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When Timeshares Come in Handy: Separate Vacations

If ever we needed an excuse for traveling more, here it is. Founder and Mom Executive Officer of VacationKids.com, Sally Black’s article in the Huffington Post addresses the potential nightmare of packing up the family and heading to the hills with a warring faction of kids in the backseat. The answer? Separate vacations.


Ms. Black offers some good ideas, like father-son fishing or camping trips; mom-daughter shopping trips; pre-college Paris exploits and beachside weekends with one parent. While separate vacations can be expensive, they don’t have to break the bank. Weekends away can be done on a budget, and traveling for a few days several times a year instead of a long trip far away can actually feel like more bang for your buck, with more frequent breaks to refresh.


We’ve all been told (or had the good luck to experience for ourselves) the magic of Disney, but other fantastic weekend destinations with the kids can include places closer to home. Ms. Black’s whole point is not to entertain the kids, but to spend quality time with them, and you don’t need a fancy theme park for that. Plus, if your family owns a timeshare, splitting the week, using the lock-out option, or allocating some points to a few days in your resort can help make the vacation more affordable too.



Buying a timeshare may be a great option for your family if you’d like to take frequent or regular vacations. Owning a timeshare and membership in a reputable trade company can get you virtually anywhere in the world you want to go. Don’t be discouraged by the bickering kids in the backseat. Split ‘em up and spend special time with them individually, or, as Ms. Black suggests, leave them at home for a grown-ups weekend away to recharge and reconnect. Then you’ll have more energy and resources to manage the family once you return!


If this sounds like a good idea, and you’d like to see what kind of timeshare options could be right for your family, contact one of our licensed Realtors today for free. Or, just get in your car and pitch a tent in the closest State Park and sleep under the stars with your kiddos: you won’t regret time spent with them, and they’ll remember it forever.


Spooky Fun: 5 Halloween Destinations

While Halloween’s myriad crafts, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches reiterate for America that the holiday isn’t just for those enjoy goose bumps on the back of their neck, it’s still fun to get spooked out every now and then. The five fun cities below boast a lot of Halloween spirit, and travelers who have an interest in fright, fun, or even history should consider these seasonal destinations that have a lot to offer at the end of October.


1-Anoka Minnesota: “The Halloween Capital of the World”


Anoka’s reputation for celebrating Halloween in style doesn’t come from nowhere. A town-wide festival begins ten days before Halloween, consisting of costume contests, parades, and ghost tours culminates in a night of delight for trick-or-treaters of all ages roaming the streets in costume. Anoka is a generously family-friendly destination, and while a local bar and hotel are supposed to be haunted, this is a great place to bring the kids when you want an upbeat and PG-rated version of the holiday.


2- Salem, Massachusetts: Witches and History

Salem was the site of the macabre 1692 witch trials, every October the city commemorates the event with a Haunted Happenings Festival. Witch trial re-enactments are a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The “Old Witch House,” associated with the witch trials is still standing today, and the home of presiding judge for the 1692 trials has turned into a museum. Don’t forget to visit other attractions, including the Salem Witch Museum and the Witch Village. Salem has a host of historical spooky sites to capture your attention throughout the Halloween season.


3 & 4: Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana: “America’s Most Haunted City”


Both cities make the claim of being America’s Most Haunted, and with Southern culture similarities, both probably come close. Savannah offers scenery of old mansions and huge old trees with limbs thickly draped in spooky spanish moss, while New Orleans is filled with stories of hauntings and voodoo. Savannah offers several historical ghost tours, such as The Ghosts and Gravestones Tour of Savannah or the The Sorrel-Weed House Ghost Hunters Tour. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in New Orleans and the city also hosts a music festival called the Voodoo Experience, because no one knows how to party like NoLa. With tours that center on ghosts, voodoo, vampires, and local legends, New Orleans makes for a great adult destination for a Halloween night that doesn’t end until dawn.


5- Tombstone, Arizona


The site of the famous shoot out at the OK Corral and the Boothill Cemetery, Tombstone almost became a ghost town but was resurrected by tourism. The shoot-out at the OK Corral occurred in late October so Helldorado Days festival begins every year in the third week of October, nicely befitting a Halloween vacation. The Helldorado festival began in 1929 and features a parade, carnival and OK Corral Shoot-out re-enactments. Visitors can also enjoy walking around the spooky gallows yard and the haunted Bird Cage Theater.


America’s (often violent and bloody) history makes for a great backdrop for Halloween’s spooky celebrations, and if you’re planning to travel in October, be safe, and have fun! (And if you like your destination to make it an annual trip, consider buying a timeshare on the resale market to save you money!)


Travel Spotlight: Wisconsin

When most people here “Wisconsin,” they might think of cheese, or Green Bay Packers, or maybe just plain cold, but my recent traverse through the state convinced me it has much, much more to offer.

With several state parks and forests, the state is awash with natural beauty. Dotted with fir, pine, alder, birch, and ash trees along the roads, and lakes interspersed throughout the landscape, many scenic drives offer travelers breathtaking views from the highway, with small towns proffering produce markets, leatherworking, and brewing. If rural beauty isn’t your thing, the towns aren’t bad either. Milwaukee is home to 750,000 residents and boasts a metropolitan area of over 2 million. With it’s location on the lake, and a recently re-developed river-walk downtown, it has an urban charm that doesn’t feel overwhelmingly bustling.   Madison, Wisconsin is known for its artistic and music scenes, and its emphasis on local community and development through small business and programs like community supported agriculture, gardens, and local markets in support of its growing population.   Other smaller communities like Delafield, Wisconsin, offer five star boutique hotels with first rate cuisine nestled within clean and well maintained quiet townships offering a haven from a busier life.   Some of the smaller resort communities are well-worth visiting as well. As renowned vacation sites, both Lake Geneva  and Wisconsin Dells offer timeshares, in addition to nearby several other bays, harbors, and rivers.  If you haven’t considered Wisconsin as a vacation destination, please do so. Wisconsin_timeshare_resales   If your interest is piqued and you want to view Wisconsin timeshares for sale, find them at the link above.   But above all, get outdoors and enjoy the wonders this beautiful state has to offer!