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Wyndham Governor’s Green: Review

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This summer my husband’s family met for a 10 day family reunion in Williamsburg, Virginia. We do these get-togethers every two years as he and his four siblings live in five different states. Each reunion is held at a different property in the Club Wyndham timeshare collection and this year we stayed at Wyndham Governor’s Green.

Governor's Green Master Bedroom

Governor’s Green Master Bedroom

We have stayed in about fifteen different Wyndham properties over the years, and found that Wyndham Governor’s Green did not disappoint. The two bedroom units were spacious and clean with updated furnishings and fixtures. They were equipped as you usually find in Wyndham properties, with a whirlpool tub in the master suite, a washer and dryer inside the unit and a fully equipped kitchen. Also of note was the friendly front-desk staff when we checked in. There is nothing like some sweet tea in the lobby and gracious staff to make you realize that you are entering the south, even if you are just a couple of hours from Washington, D.C.
Governor's Green Bedroom

Governor’s Green Second Bedroom

This resort has two outdoor pools and one indoor pool. The larger outdoor pool also has the indoor pool adjacent to it, a children’s pool and two hot tubs (one indoor and one outdoor). The exterior of the resort was undergoing some repairs, but none of the work interfered with our plans or interrupted us in any way. Otherwise, the grounds were beautiful, and all of the kids (young and old alike) enjoyed the ducks and frogs that visited the pond outside our villas on a daily basis.
Governor's Green Kitchen

Governor’s Green Kitchen

But perhaps the best part of Wyndham Governor’s Green is the location. This was our second visit
to Williamsburg and we enjoyed it even more than the first time. The “Historic Triangle” includes the historic areas of Williamsburg, Jamestown (the site of the first English settlement in North America) and Yorktown (where the British surrendered following the Revolutionary War). For history buffs, there might be no better place to vacation (in fact, we think this area should be on the required travel list for all Americans). We certainly enjoyed trekking through the historic sites and learning so many interesting facts about the first settlers and also about Colonial America.
If history isn’t your thing, Williamsburg is also home to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Busch Gardens is a theme park with European flair, filled with over 50 roller coasters, rides and other thrill-seeking attractions. Water Country USA has more than 40 waterslides and is the largest outdoor waterpark in Virginia. And if traffic cooperates, Virginia Beach and Norfolk are less than 90 minutes away. All in all, there is really no excuse to say you are bored when you are in the Williamsburg area, there is just too much to see and do – even during a 10 day trip! Needless to say, we look forward to returning again to Wyndham Governor’s Green.

When Timeshares Come in Handy: Separate Vacations

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If ever we needed an excuse for traveling more, here it is. Founder and Mom Executive Officer of VacationKids.com, Sally Black’s article in the Huffington Post addresses the potential nightmare of packing up the family and heading to the hills with a warring faction of kids in the backseat. The answer? Separate vacations.


Ms. Black offers some good ideas, like father-son fishing or camping trips; mom-daughter shopping trips; pre-college Paris exploits and beachside weekends with one parent. While separate vacations can be expensive, they don’t have to break the bank. Weekends away can be done on a budget, and traveling for a few days several times a year instead of a long trip far away can actually feel like more bang for your buck, with more frequent breaks to refresh.


We’ve all been told (or had the good luck to experience for ourselves) the magic of Disney, but other fantastic weekend destinations with the kids can include places closer to home. Ms. Black’s whole point is not to entertain the kids, but to spend quality time with them, and you don’t need a fancy theme park for that. Plus, if your family owns a timeshare, splitting the week, using the lock-out option, or allocating some points to a few days in your resort can help make the vacation more affordable too.



Buying a timeshare may be a great option for your family if you’d like to take frequent or regular vacations. Owning a timeshare and membership in a reputable trade company can get you virtually anywhere in the world you want to go. Don’t be discouraged by the bickering kids in the backseat. Split ‘em up and spend special time with them individually, or, as Ms. Black suggests, leave them at home for a grown-ups weekend away to recharge and reconnect. Then you’ll have more energy and resources to manage the family once you return!


If this sounds like a good idea, and you’d like to see what kind of timeshare options could be right for your family, contact one of our licensed Realtors today for free. Or, just get in your car and pitch a tent in the closest State Park and sleep under the stars with your kiddos: you won’t regret time spent with them, and they’ll remember it forever.


Hyatt History: Part 1

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The school year is beginning all over the country and I realized our blog has been hard at play all summer. Attention, folks—time for a timeshare lesson!


Did you know that the international, multibillion dollar industry of hotels with the Hyatt name was actually founded by someone with the first  name “Hyatt?” Hyatt R. von Dehn  and Jack D. Crouch were the original entrepreneurs who began the business. When Hyatt—uh, Mr. von Dehn—wanted out, he sold his share to Jay Pritzker, who, interestingly, heard that the hotel was for sale while he was waiting in a coffee shop for a flight. He scribbled an amount of 2.2 million on a napkin and the deal was made and the Hyatt Corporation was born.


The Pritzker name might be familiar, as it is attached to one of the wealthiest families in America, being near the top of Forbes magazine’s “America’s Richest Families” list since the magazine began it in 1982. Especially in Chicago, where the family has its roots, public parks, universities, research centers for architecture, law, medicine, zoos, art galleries and military libraries all bear its name.


Jay Pritzker and Jack D. Crouch bought the Hyatt House motel adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport in 1957. From there, the company expanded rapidly over the next decade, and it became publicly traded in 1962. In 1969, Hyatt opened its first overseas hotel, the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. Hyatt has become known for its resorts after the opening of Hyatt Regency Maui in 1980. Today Hyatt has over 490 hotels worldwide, encompassing business suites, boutique hotels, timeshares, and extended stay lodging.


Because of the superiority of its business practices, locations, and accommodations, Hyatt timeshares are consistently in high demand on the resale market. This makes Hyatt timeshare resales a valuable sell and a better investment in the timeshare resale market than lesser-known properties. Check out some of what Premier Timeshare Resale has advertised for Hyatt timeshare resales now, or do an online search for Hyatt timeshares in your favorite vacation spot and gorge yourself on the beautiful photos. Then contact us so we can help you buy the Hyatt timeshare resale you like.



Destination: Vancouver

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Vancouver, British Columbia offers the perfect combination of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure for many travelers to the Northwest. The city center is dense and highly navigable on foot, with the surrounding area based around several large breathtaking parks with a myriad of refreshing natural sights.

With a superb selection of casual outdoor dining and haute cuisine, there is something in Vancouver for everyone.  Especially when you consider it’s critically acclaimed opera, symphony, and ballet, as well as it’s burgeoning “underground” music scene.

One area of the city, called Granville Island, is a paradise for families of all ages. Developed in 1979 from what used to be an industrial wasteland under the Granville Bridge, Granville Island now offers a Kid’s Market and free water park to before strolling along beside the houseboats, or striking up a chat with local fishers.

And if you’re looking for a thrill, don’t pass Vancouver by: with its local emphasis on outdoor play, you can find almost any adventure sport (or regular sport!) that suits your fancy, from boating, fishing, cycling and mountain biking, eco-touring and embarking on sea-safaris, to golfing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, scuba diving, and whale watching.  You won’t be bored!

Vancouver accommodations are many and range from the luxurious and ornate hotels to simple and home-like bed-and-breakfasts, with several “wilderness” and camping “hotel” options as well!

If you own a timeshare and want to visit Vancouver, or enjoy the city so much and want to buy a Vancouver timeshare, consider trading and buying options at Worldmark by Wyndham at Vancouver and Club Intrawest Vancouver. Both Worldmark and Club Intrawest are reputable first class resorts that are nestled in the heart of the cosmopolitan city center. Both resorts offer stellar amenities that reflect the urban charm of their surroundings. And both resorts are available to purchase through the points system, which is gaining in popularity. If you’re interested in finding more about how to buy resale Vancouver timeshares, visit one of the links below.

Whatever your aim, whether to pursue outdoor adventure, revel in cosmopolitan culture, engage in family-focused activities, or simply relax on the beach, Vancouver, BC has it all, and it’s just waiting for you to visit.

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Fraud Isn’t Just For Florida

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Often timeshare fraud stories start to sound similar– a small, nondescript company in Southern Florida that calls up and takes advantage of senior citizens by imposing upfront fees and never being heard of again. Yet, a company based in Pleasantville, NJ was recently charged with mail and wire fraud in timeshare resale.


The company maintained connections to New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and gained an estimated $3 million in fraudulent funds. It was estimated that the company persuaded over 225 owners that by paying upfront fees they could better sell their timeshares. One of the most disturbing things about the scam is that few would suspect a timeshare scam outside of Florida, making it easier for the company to take advantage of owners. So watch out- fraud can be anywhere, anytime. Only trust companies with no upfront fees.

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Justice is Served

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So often we see stories of fraudulent timeshare companies that have manipulated and taken advantage of people, often earning millions of dollars in illegal profits. Yet, we don’t often hear about what’s being done to stop them. Where are their penalties? Their justice?


In Florida  however, justice is finally being served. The Federal Trade Commission recently passed judgement on a company named “National Solutions” in Florida that was accused of scamming hundreds of people out of millions of dollars. The court estimated damages at over $6.3 million for victims, and as a result imposed a $6.3 million fine for the operators. “That was our best estimate, after examining paperwork and other materials, of how much consumers were injured,” said William Hobor, an FTC staff attorney. Other National Solution workers signed settlements that banned them from the timeshare business.

It is comforting to know that despite the rampant timeshare fraud, there are still measures being taken and penalties carried out to try to stop fraud.

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Marriott Timeshare History: Part 3

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As the millennium closed, Marriott continued strong with their timeshare, ever expanding and adding to their reputation and impressive list of destinations available to owners.

Some of the first new locations to open up were the Newport Coast Villas in California and the Barony Beach Resorts in Hilton Heads, South Carolina. These were two of the first timeshare to offer full service spa locations, and were conveniently located on either coast.

Marriott’s success was marked by it’s 200,000 owner in timeshares and its 4 billion dollar mark in sales, allowing Marriott to open its first ever Asian timeshare in Thailand, called the Phunket Beach Club in 2001. In 2002, Marriott capitalized on the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, and expanded their MountainSide Resort which allowed owners to be close to the action.

In that same year, Marriott expanded their timeshares in Europe with Marriott’s Village d’Ile-de-France in Paris, France and their 47 Park Street- Grand Residences in London, England.

In 2003, Marriott opens 2 more holdings in Hawaii, and expands timeshares in Arizona, South Carolina and opens a second timeshare in Aruba. In 2005, Marriott opens its first ever timeshare in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Frenchman’s Reef, marking it their 46th timeshare worldwide.

Marriott has continued their innovative brand of timeshare selling even into today, where they remain a world leader in timeshare sale, opening an ever-expanding list of resorts and  coming up with innovations in the market.

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