But a timeshare resale can make annual Hawaiian vacations affordable for many families, not just President Obama’s.


We don’t have to look far to see what Hawaii has to offer from local culture to recreation and cuisine, so it’s not hard to see why timeshare resales like Hilton’s Grand Vacation Suites at Hilton Hawaiian Village—Lagoon Tower make for appealing vacation spots. Hilton’s name and reputation as a top performer in hotels and resort stay options make it a trusted source, and the weight a property such as this one has in the timeshare trading pools make this property a desirable one. Premier Timeshare Resale has identified Hilton’s Grand Vacation Suites at Hilton Hawaiian Village—Lagoon Tower as one in high demand on the resale market. Hilton’s Oahu Lagoon Tower property has access to over twenty restaurants, an exercise facility onsite, live shows, and offers one and two bedroom suites overlooking the ocean and lagoon.


Hawaii timeshares and timeshare resales can be found in virtual abundance with varying demand and resale market values. As a timeshare owner, click here to find out what yours is worth. And if you have a Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare to resale, please contact us today! With all the amenities and surrounding natural beauty, it’s not hard to see why the Lagoon Tower by Hilton is a HOT SPOT for timeshare resale buyers.


This week’s hot spot: the magic of Hilton timeshares in Orlando

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Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on International Drive has a distinctive (if lengthy) ring to it. When traveling, a suite is the way to go for families and travelers who expect just a little more from their accommodations, and Hilton’s timeshare properties always do us right.


Located centrally near Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, as well as the Kennedy Space Center and Busch Gardens, Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on International Drive timeshare resales offer all the amenities and great prices. An in-demand property and designated as this week’s hot spot, Hilton in Orlando shouldn’t be overlooked (especially around Christmas time).


Kitchenettes and balconies in the suites, as well as two pools (one with a play area to ignite children’s fantasy play; the other to offer a calmer respite) in combination with a complimentary fitness center, the options at Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on International Drive fulfill tourists’ and travelers’ needs alike. The beach is nearby, and a lakefront jogging path, sports court, and outdoor playground entice fitness loving families from all over to come and stay in the well-appointed Hilton suites.


And let’s be honest: this weekend Orlando’s weather forecast shows a high of 73 degrees, with a low settling above 50 degrees. While most of us are bundled up in a myriad of scarves and mittens, this sounds like divine intervention. Orlando in winter makes for great family holidays, and the Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on International Drive is a timeshare worth looking into for your family’s stay.

Premier Timeshare Resale has had increasing interest in the last year for this property, hence its designation as a hot spot. If you or your friends or family either own and want to sell Hilton Grand Vacation Suites on International Drive timeshare resale with PTR, or love Orlando and are looking for a property to purchase to make their annual trips easier, contact Premier Timeshare Resale today to speak with a licensed agent about our no-upfront-fee promise and our continuing dedication to help you decide what is best for your family in the timeshare resale market.


Timeshare Market: insights into economy

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Not only a fun destination and place to get jazzed up or unwind, Las Vegas is also the seat of a thriving accommodation market place, and in this article, analyst Tim O’Reiley looks at timeshares in Vegas and across the U.S.


You don’t have to read the whole thing, but if you’re interested in the intersection of timeshare and economic growth, it’s an interesting perspective. O’Reiley talks about how increased travel nationwide is giving timeshare developers a new life after the 2009 market fall. What’s worrisome, however is his point that “many developers tap Wall Street to bundle their sales contracts into securities that are sold to investors, similar to what happens with home mortgages.”


While that’s not exactly breaking news, what it means for the timeshare industry (and people who want to buy a timeshare), is that buying from the developer is potentially dangerous, much like the housing market of 2008-2009. O’Reiley also reiterates that the gain from the developer is the 18% interest rate on financing a new timeshare purchase.


Cities like Orlando and Las Vegas are tapping into the increased travel rates of Americans and building new units at a rapid pace. Hilton is expanding Trump International Hotel, Grandview at Las Vegas is building a new tower, and the expansion of Marriott’s Grand Chateau will add over 200 units to its Vegas property.


What this means for timeshare shoppers that you’ll find higher prices on a new unit at the Grand Chateau or Grandview. What it means for timeshare resale buyers is you may have to wait a year for those units to come on the resale market, but they’ll eventually make it here, and when they do, that developer overhead will be drastically reduced.


Buying timeshares resale makes so much more sense than paying for “new” timeshare units from the developer. By purchasing on the resale market, not only do you get up to 60% off developer prices, you avoid the massive risk of an 18% interest loan and can plan for maintenance fees that you will be able to afford every year. And with Premier Timeshare Resale, nobody pays upfront fees. Ever.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about whether buying a timeshare could be right for you.


Hilton: how the Garden Inn saved us

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After four nights camping in Yellowstone National Park, and another two in Grand Teton, we were stinky and sore. And a long drive from Jackson Hole, WY to Billings, MT is enough to make anyone cranky and tired. But again, we were saved by civilization! This time by Hilton’s line of superb roadside accommodations: their Garden Inns.


The one in Billings was suited to our needs: laundry for our smelly camp clothes, an indoor pool for the baby to get out her pent-up energy after a long car ride, and a hotel bar for the parents, complete with gourmet food and local brews. (Not to mention 24-hour business center, fitness facilities, and conference rooms available).


Hilton has a fabulous reputation for a reason: they are consistent in their provision of upscale service, and often at affordable prices. For the weary traveler, these Garden Inns, with over 550 locations worldwide, offer a haven of rest and rejuvenation.


For the loyal Hilton customer, Hilton timeshares offer even more amenities and vibrant locations. Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare resales are available in Hawaii, Florida, Las Vegas, California, Utah, and other international locations. Click on the link to see a listing of PTR’s current Hilton timeshare resales.


If you own and want to sell a Hilton Grand Vacations property contact our licensed agents—eager buyers may await you, as Hilton’s name carries weight and desirability.


Look for our upcoming post on Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn, a true Lodge of the West, or shop more timeshare resales here.