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Getting to Know the Premier Timeshare Resale Team

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One of the fun things about starting any new job is getting to know the people you’re working with on a regular basis. When we were discussing possible blog topics and the idea came up to interview our Premier Timeshare Resale team members, I was excited to get started.

So, whether you’re familiar with our company or not, you can read on to learn a little bit more about the people behind the name, Premier Timeshare Resale. Beginning with Premier Timeshare Resale Owner/President and an Associate Broker with RE/MAX AssociatesKelly Marshall.
Kelly Marshall - family

Why/how did you start working with timeshares?

Some might say it was by accident. With my Bachelor’s degree (from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania) in Mass Communications: Public Relations & Advertising, I took an interview for a Marketing Position with Marriott Vacation Club in Park City. I was hired in the Marketing Department for their vacation club, essentially, timeshares.  After a year, I wanted to work in Sales, but without any prior sales experience they wouldn’t even consider me for an interview.

Playa del Carmen, MexicoSo, I moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and planned to find a job where I could practice Spanish to become fluent. While there, a gentleman I met suggested that with my personality, I should sell timeshares!

I laughed and told him I tried, but didn’t have the required sales experience. He said, “You are a woman who speaks English, living in Mexico. You’re hired.”

I sold for Fisherman’s Village for 3 months. After which, I sent my sales numbers to Marriott in Park City (the same one that initially wouldn’t interview me), and they hired me! I packed my things and moved back to Park City, and worked in Sales for Marriott’s MountainSide and Summit Watch.

Lake Tahoe During a trip to Marriott’s Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe, California, I noticed three different timeshare resale offices and saw the prices on the resale market.

With that information as my guide, I came back to Utah and got my Utah Real Estate license, left Marriott, and opened “Mountain Timeshare Resale” with Alanna Hatz in 2006.

Within the first year, I realized the need for a company that had licensed agents who did not charge upfront fees, not just in Utah, but worldwide.  We changed the name to Premier Timeshare Resale and started helping everyone we could.

Premier Timeshare Resale logo

What is a favorite place you have lived or traveled to and why?

Park City, UTIt’s difficult to pick just one! In the US, my favorite place is where I live, Park City.

However, I’ve really enjoyed trips to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Canada. Europe is a favorite for food, art, and historic towns and cities. Thailand has some of the best beaches I have ever visited by far.
boy in Thailand
While in Thailand, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage. That was one of the best experiences of my life. It was something I would have told you I could never do. Well, we did. I left crying every day, but somehow even though I went to give love to the little babies, I left getting more from them!

Lastly, what is one thing you wish people knew about timeshares that they may not know?

That they can get really good deals to stay at top notch properties.
window beach
A lot of timeshares offer a full kitchen and a great view. You are also often steps away from either the pool and the beach. 

This makes ALL the difference when staying with kids.

Our kids (who are both preschool age) love the beach, but for only 20-30 minute increments if we are lucky! I can’t imagine packing all my things up for a “day at the beach” that may only last a few minutes! The same holds true for a day on the ski slopes.

Convenience is key. Timeshares offer that… at better prices!

Thirst Project Works to Provide Access to Clean, Safe Water

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Water FaucetFor most of us reading this now, when we need water, we simply walk to a sink and turn on the tap. But for almost 663 million people across the globe, obtaining clean, safe water is not such a simple task. In these countries which lack access to clean water, women and children have to travel an average of six to eight hours a day just to collect water that is often unsanitary. Water also has major effects on the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS. In many cases, the water that infected people are drinking will kill them faster than AIDS itself. It is almost hard to believe this is the reality for so many around the globe.
In 2008, a group of 19-year-old friends in Southern California learned about the global water crisis. Rather than deciding that they were too young to help or that the task was too large, these college-age friends took action. They bought 1,000 bottles of water and gave them away to over 1,000 people in one day just to begin a conversation with those individuals about the global water crisis. Through their water give-away, they not only raised awareness, they raised $1,700 towards building a freshwater well.

Photo courtesy of Thirst Project

Photo courtesy of Thirst Project

Then the friends started receiving calls to come speak to other schools about the need for clean water around the world. And that is how The Thirst Project was born. Focusing entirely on educating middle school, high school and college students, Thirst Project ambassadors visit schools across the U.S. every year. In their first seven years, the Thirst Project has funded projects to provide over 280,000 people with clean water.
Photo courtesy of Thirst Project

Photo courtesy of Thirst Project

One of the schools the Thirst Project has visited is Park City High School, in Park City, Utah. Under the leadership of teacher Ashley Mott, Park City High School (PCHS) started a Thirst Club this year. Currently the Thirst Club is working to raise $7,500 to fund a well in Uganda. The life expectancy of Ugandans is only 59 and more than half of the 36 million people in Uganda are under the age of 15. The need for clean water in Uganda is great.
In a community that is noted as being one of the most affluent in the United States, it is exciting to see these PCHS students take action to give back and to help those who otherwise would never have access to clean water. Says one student, “Through Thirst Club, I get to be a part of something bigger than myself and make a real difference in hundreds of lives.” To learn more about the Thirst Project and Park City’s involvement, visit the Thirst Club’s page at ThirstProject.com. Clean, fresh water can truly change the world.

Top 10 Travel Spots for 2016

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Every year it seems like there are more and more lists that showcase travel trends or the hottest destinations for the next year. The start of 2016 is no different. We have compared several of the lists for you and compiled our own list of the top 10 travel spots for 2016. Let’s see where we should be traveling this year!

Top 10 Travel Spots: Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu Coast

1) Hawaii. We know, everyone loves Hawaii. But this year also marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, so we think that Oahu is going to be the must-visit island. Events are being planned to commemorate this day that changed American history. In fact, our very own Park City High School Marching Band is making plans to travel to Oahu in December; they were selected to honor the service of the USS Utah. Beyond Pearl Harbor, Oahu has it all, beautiful beaches, majestic scenery and views, plus urban shopping, restaurants and nightlife.
2) New Zealand. Something that the travel industry is buzzing about is that airfares to New Zealand are expected to drop in 2016. The only problem with New Zealand as a destination might be deciding where to go and what to do. Our top pick is Matamata, where you can book a tour of the Hobbiton movie set from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Another great choice is Queenstown, which has a ski and snowboard season from June to October along with many more activities for all ages all year long.
3) Japan. Japan made nearly every list we looked at as a top travel destination in 2016. The fact that is becoming more affordable and the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo were among the reasons given. But we are fascinated by the contrast between the serene mountainous hikes to the thriving nightlife in Tokyo. Add to that delicious Japanese cuisine and we are convinced, Japan would make a great trip in 2016.
4) Any National Park in the USA. 2016 marks the 100th year that the National Park
Top 10 Travel Spots: National Parks

Zion National Park

Service has been in existence and special events are being planned to celebrate this milestone. We might be biased, but we think one of the best states to experience a National Park is Utah! We have five of them, and all have special features that are certain to amaze you. Plus, Park City is now home to the largest ski resort in the U.S. making Utah even more appealing. But, we also know there are 55 other National Parks (59 in total), so you probably won’t have to look far to find one that appeals to you.
5) Australia. For most North Americans, Australia has been on their travel bucket list for a long time. Growing concerns about natural areas being over developed is lending some urgency to a visit down under. While there, be sure to visit Sydney with must-see landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge on your itinerary. The Gold Coast of Australia is also highly desirable as a tourist destination and has recently welcomed the addition of a Marriott Vacation Club Resort expected to open in 2016.
6) Italy. One of the most highly rated global destinations last year, Italy is back on many lists again this year. With Italy, you can choose the type of vacation you want, including a laid-back beach vacation on the coast, or a culture-soaked tour of art and architecture. And then there’s the food, don’t forget the food! The cuisine alone might be worth a trip to this European gem.
Top 10 Travel Spots: Fiji


7) Fiji. Curious what it takes to be the second-happiest country in the world? Then visit Fiji and see for yourself why 86% of Fijians say they are happy. Perhaps the fact that they are living in a literal paradise has something to do with it! Fiji is actually a collection of islands (332 to be exact) and makes the list this year because their recent political issues seem to be finally resolved.
8) Mexico. Two different areas in Mexico ranked highly for 2016: Cabo san Lucas and Playa del Carmen and we can see why. Playa del Carmen is one of the top destinations for diving. Cabo san Lucas is shaking off its reputation as a spring-break party spot and targeting travelers who want an upscale experience.  Mexico in general is attractive as a destination because it is relatively easy to find deals on airfares and you aren’t dealing with a long, exhausting flight to start your vacation. What’s not to love about that?
9) Canada. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook those closest to us, but Canadians know they live in a vast country perfect for year-round adventure. Quebec City is always a
Top 10 Travel Spots: Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa Parliament Buildings

tourist favorite, but every province in Canada has something to offer the discerning traveler. We recommend a trip to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The European inspired architecture and scenic Rideau Canal (in the winter it becomes the world’s largest skating rink) are just some of the features of this city sure to delight.
10) U.S. Virgin Islands. Looking for white sand beaches? Look no further than the U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Each island offers its own unique experience, but all share one thing in common – the beaches. Better yet, temperatures are consistently perfect – around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Could there be a better combination than that?
With hotel rates estimated to rise in 2016 (anywhere from 2.5-4.7%), this might be a good year to consider a timeshare ownership. Many properties give you the flexibility to trade your week for other destinations around the globe. And many points based programs are targeted just for those who want to vacation somewhere different every year. We can help you determine which type of ownership or what property is a good fit for you. And we’d love to hear from you, so please visit our Facebook page and let us know where you hope to travel in this New Year.

Carry the Future Provides Hope & Help

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Have you ever seen something on the news and thought “How terrible, I wish I could do something to help?” That is exactly what happened to Californian mom, Cristal Logothetis, who saw the tragic image on the news of the young Syrian boy who drowned before his family could reach safety in Greece. Cristal was Crisis Signcompelled to act and decided that she could do something to help refugee families with babies and young children.
Cristal began collecting baby carriers, starting an organization called “Carry the Future.” Once they had collected over 2,000 carriers, Cristal and nine other women travelled to Greece to gift them to Syrian and other middle-eastern refugee families as they arrived in Greece.

Photo Courtesy of "Carry the Future's" Facebook Page.

Photo Courtesy of “Carry the Future’s” Facebook Page.

It was such a successful trip that they have recently sent a Phase 2 team back to Greece with over 2,500 carriers. On each trip, the volunteers fit the carrier to the adult and show them how to use it, often accomplishing that in two minutes or less so that they can move on to help another family. Carry the Future volunteers speak about the relief and hope they bring instantly to these families through the simple gift of a baby carrier.
Premier Timeshare Resale’s owner, Kelly Marshall who is also mom to a 16-month-old, learned about Carry the Future and knew she wanted to help. Kelly is currently collecting baby carriers locally in Park City and the surrounding area to ship to Carry the Future. If you are interested in getting involved as Carry the Future provides hope and help to refugees, please visit Carry the Future’s Facebook page or contact us for more information.

Countdown to Opening Day: Park City Update

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Nothing gets locals in a resort town more excited than the countdown to opening day

Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

at the local ski resorts. Except maybe when that countdown includes snow in the forecast! There is already a dusting of snow on top of the Wasatch Mountains here in Park City, the resorts have started making snow and even better, there is a chance of accumulating snow in our forecast this week.
This summer, Vail Resorts officially announced that they were merging Canyons Resort and Park Downhill SkierCity Mountain Resort into one entity to create the largest ski and snowboard area in the nation, simply called: Park City. Vail acquired management of Canyons Resort in 2013 and purchased Park City Mountain Resort in 2014 giving them this unique opportunity. The newly combined resort will have 7,300 skiable acres.
To accomplish this merger, Vail is investing $50 million dollars in capital improvements, including building “Quicksilver,” a new 8 passenger gondola that will connect the two properties. Vail just announced that this new
Photo Courtesy of Vail Resorts

Photo Provided Courtesy of Vail Resorts

lift, plus additional improvements like a new restaurant (Miners Camp), renovations to two other restaurants (Summit House and Red Pine), upgrades to two popular lifts (Motherlode and King-Con) and trail improvements, should be completed in time for the 2015 holiday season (Christmas week). Park City is set to open November 21 (the Saturday before Thanksgiving).
The merger has heightened interest in Park City timeshare properties. These properties include many of our best sellers like Marriott’s Summit Watch and MountainSide resorts, plus Westgate Park City Resort & Spa and The Lift Lodge (formerly Sweetwater). Other great timeshare options in Park City include: Park Plaza, Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Sunrise Lodge, Skiers Lodge, Park Hotel Condominiums, Park Regency and a new Wyndham Resort (a ski-in, ski-out resort located on the former Canyons Resort side of Park City).
If you have your heart set on a yearly ski-vacation in Park City, contact us today to learn more about a timeshare ownership. Looking for something for this year only? We have weekly rentals also available, fill out a rental form on our website and we will do our best to match you with the vacation of your dreams. Bring on the snow!

Summer of Service: New Orleans

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This August 29 marked ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated much of New Orleans and many other communities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Estimates place the damage in excess of $100 million. More devastating than the storm itself perhaps, is the long-term impact that it has had on the communities that were flooded, including New Orleans.

Flooding in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina

Flooding in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina

Much of New Orleans sits below sea level, so is protected from flooding on a daily basis by levees. When those levees failed during the storm, more than 80 percent of the city was flooded. Many residents lost everything they owned because of the storm’s aftermath: the flooding. And while many were able to return and rebuild within months, thousands of families still have not returned and homes stand vacant in some of New Orleans neighborhoods.
To say that New Orleans still needs assistance might be an understatement. With that in mind, a group of over 20 teenagers and adults traveled from my church in Park City, Utah to New Orleans to assist home owners in the rebuilding process which continues in several neighborhoods throughout the city. They were participating in a study at church called “Summer of Service” and this trip was an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and serve those in real need.
10 Years Later - A Work in Progress

10 Years Later – A Work in Progress

My daughter, Nicole, was one of the teens on that trip. The group worked with an organization called ReachGlobal, the crisis response ministry of the EFCA, which has been working in New Orleans since 2005. Nicole’s group was split into teams to assist with work projects at various homes in New Orleans including in the Ninth Ward. The first two days, Nicole’s team worked on Mr. Joe’s house. Mr. Joe is a 66 year old Vietnam veteran. He has been slowly repairing his home over the past ten years. The two days they worked on his home they completed a new roof. After that, Mr. Joe could not afford additional supplies, so they were unable to continue any projects for him. ReachGlobal’s model is that while they provide free labor, the homeowners must purchase the supplies for every project.
Morning Huddle For their final three work days, Nicole’s group moved on to a home that had been purchased by a ReachGlobal team member. Much of this home needed to be completely gutted and rebuilt. The team worked on cleaning the areas that were salvageable and painting areas with new drywall and trim.
It was hard work, but the group completed many projects during their five work days. And they all came home with a fresh appreciation for the blessings they have and believing in a hopeful future for New Orleans.

Sundance Film Festival Celebrates 30 Years

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Courtesy of Sundance Institute, PC: George Pimentel

Courtesy of Sundance Institute, PC: George Pimentel

The premier powder, Winter Olympics remains, and cascading mountain backdrop have always made Park City, Utah a hot travel destination. But there has been something in the works over the last 30 years that has helped elevate Park City to one of the most sought after vacation spots in the country, the Sundance Film Festival.

Since 1985, Park City has been bringing innovative independent filmmakers to light, exposing only the best and most groundbreaking films, directors and actors in the industry. The 10 day festival brings over 40,000 people to Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and, of course, Sundance. In 15 local theaters, the Sundance Film Festival shows almost 200 hand-picked films that range from shocking documentaries to heart-warming comedies and give up-and-coming filmmakers their chance to shine.

Courtesy of Sundance Institute, PC: Jonathan Hickerson

Courtesy of Sundance Institute, PC: Jonathan Hickerson

With an average population of only 8,000 people, Park City arms itself each year for the 40,000+ visitors that will fill the streets for a week and a half each January. Main Street is constantly filled with filmmakers, celebrities and excited visitors.

Sundance isn’t just about films, it’s also an opportunity for businesses and brands to mingle and promote. Red carpet events and cocktail parties dominate Main Street during the festival. Tents filled with innovators and creators ready to share their stuff lines the streets and Park City becomes something between an innovative convention and giant party.

The two weeks that the Sundance Film Festival runs in Park City have become prized weeks at local resorts. Timeshares during Sundance have become valuable vacation homes over the years as the festival has grown to garner international recognition. Lucky for you, there are plenty of Park City timeshare resorts that Premier Timeshare Resale represents. In fact, our prime location in Park City gives us a bird’s eye view on the Sundance celebrations each year. Our close relationships with each resort and insider knowledge of the city make Premier Timeshare Resale the best place to buy Park City timeshares.

Snow falls down Main Street

Snow falls down Main Street

Have you always wanted to attend the Sundance Film Festival? Are you more likely to come for the movies, social events or celebrity sightings? Whatever your fancy, Premier Timeshare Resale can hook you up with the best accommodations to witness this renowned film festival. And don’t forget to follow our blog and social media pages for updates on fantastic films and spotted celebs!