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PCMR Announces $50 Million Improvement Project

Image curtesy of www.parkcitymountain.com

Image curtesy of www.parkcitymountain.com

Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR), Vail Resorts’ newly acquired property, made a big announcement yesterday that will change the future of skiing and snowboarding forever.

Throughout the summer, we’ve followed the lawsuit between PCMR’s previous owner Powdr Corp. and Vail Resorts. In September, the courts finally ruled and Vail ended up buying PCMR outright for a cool $182.5 million.

Anyone uneasy about the purchase was put at ease yesterday when PCMR announced the largest resort improvement project in the history of American skiing. We mentioned the possibilities of connecting PCMR with Canyons Resort, which is another Vail-owned property, but no one expected this.

Park City Mountain ResortVail Resorts is spending more than $50 million to combine the two resorts…wait for it…Next year! This project will create the largest ski resort in the United States, with a total of 7,300 acres of skiable terrain.

The plan? The Interconnect Gondola will be built to connect the two resorts. This eight-passenger, high-speed gondola will run from the base of Silverlode Lift at PCMR to Canyons’ Flatiron Lift. This single super gondola will turn Canyons and PCMR into the largest ski resort in the country and allow riders to seamlessly ski between resorts with no more than a nine-minute gondola ride.

Other projects included in the $50 million overhaul are upgrades to existing lifts, a new 500-seat restaurant, improvements and extra seating to current restaurants, additional snowmaking, and other maintenance projects around the mountain.

The most mind-blowing fact released by Vail Resorts and PCMR yesterday is that they expect to complete most of these projects by next season. It goes to show that Vail isn’t wasting anytime when it comes to their resorts.

skiierAlthough some skiers are hesitant about the project, worrying about the actual travel time between resorts and the environmental repercussions of crossing so much land, PCMR and most skiers seem optimistic about the connection and the opportunities it brings for year-round mountain fun.

Now what does all of this mean for timeshares? The answer is simple. The value of the resorts around PCMR and Canyons, whether they are ski resorts or not, will inevitably rise. Being within minutes from the largest ski resort in the country is an undeniable asset, and that’s what every resort in Park City just became.

Lucky for you, Premier Timeshare Resale is based in Park City and knows the ins and outs of Park City timeshares like the back of our hand. We are excited to be the premier timeshare resaler in the area, able to adequately represent all of the amazing resorts that call Park City home.

SkisThere are a number of Park City timeshares worth checking out, but if you’re looking to buy a Park City timeshare, consider Marriott’s MountainSide. This rustic resort sits at the base of PCMR and is the ideal ski-in, ski-out location. Plus, two of the new restaurant projects announced by Vail yesterday are just outside of Marriott’s MountainSide’s doors.

Some other notable Park City timeshares for sale can be found at Westgate Park City Resort & Spa and Marriott’s Summit Watch. We have a number of timeshare deals on all Park City timeshares, making now the time to invest in a timeshare before their value skyrockets.

Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving this winter and buy a Park City timeshare.

Ski Resort Changes Make Park City Timeshares More Valuable

Park City Mountain ResortPark City timeshares are about to boom in popularity. Over the winter and spring we have been following the lawsuit between Vail Resorts and Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR). In May, the court finally ended the dispute on a backdated lease between PCMR and Talisker, ruling in favor of Vail Resorts. Park City residents, tourists and employees alike have been waiting to see what Talisker would do with PCMR. That question was answered last week when Vail Resorts bought PCMR from Powdr Corp. for $182.5 million in cash.


With the buyout all aspects of the lawsuit have been settled and the dispute between Vail Resorts and PCMR will no longer pose a threat to disrupting the upcoming ski season, a major concern of employees and fans of the resort.


The acquisition includes all of the assets of Greater Park City Company (GPCC), the land used for ski terrain at the resort held by Ian Cumming, and certain base parking lands owned by Powdr Development Corp. These base areas have received zoning approval for approximately 687,000 square feet of residential and commercial development, something we can expect Vail Resorts to break ground on in the next few years. The acquisition does not include the Gorgoza tubing operation, located approximately 10 miles from the resort, which will be retained by Powdr Corp.


SkierThe buyout has been well received by the Park City community. Employees are relieved to know there will be no disruption in the 2014-2015 ski season at PCMR and tourists and residents alike are elated to hear the PCMR will join the Epic ski pass lineup.


The Epic ski pass comes in two forms. The Epic Pass, which allows holders access to all ski areas owned by Vial Resorts, and the Epic Local Pass, which will give holders access to Canyons and PCMR. Vail Resorts plans to unite the two Park City resorts, but the two will remain separate for this ski season.


The acquisition of PCMR by Vail Resorts is exciting for residents and frequenters of Park City. While Canyons and PCMR are world-class resorts on their own, the union of the two will equal over 7,000 acres of skiable terrain, making it the largest ski resort in the United States. This combined with the Epic Pass, which will allow avid skiers access to resorts across the country with one ticket, makes Park City a very desirable location for snow-philes across the globe.


Photo Credit: Marriott's Mountainside website

Photo Credit: Marriott’s Mountainside website

Now is the time to invest in a Marriott’s Mountainside timeshare, which is a ski-in, ski-out resort and the base of PCMR. With the acquisition of PCMR by Vail Resorts, this timeshare will only go up in value. Other swank Park City resorts worth investing in are Marriott’s Summit Watch, Sweetwater at Park City Lift Lodge and Westgate Park City Resort and Spa. If you have a Park City timeshare for sale, we need inventory! Contact one of our experienced agents and list your timeshare with Premier Timeshare Resale today!

Park City Mountain Resort Loses to Talisker

gavelThe judge finally ruled on PCMR vs Talisker this week—and Talisker won. On Wednesday, the 3rd District judge ruled that PCMR missed the 2011 deadline to renew and Talisker would take back ownership of the 2,800 acres of mountainside that the two were battling for.

Vail Resorts, who took the lead for Talisker in this case and has been a longtime partner with Talisker lands, is ready to take over PCMR’s lease. However, the resolution isn’t that simple.

Since PCMR still owns the base and a few lower lifts, they are refusing to give Vail the rains by stating that their land is “not for sale.” Furthermore, PCMR’s lawyer announced that they will be repealing the case and bringing it in front of a jury.

While many hoped that PCMR and Vail would settle outside of court, an agreement could never be reached, pushing the judge to make this decision. Both sides seem fairly hostile, but particularly John Cummings, Chief Executive of Powdr Corp., which owns PCMR, who has threatened to tear out lifts built on the mountain by PCMR.


Photo by Ron Hoffman

Regardless of the hostility between PCMR and Vail, both advocate for the betterment and protection of the Park City community and feel confident that the resort will open for the 2014-15 ski season.

Marriott’s MountainSide resort sits right at the base of PCMR, and Canyons Resort, owned and operated by Vail already, also houses many popular Park City resorts. However, the dispute between PCMR and Talisker/Vail should not deter you from visiting or owning a Park City timeshare. Park City knows how important its world-class resorts are to the local community and visitors. Those are the people that everyone is putting first as the companies battle it out over this premier mountain spot.

For more details, check out our source here.

Park City News: Buyout Offer to Settle Lawsuit Between PCMR and Talisker

A lawsuit over the land that houses Park City’s Mountain Resort (PCMR) has been underway for the last few months. The dispute began over a backdated lease for much of the land that the PCMR resort sits on with Talisker Land Holdings, LLC. Vail Resorts has been fighting the land battle with PCMR and, as important court dates approach, Vail Resorts and trying to settle the case outside of court.


pcmrvtaliskerThis week, John Cumming, CEO of PCMR parent Powdr Corp, released a letter from Vail Resorts’ CEO Rob Katz, in which Katz offered to buyout PCMR. In the letter, Katz said Vail Resorts would pay “fair market value for any of the assets you have that would be helpful to us in operating the resort,” although an actual price was never identified.


Cumming, however, was not appeased by the offer, releasing a statement Tuesday in response to Katz’s letter.


“We have repeatedly made it clear to Vail that PCMR is interested in exploring all possible solutions that will preserve the independence of PCMR as the nation’s premier family ski resort. What we won’t agree to is a Vail takeover. Vail’s domination of the ski market in Summit County would be bad for our community, bad for our guests, and bad for our employees.”


Although PCMR isn’t going down without a fight, fans of the resort don’t have to worry about the mountain being taken away regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome. Vail Resorts has made it clear that, if they acquire the land, it will stay as a ski resort.


The ski community seems to be split as to whom they’d rather win. Some argue that a Vail Resorts takeover would ruin the charm and local atmosphere on PCMR, while others advocate for the change, saying PCMR is rundown and needs a facelift.


What do you think? Would PCMR be better run under new management or do you love the resort as it is? Do you have a Marriott’s MountainSide or Westgate Park City timeshare and how do you think this will affect your stay? Will the lawsuit outcome affect where you ski next year or whether you buy a Park City timeshare? Leave your response in the comments.


To find out more or read the letter from Vail Resorts click here.



Sundance Survival Tips: Park City timeshare resale is a factor

Sundance Film Festival is about to start in Park City, Utah. Every year, the entire city of Los Angeles (and then some) flocks to the mountains to see new, independent, edgy, and experimental films. Here are five secrets to surviving Sundance if you’re one of those adventurous or start-chasing folk who relish winter snow, cold temperatures, and vibrant films in Park City, Utah.


1-      Day One: Drink a lot of water. Seriously, a LOT. Light migraines, sinus headaches, panting, dizziness, nausea, and cold sweats aren’t uncommon for being at high altitude. The air pressure is lower, the air is thinner, and your body loses water like whoa. Especially if you’re planning on participating in the party, HYDRATE to avoid feeling the worst ever the next day. 7,500 feet above sea level isn’t kind to imbibers of copious amounts of alcohol.


2-      Don’t bother with taxis: Walk. Park City is small. Park City is walkable, and so many people crowd the small streets with vehicles that it’s really not worth it. But be sure to drink water, or you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing, out of breath, walking uphill from venue to venue.


3-      Don’t get all stressed out about the parties. If you haven’t heard, the nightly parties at Sundance are real hard to get into. Even the fancy, rich, and important have to stand in line sometimes. They aren’t worth it—and you’ll likely have more fun in your hot tub back at your hotel with a bottle of hot mulled wine. Just drink lots of water; I’m getting woozy and dehydrated just thinking about it.


4-      Sundance is TWO weekends long. Sundance’s fervor seems to drop off after about Wednesday after the first weekend, and many people prefer the more low-key, less crowded second-weekend of the festival.


5-      Book Early: Save $$$ Better yet, if you have a Park City timeshare, book it up for Sundance week to save hundreds of dollars (a night!) on a hotel stay. But even with Park City timeshares, you have to book your Sundance reservation up to a year in advance to guarantee a spot, the demand is so high.


In fact, buying Park City timeshares resale can actually save you money. Buying more affordable properties like Park Hotel, Park Plaza, and Sweetwater Lift Lodge can actually be less than you’d spend on a hotel for one year, and then you have ongoing access. Talk to one of our agents today about what Park City timeshare resales we have listed, and buckle down and party up for Sundance Film Festival 2014!


This Week’s Hot Spot: Marriott’s MountainSide

With winter weather and snowstorm advisories sweeping across the country creating icy road conditions, fires in hearths, and the realization that Jack Frost has come back to town for the next few months, we start getting excited about our winter travel destinations. Premier Timeshare Resale blogs a lot about Park City, Utah, but not without good reason. It’s one of the premier winter destinations in the country, and with first-class resorts, like this week’s hot spot Marriott’s MountainSide, there’s quite a bit to say.


Nestled in between the Uinta and Wasatch mountains, Park City offers some of the best powder skiing and snowboarding in the world, and its three ski mountains offer terrain in varied ability levels steps away from haute cuisine and local historical silver-mining cultural flavor.  A ski-in, ski-out resort on Park City Mountain Resort, Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare villas feature kitchens and separate living and dining areas, complemented by an outdoor heated pool. The whirlpool-sauna combination soothes aching muscles after a day on the slopes and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Premier Timeshare Resale was born in Park City, Utah, and as our agents and offices have been located near Marriott property itself in the city, the licensed realtors know pretty much everything there is to know about Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare resales. Our knowledge and proximity make us some of the industry experts on this property, and brokers frequently come to us with buyers looking for Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare sellers. We don’t need to convince you this is a great property in a great location; we just need you to convince your friends who have been looking to sell their Marriott’s MountainSide timeshare units to sell with Premier Timeshare Resale. It’s FREE, with NO UPFRONT FEES, and with tons of satisfied timeshare resale buyers and sellers, it’s a smart, educated, and easy choice to make.


Contact PTR today to list your Marriott’s MountainSide property today and gain the most exposure to timeshare resale buyers, as well as licensed agents who represent you for NO UPFRONT FEES, for your peace of mind. Selling timeshare on your own can be a complicated business, so let our reputable agents handle the hassle on your behalf.


Hidden Ski Gems: Winter Vacations Part I

I was never a powder chaser or lift monkey (or whatever seasonal lingo the kids are using this year as a term for skiers and snowboarders who spend more than their fair share of free time on the mountain), so I won’t be so adept at blogging about slope quality and snow conditions. But as we edge up on Thanksgiving Holidays, when many ski resorts plan to open their lifts and runs, I thought a piece on a few hidden gems might get even us rusty down-hillers excited about winter sports (or hot cocoa by the fire back at the resort).



1-      Brian Head, Utah: Only three hours from Las Vegas and a little more from Salt Lake or Park City, UT, Brian Head is nestled up against Utah’s most famous National Parks and invites a laid back, low-key atmosphere uncommon for many winter-sport destinations. Liftopia.com writes that Brian Head “is Utah’s highest-elevation resort, receiving over 400 annual inches of light, Utah powder. The resort has 50+ runs for all ability levels, including an entire mountain dedicated to beginners and children.” With four terrain parks for varying ability levels, more than 30 snow features, rails, fun boxes, a half pipe, and night skiing, it’s well-equipped to handle your family’s extended weekend activity schedule.


2-      Plattekill Mountain, Roxbury, New York: If you’re a decent skier and looking for a weekend getaway, Plattekill resort is known (among the few who have found this little gem) for its short lift lines and how uncrowded its slopes are. It’s a small resort, and only open during the week for Holidays, but it generously offers a licensed day-care on site and tubing activities for the little ones or those of us unsteady on skis. Staff are known to go out of their way to be friendly and helpful, and deals for lift tickets from $15.00 per day make this resort a quaint and affordable destination in the Catskills.


3-      Aspen Highlands, Aspen, CO: While the above-mentioned resorts are beginner to intermediate in specialty, Aspen Highlands can boast of its expert terrain and its status as the locals’ favorite of the four mountains in Aspen. With 19 Advanced (Black Diamond) and 43 Expert (Double Black Diamond) trails, Aspen Highlands offers challenges and thrills for the adrenaline junkies and surefooted. Also offering lodging and dining on the slopes, its amenities provide warm places to rest and regroup after hitting some steep runs. A worthy contender as a day’s outing for Aspen vacationers.


Aspen timeshare resorts are very popular as a winter destination, and Aspen’s Highlands would be relatively easy for Aspen timeshare owners to check out on their annual visit. While Utah’s more famous mountains like Park City and timeshares like Marriott Mountainside or Summit Watch are not as close to Brian Head’s runs, Brian Head’ location in between Las Vegas and Park City make it a viable side-trip option in good winter weather. Plattekill in Roxbury is only a few hours from New York City and Boston, though far from many timeshare resorts.


Why not try somewhere new, this year? Call the timeshare (and snow!) experts at Premier Timeshare Resale for ideas.