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Winter Woes: Daydreaming of Sunny Timeshare Getaways

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The first snow of the season is always awe-inspiring as our everyday scenery is transformed into cascading sheets of white crystals. However, by the sixth snow of the year, I am no longer inspired to make snow angels, but mostly just motivated to hide under my blankets until spring arrives. On cold, dark winter nights, I find myself daydreaming about creamy sand beaches and refreshing pina coladas to cool my sweat dotted skin. My coastal contemplations creep up every time I gaze into the winter wonderland I live in. If you too are losing your snow season sanity, find solace in these winter-escapes that are at their lowest prices of the year!

Marriott’s Shadow Ridge, Palm Desert, CA, 75 F
Annual, Float, 2/2, Silver, $350
Escape the chill of winter by opting for a timeshare at a golfer’s paradise. Surrounded by eight world-class golf courses, Marriott’s Shadow Ridge caters to fans of the green. However, they don’t stop there. Also nearby are four rejuvenating spas, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark, and the Children’s Discovery Museum. This resort has everything a vacation needs for children and those young at heart.

At Shadow Ridge, spend some quality family time bowling, sliding down the water slide, or horseback riding, instead of shoveling snow. And at this once in a lifetime price, you’re getting the perfect winter getaway for and unbeatable steal.

Marriott’s St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, Caribbean, 86 F
Platinum, Annual, Ocean View, $7500

If you’re a resort junkie, Marriott’s St. Kitts is the perfect place for you. Of course, each villa is equipped with a fully supplied kitchen, dining room and living room, but it’s the on-site casino, spa and nightclub that really make this resort stand out. Test your luck at over 400 slot machines or relax on the green at the St. Kitts Golf Club. Don’t worry about finding food or entertainment as the resort houses several casual and fine-dining restaurants as well as a cigar bar and nightclub.

If you feel the need to venture from this luxurious resort, you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural rainforest and pristine beaches that lend themselves perfectly to hiking, horseback riding and water sports. You can’t get much closer to paradise than with a St. Kitts timeshare.

Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 82 F
Annual, Platinum, Float, Booked Valentine’s Weekend 2014, $9300
Trade in those snow boots for bare feet and dip a toe in the soft, shimmering sand of Florida’s Gold Coast. Imagine stepping out onto your balcony and breathing in the crisp coastal air and the sun rises over turquoise waters. Beyond a view that could kill, Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers offers the most premier nightlife location you’ll find in Florida.

Try parasailing, make delicious drinks in your in-room kitchen, or go souvenir shopping at the Beach Place mall next door. Whatever you choose to do while staying at BeachPlace Towers, you’ll be doing it in shorts and flip-flops as the Southern sun never fails to shine. Isn’t it about time you take the leap toward owning a home in paradise?

Wherever your winter getaway may be, Premier Timeshare Resale is ready to help you get there.

When you daydream about sunny escapes, where do you go? Hawaii? Mexico? Share your dream getaway in the comments.

America’s Top 5 Sunsets: Maui to Massachusetts

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Welcome, Daylight Saving Time. You always come just in time for us all to be disheartened when we leave work and it’s already growing dark, foreshadowing the long, cold nights of winter ahead of us. Some are lucky to catch a glimpse of sunset when leaving work this time of year, before it disappears from our days almost altogether. Sunsets are worth seeing, though, and if you have an inclination for that sort of thing, these top 5 sunset locations will be a definite addition to your must-see list.


  • Mount Halaekala in Maui stands at a regal 10,000 feet in altitude, and watching the sunset from amongst the clouds is an unforgettable experience as golden prism of lights break through the mist. Watch closely and you might get a peek at the fabled green flash as the sun sinks into the ocean. Maui timeshare resales are abundant as well for travelers who plan to return to the area.


  • Laguna Beach is only an hour away from Los Angeles and close to several southern California timeshare resorts in Palm Desert and Palm Springs.  This beach is known for its enchanting sunsets over an unbroken horizon and sea-dancing reflections.


  • The Grand Canyon. Some say that Hopi Point is the prime location to catch the commanding views of the canyon and the Colorado river flashing the last rays of the sun sinking below the horizon’s wide expanse above the mile-deep canyon.


  • With very little light pollution at 8,000 feet elevation, Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a host of historic ruins from which to watch the tremendously colorful sunsets. Most visitors head to Old Fort Marcy Park, but there are plenty of options for viewing in the area as well as Santa Fe timeshare resale resorts to look into if you fall in love with Santa Fe (it’s not hard to do).


  • The lighthouse at the Gay Head Cliffs in Aquinnah, Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard offers stunning views of the water and bold red reflections in the clay of the cliffs. A longtime summer destination, the island does have a couple of Martha’s Vineyard timeshare resort properties, although most Summer People tend to own a second home on the island. Still, it’s worth visiting for its quaint New England charm and variety of views and summer activities.