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Sundance Survival Tips: Park City timeshare resale is a factor

Sundance Film Festival is about to start in Park City, Utah. Every year, the entire city of Los Angeles (and then some) flocks to the mountains to see new, independent, edgy, and experimental films. Here are five secrets to surviving Sundance if you’re one of those adventurous or start-chasing folk who relish winter snow, cold temperatures, and vibrant films in Park City, Utah.


1-      Day One: Drink a lot of water. Seriously, a LOT. Light migraines, sinus headaches, panting, dizziness, nausea, and cold sweats aren’t uncommon for being at high altitude. The air pressure is lower, the air is thinner, and your body loses water like whoa. Especially if you’re planning on participating in the party, HYDRATE to avoid feeling the worst ever the next day. 7,500 feet above sea level isn’t kind to imbibers of copious amounts of alcohol.


2-      Don’t bother with taxis: Walk. Park City is small. Park City is walkable, and so many people crowd the small streets with vehicles that it’s really not worth it. But be sure to drink water, or you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing, out of breath, walking uphill from venue to venue.


3-      Don’t get all stressed out about the parties. If you haven’t heard, the nightly parties at Sundance are real hard to get into. Even the fancy, rich, and important have to stand in line sometimes. They aren’t worth it—and you’ll likely have more fun in your hot tub back at your hotel with a bottle of hot mulled wine. Just drink lots of water; I’m getting woozy and dehydrated just thinking about it.


4-      Sundance is TWO weekends long. Sundance’s fervor seems to drop off after about Wednesday after the first weekend, and many people prefer the more low-key, less crowded second-weekend of the festival.


5-      Book Early: Save $$$ Better yet, if you have a Park City timeshare, book it up for Sundance week to save hundreds of dollars (a night!) on a hotel stay. But even with Park City timeshares, you have to book your Sundance reservation up to a year in advance to guarantee a spot, the demand is so high.


In fact, buying Park City timeshares resale can actually save you money. Buying more affordable properties like Park Hotel, Park Plaza, and Sweetwater Lift Lodge can actually be less than you’d spend on a hotel for one year, and then you have ongoing access. Talk to one of our agents today about what Park City timeshare resales we have listed, and buckle down and party up for Sundance Film Festival 2014!


Park City Special

As a former resident of Park City, Utah, I can vouch that most everything the author of this article says is spot-on.

Highlighted as “The Best Town in America,” the website OutsideOnline details Park City’s charm and challenges as a tourist hot-spot where local residents revel in the winter (and summer!) wonderland and it’s adventurous opportunities for play.


Ski, skate, bike, hike, or trail-run, hunt, or fish are only a few of the options that locals and visitors alike enjoy. Park Silly Sunday Markets on Main Street see local vendors peddling home-made, organic and sustainable wares throughout the summer. Sundance Film Festival brings glitz and glam to the mountain hideaway each winter.


And the accommodations are limitless. Well, almost. Home-base to Premier Timeshare Resale itself, Park City boasts hotels and timeshares that range from the extravagant Deer Valley Club (fractional property) and Marriott’s MountainSide or Marriott’s Summit Watch, to Westgate Park City Resort and Spa at the Canyons ski resort. Smaller, more affordable properties also enjoy sustained use, like the Park Plaza or the Sweetwater at Park City Lift Lodge in Old Town, which continue to be desirable properties despite modest names.


Whatever your fancy, Park City promises an escape to suit your needs. Stay for a day, a week, a year, or a lifetime. It will be an experience you will not forget.