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Ethical Travel: Top Ten Destinations

At Premier Timeshare Resale, we are concerned not only with making the timeshare industry a legitimate one, but using our personal and professional resources to serve and support others. One of the ways we can do this is to promote responsible and ethical travel. Fortunately for PTR, Earth Island Journal does just that.


Each year, the Ethical Traveler (an Earth Island Institute Project) researches and publishes a list of ten destinations in the developing world that best represent policies and actions protecting both human rights and the environment. The goal in publishing this list is to encourage these developing nations to continue in their efforts through the reward of tourism spending. Volunteer researchers evaluate each country for its performance in the areas of human rights, social welfare, and environmental protection, as well as its appeal as a travel destination.


The number one country was the Bahamas, with its recent implementations to reduce human trafficking and significantly expand national parks and marine protected areas. Chile was another top ten destination, with its increased gender equality measures, ambitious environmental initiatives and a program to move logging workers into tourism. The Dominican Republic was also a favorite for its improved social welfare and a plan to become carbon negative by 2020.


The other destinations in the top ten ethical travel spots are listed here with links to timeshare resale properties within the country, when applicable: Barbados, Cape Verde, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau, and Uruguay.


Interestingly, some of the destinations voted as winners in 2013’s ethical travel spots are falling off the list. Costa Rica continues to be a hub for child sex trafficking, and Ghana, another 2013 winner, is found to have active discrimination against same-sex couples. Samoa also lost its spot due to unsustainable logging and unimproved women’s rights.


For some, and definitely for the folks at Premier Timeshare Resale, it matters where we go and how we get there. We are grateful for the Earth Island Journal for reporting this valuable information, and encourage you to read their full report here, if you are interested.

Historical Haunts: Halloween Vacation in the UK

London with its thousand-year history, Yorkshire’s lonely moors, or Edinburgh’s imposing hill top castle and bloody past combine to make Great Britain a perfectly wonderful haunt for Halloween.

This article in the Washington Times gives some more detailed insights into spooky travels abroad, and we’ve also written about US destinations sure to frighten you. It turns out, people love Halloween, and gobble up the accouterments of the season like there’s no tomorrow.


And maybe you won’t think there will be, after one of the ghost tours in York. Surrounded by buildings that lean in over the street in The Shambles and locked in a city surrounded by a wall, you might need to change your pants after some of these terrifying adventures.


And while you’re there, why not take a look at the way the British do Timeshare. Beautiful and serene locations invite guests to get away from the monotony of the familiar and escape into enchantment and luxury. And, at Premier Timeshare Resale, our agents can help you figure out the best way to get what you want out of your stay, especially if you’ve kept mainly to familiar destinations like Florida or even Hawaii.


Contact us today to find out more about buying an international timeshare or traveling abroad with the timeshare you already own.



So go on, step outside your comfort zone, and get the pants scared off you in the meantime!

The Independent Tourist

Destination and Point of Origin: Asia


Our last post was about India, and in this one, China takes the spotlight. Globally, more than half the world’s population resides in Asia, and their economies, policies and trends are worth paying attention to. Sometimes as Americans we tend to have an insular point of view, but changes in the last fifty years in levels of personal and financial freedom have given rise to more mobility for millions across the continent, and the Chinese are no exception.


Who’s Traveling Where


In fact, China has overtaken Germany and the USA as the world’s biggest spenders on travel, with Chinese travelers spending $102 billion on international travel in 2012, an increase of over 40% on 2011.


Trends also reveal that most international travelers from China travel alone, rather than in groups, and that their destinations of choice include countries such as Australia, France, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, the UK, and Canada. As such, these countries tourist and hotel industries are poised to gain much from the Chinese, most of whom travel for leisure over business.


The Impact


The big deal about these facts and figures is that travel and accommodation industries would do well to expand their marketing strategies to reach this rapidly growing population through online and social media channels. The big companies like Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, and Wyndham already have some marketing strategies in place, but most have a long way to go in order to better capitalize on this exploding industry to adapt facilities and services to more extensively cater to the world’s largest market of travelers.


As big hoteliers rush to accommodate the influx of Chinese tourists, you may or may not notice some changes in your affiliations with them. Room prices may rise, given the increased demand, and timeshare owners or rewards members with the company may find their links to the companies more valuable in terms of savings and stability.




What’s in it for me?


If you’ve been thinking of buying a timeshare resale, consult with our licensed agents who can inform you of many of the rewards, discounts, and privileges associated with memberships across various chains


We can also help you sell your timeshare with NO UPFRONT FEES and agents who are dedicated to legitimizing the timeshare industry with state real estate licenses, professional licensed brokers, and the promise of true service. We stand behind our hard work, our client reviews, and our dedication to travel and adventure. See what your timeshare may be worth today.



Ultimate Wanderlust: India’s Charm

A lot of us with wanderlust dream of traveling internationally on a regular basis for vacation. A few of us are even able to. Canada and Mexico are hot spots for American tourists for their proximity and affordability, not to mention their great mountain vistas and wide stretches of white sand beaches. The more adventurous traipse through Europe, either in style or shouldering a backpack, stopping in Paris, London, Madrid or Barcelona, Rome, and a few other highlights.

India, though, is the pinnacle of travel for many of us with wandering feet and a longing to experience vastly diverse cultures and experiences. India hovers on the rim of our consciousness as the birthplace of yoga, the homeland of beloved cuisine, including a rainbow of curries, and as an ancient and mysterious place giving way to both tracts of jungle and world-class elegance and metropolitan style across its vast landmass.


Interestingly, India’s tourist industry, both domestic and international, has recognized the power of timeshare in its economic growth and as a protective strategy against economic slowdown.


This article speaks to how Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd plans to expand its timeshare properties based on its current successes. Locations include Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Bangkok. The developer notes that the annual maintenance fees “makes the timeshare industry insulated against immediate [economic] slowdown effects.”


Whether you want to travel to relax, to gain a different cultural perspective, or to eat, pray, or love, considering the wide array of possibilities in location and amenities can be inspiring, even if you don’t make it all the way to Asia.


Contact licensed agents at Premier Timeshare Resale to buy or sell a timeshare in India. Premier Timeshare Resale works with a large network of realtors and brokers to find the right buyers and the right properties. And Premier Timeshare Resale NEVER CHARGES UPFRONT FEES. Guaranteed.