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Weekend Getaways Part II: Vail, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Boulder

As many of us who’ve resided or traveled through the Rocky Mountain West of the U.S., cities tend to be less densely populated, more spread out, and backed by tremendous views. But that doesn’t mean that residents don’t need a change of scenery or experience. Today’s post suggest a few outings for our friends living in Denver, though most of Colorado is accessible for these weekend itineraries, and some hearty Utahn drivers who don’t mind 8+ hours in a vehicle on precipitous roads (surprisingly, there are a lot of us).


The first, closest venture from Denver that Fodor’s suggests is Boulder. With a weekend itinerary that hinges on indulging in local produce and meat arranged and fileted in never-been-tried-before ways, Boulder’s weekend option is a foodie’s delight, of course, with a beautiful back-drop. Panorama Point, at 6,000 feet kicks off the weekend, followed by a selection of activities including a goat dairy booth at the farmer’s market, dinner at the Black Cat (where 90% of ingredients are stocked from the nearby 130 acre farm), and hiking or trail running at the 80 acre Chautauqua park. Not bad for one weekend, eh?


“Hi, we’re the state of Colorado and we have four national parks.” Rocky Mountain National Park is the biggest, and with 415 square miles of a visual feast, it won’t disappoint. This itinerary is great for a family, where Ranger Programs and visitor centers offer an educational and inspiring format to encounter the natural beauty of the surroundings. Adults can enjoy a stop at a nearby winery and tasting room, too, and some timeshare trade options are available for current timeshare owners and members of a trade organization like RCI or Interval International. WorldMark at Estes Park, Golden Coast Holiday Club, and Rams Horn Village Resort all offer a range of rustic and lavish accommodations to call home on your weekend away.


It’s hard to forget about Vail, only 97 miles away from Denver and the biggest ski resort in the U.S. (5,289 acres of skiable terrain). But Vail is not just for skiers anymore: cobblestone streets, high altitude botanical gardens, and the farmer’s market and art show are just a few of the enticing activities for a weekend away. Also, with timeshares like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Residence Club, and several Streamside at Vail properties nestled into the mountain town, the come-back accommodation prices are perfect. Vail timeshare owners love their units and don’t sell often, so contact Premier Timeshare Resale if you’re interested in buying a Vail timeshare resale, or have one you’d want to list for free.


When bouts of winter wind blast their way across your porch, your back can get sore pretty quickly shoveling snow. Why not take a weekend off? Head out for a few days and, especially this time of year, enjoy the festive lights and a cozy cup of Irish Cream by the fireside.




The Feds are OUT: Travel Update

Well, our federal government has come to a …rolling stop. Several US government based operations like the postal service and school lunch programs will continue to operate for a number of weeks despite the fact we are in this state of relative (furloughed) anarchy. All 116 federal prisons will continue to be operational and criminal litigation will continue as normal, and social security and veterans’ benefits will still go out, for now. (Facts pulled from this article).


What about travel? Well, if your travel plans included going to visit a national park, like our weekend plans to camp near Carlsbad, NM, you’re pretty screwed. National monuments are shut down, too. North Carolina has issued admonishments to travelers to plan accordingly on their Blue Ridge Parkway, since many of the rest stops are federally operated.


The NY Times has said that passports will still be issued, though, with the same expected turnaround that has been in place (4-6 weeks). Amtrack is still up and running, and airports are supposed to be fully operational. (Facts referenced here).


You know what’s NOT government funded? Your favorite vacation (minus the incredible national park vacation we took this summer). But seriously, as much of a nuisance, and serious concern, as a federal government shutdown is, it is in these times that we are reminded of how well private enterprise functions, including vacation hotspot resorts.


Although you may not be able to watch the Air Force versus Navy football game, you can still travel and soak up the experience of fall and winter destinations like Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City, Utah and Marriott’s Streamside at Vail.


Let’s all take a moment and be grateful our internet has not been nationalized, like Costa Rica’s.

Old Faithful Inn: Lodge of the West (and sundry)

Here are some photos I snapped at the Old Faithful Inn, to follow up on my Lodges and the West blog post. It did not disappoint.


Exterior Logwork

The Inn's announcement of itself is humble

The Inn’s announcement of itself is humble


Interior Logwork is specatcular


Where trees are incorporated into the masonry


Entryway, where logwork is magnificently displayed


To explore more of what you can get out of vacation destination properties, click here to visit our website and search timeshare resales for sale in a variety of locations, including Wyoming, andMontana, jewels of the Mountain West.


If it’s Disney you’re interested in, take a look here: Disney timeshare resales are few and far between on the resale market, because people snatch them up fast! (Something to think about if you want to sell a Disney timeshare).


Up next in the adventure: Glacier National Park, Montana, and Canadian Rockies. International timeshares, especially Canadian timeshares, are a prized commodity in the timeshare community, so keep your eyes peeled for more inside information!

Mountain West: where luxury meets wilderness


Our national park adventure continues into the Dakotas, Wyoming, and the mountain west. This week’s freak weather in the Midwest dampened our stay in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, though it didn’t obscure our views of herds of bison. Our trip into Wyoming provided a spectacular view of America’s first National Monument: Devil’s Tower.mountain-west-timeshare-resales


Traveling onward toward Yellowstone in the coming week will provide us with more magnificent scenery, and those photos of Yellowstone’s grand Lodge will be soon to come.


The mountain west has long drawn travelers to its heights for the views and recreational activities. Although North and South Dakota are short on timeshare properties, Jackson Hole, WY near Yellowstone has some vacation ownership gems of opportunities you might want to check out.


And of course, there’s Utah. If you want the combination of access to the Rocky Mountains and five star comfort, the resort town of Park City is, of course, your destination. Many followers of the blog may already be aware, but Park City is home to several timeshares, from the affordable to the extravagant. Marriott timeshare resales are one of PTR’s specialties, and with on-mountain and Main Street locations, Marriott timeshares in Park City can offer great views and superb access to year-round activities.


Once a resident of Park City myself, I will miss traveling to Utah on this National Park tour, but hope to experience the state and national parks to the south of Park City in the spring or early fall of a coming year, when the temperature is more forgiving (especially for a two year old camper!) Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Parks are close in geographic location, and their trails and stark beauty abound for adventurous travelers.


The mountain west is truly a majestic location for exploring and sight-seeing, with Utah nestled in the Rockies like the gemstone centerpiece of America. Browse more Utah timeshares for sale here or below, and find out what your Utah timeshare is worth today!


Park City Marriott’s Summit Watch Timeshare Resales

Park City Marriott’s Mountainside Timeshare Resales

Park City Timeshare Resales

Deer Valley Club at Park City Fractional Ownership Resales


Wyndham’s Haven in North Dakota

Although you might be inclined to think that North Dakota is limited in its offerings of amenities and comforts, my experience here would challenge you to think again.


After four nights of primitive camping in State Forests and National Parks, and with a 10 hour drive between the Minnesota-Canadian Border and our next stop of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, our family was ready for a brief return to civilization, or at least a shower.


Surprisingly, Bismarck, North Dakota and its Wingate by Wyndham provided us with the haven we needed. We obtained a room for an affordable $104, and were happy to take advantage of its luxurious shelter.

Guest-laundry facilities and free wi-fi were only the start of our relief. With clean clothes and some work put behind us, we were only too happy to bask in the hot tub and lounge by the pool, which was spacious and sparsely populated, and featured section measuring only 18 inches in depth where my two year old could splash to her heart’s content.


The website will advertise “continental breakfast included,” but upon coming downstairs, we found pre-prepared bacon and eggs staying warm over a burner, and a cook ready to prepare your omelet, made-to-order, while we watched.  This Wyndham property also boasts an exercise facility, conference and meeting rooms, free parking, dry cleaning, and a hotel bar.


With a sleek décor and modern design, not to mention its location near shops from which we replenished our food supply and boosted our morale (a nail salon for me!), this Wyndham property was exactly what a week in the woods had ordered.

We are now refreshed and ready for the Dakotan Badlands!


(Wyndham also does timeshare across several states , including Nevada, Wisconsin, Hawaii, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, Colorado and others, as well as internationally in Australia, the Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. If you love Wyndham as much as I do right now, you might want to check out some Wyndham timeshares for resale.)

Travel Spotlight: Wisconsin

When most people here “Wisconsin,” they might think of cheese, or Green Bay Packers, or maybe just plain cold, but my recent traverse through the state convinced me it has much, much more to offer.

With several state parks and forests, the state is awash with natural beauty. Dotted with fir, pine, alder, birch, and ash trees along the roads, and lakes interspersed throughout the landscape, many scenic drives offer travelers breathtaking views from the highway, with small towns proffering produce markets, leatherworking, and brewing. If rural beauty isn’t your thing, the towns aren’t bad either. Milwaukee is home to 750,000 residents and boasts a metropolitan area of over 2 million. With it’s location on the lake, and a recently re-developed river-walk downtown, it has an urban charm that doesn’t feel overwhelmingly bustling.   Madison, Wisconsin is known for its artistic and music scenes, and its emphasis on local community and development through small business and programs like community supported agriculture, gardens, and local markets in support of its growing population.   Other smaller communities like Delafield, Wisconsin, offer five star boutique hotels with first rate cuisine nestled within clean and well maintained quiet townships offering a haven from a busier life.   Some of the smaller resort communities are well-worth visiting as well. As renowned vacation sites, both Lake Geneva  and Wisconsin Dells offer timeshares, in addition to nearby several other bays, harbors, and rivers.  If you haven’t considered Wisconsin as a vacation destination, please do so. Wisconsin_timeshare_resales   If your interest is piqued and you want to view Wisconsin timeshares for sale, find them at the link above.   But above all, get outdoors and enjoy the wonders this beautiful state has to offer!

Hot Springs: a warm water retreat

The springs in Arkansas were one of the first sites in the US to be designated by the government for preservation. In 1832 Congress granted federal protection of the area due to the influx of tourists seeking the healing properties of the waters.

Once a booming bath house town, now a National Park, the hot springs are harvested by several independently owned bath houses in the midst of a small resort city.


The only national park in the US that is surrounded by a town, Hot Springs still offers something for everyone, from outdoor hiking and camping to luxurious hotel stay, spa services, and upscale shopping.


My visit there this weekend was one of outdoor adventuring. Several fountains on bath house row offered free, but warm, springs water to the public, and the water trickling down the face of the rock was a steamy 142 degrees! So the cool water of the creek next to the campsite was a relief after a warm afternoon hike.


With a robust history and a unique small town feel with access to the comfort of a resort community, Hot Springs is a gem and worth a visit, whatever your interest.


If you own and are looking to sell a Hot Springs timeshare, find out what it’s worth here. Browse Arkansas timeshares for sale here.