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Olympic Hosts—Did Someone Say Missouri?

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That’s right; the 1904 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the III Olympiad, were hosted in St. Louis, Missouri. They lasted four and a half months from start to finish, and the competitions were much of a side-show to the World’s Fair. Lost in the chaos of more popular exhibitions, the 1904 Summer Games were somewhat of a flop. But maybe you get what you pay for; that is, St. Louis rather swept the rug (and the Olympic Games) out from under the feet of Chicago, IL, the official winner of the Olympic bid. Apparently, the organizers of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (that chaotic multi-exhibit fair) informed the Chicago planning committee that their own international sports events would eclipse the Olympic Games unless they were moved to St. Louis. Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic movement, gave in and handed them over to St. Louis.

St. Louis may seem like a strange choice more than a hundred years later, but it is one of the largest cities in the Midwest and one rooted in the industrial tradition. Travelers to the border town will find a thriving hipster counter-culture and a slow-food movement for all the foodies interested in home-grown, hormone free eatables. But while St. Louis is not exactly a relaxation destination, several other spots in Missouri are.


Branson, for example, is nicknamed the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. With numerous entertainment theaters, Branson draws tourists from all over the Midwest and invites them to partake in attractions such as the Hollywood Wax Museum, wineries, cave tours, and the Titanic Museum, a half-scale replica of the famous ship and iceberg. Branson timeshare resales abound, too, with varying levels of luxury and affordability. Marriott, Westgate, Wyndham and Worldmark all have timeshare properties in Branson, and if you’re interested, inquire with PTR about Branson Timeshare Resales Today.

Osage Beach and Lake Ozark are twin towns on a large lake in northwest Missouri, and feature getaway accommodations on the beach or with fabulous lake views. Hiking, fishing, barbequing or just sunbathing in the beautiful Ozarks can’t be beat for a more laid back vacation. The Four Seasons and Worldmark timeshare resales in Lake Ozark and Osage Beach are some of the better known properties available.


Yep, we said Missouri! Maybe you had something else in mind for your next vacation, but we strongly recommend taking a second look at the affordable and charming (and surprisingly cosmopolitan) options to be found here with Missouri timeshare resales.


Olympic Cities: Vancouver and its timeshare resales

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For the next in our Olympic blog series, we move back in time two years, to the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ve written about Canada before, both the exotic and rustic options in timeshare resale, and Vancouver is a favorite spot for traveling. Navigable with lots of public transport, Vancouver is clean, fresh and outdoorsy, and home to a wealth of attractions for families and singles alike.


Some trivia about the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver are that some events occurred at sea level (a rarity for Winter Olympics), and Vancouver was the most populous city ever to hold the Winter Games. And contrary to the atmosphere around this year’s Sochi Olympics, the Vancouver Olympics also organized and hosted the first Pride House for LGBT athletes in the history of the event.


So if you’re interested in going back through Olympic host cities and exploring the Olympic legacy, if you’re a timeshare owner, you might consider trading into one of the numerous Vancouver timeshare properties on the west coast of Canada. If you’re thinking of buying Vancouver timeshare resale, two properties are at the top of the list in demand and quality:


1-WorldMark by Wyndham at Vancouver– a high rise vacation ownership property on the Vancouver skyline and nestled into the heart of the city, WorldMark at Vancouver offers a respite from the bustle of the city at your feet. Condos with kitchenettes and free parking during your stay, you can relax onsite in the swimming pool or step out the door to explore a national forest and a host of wellness spas.


2-Club Intrawest Vancouver– with modern and streamlined luxury accommodations, the Club Intrawest showcases high end art in your bedroom with phenomenal views of the city out floor-to-ceiling windows. Near your scenic hike on the sea wall and a live theater performance or symphonic concert, Club Intrawest Vancouver timeshare resales make the city vacation affordable and accessible.


If you’re interested in buying or selling Vancouver timeshare resales, get in touch with our agents at Premier Timeshare Resale to determine the best value for your family.

Weekend Getaways Part 1: Lake Tahoe, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Sonoma Wine

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It’s December. Which means we’re all probably frantically scrambling to meet work deadlines, finish semesters, attend holiday parties, or get gifts in order. It also means that while we’re busier than any other time of the year, we’re fantasizing about getting away from it all. Maybe not. Maybe you’re one of those especially Cheery persons. Hats off to you. The rest of us will be enjoying most of it, suffering through some of it, and dreading parts of the Holidays.


If you are thinking of escaping for a weekend, we will be showcasing some good pre-aligned itineraries from Fodor’s for three U.S. cities: San Francisco, Denver, and Miami. Today, we start with the West Coast (San Francisco):


This Lake Tahoe itinerary hinges on the beauty of the Sierra Nevada range, and demonstrates how Lake Tahoe is becoming increasingly popular as a year-round destination (though ski season is just around the corner, or already here for many resorts). Lake Tahoe timeshare resales are reasonably priced and available for varying seasons, if you decide that it becomes a perennial favorite. Marriott’s Timber Lodge is one of the in-demand properties that continues to hold its value over time.


Monterey and Carmel’s itinerary highlights quaint downtown and bustling Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf, miles of beautiful seaside trails, and at top-notch restaurants in Monterey, as well as Carmel’s

charming shops and restaurants and prime whale-watching territory. Hyatt Highlands Inn timeshare in Carmel-by-the-Sea combines rustic luxury and breathtaking views in a points-based ownership program that allows for flexibility in booking a short weekend trip.


What’s a weekend escape from San Francisco without venturing into Sonoma’s wine country?  Only 45 miles from San Francisco, Sonoma County accounts for 61% of the total agricultural production of the U.S. As such, it is comprised of sprawling vineyards and earthy adventures waiting for wine connoisseurs and novices alike.  If you’re looking to miss the crowds of summer, the beginning of December is a great time to go. Although timeshare resales in the area are scarce, WorldMark has a Wine Country Sonoma County timeshare property located in Windsor. WorldMark owners should find it relatively easy to stay here on their next vacation, and Premier Timeshare Resale would love to give any ready WorldMark Wine Country Sonoma County timeshare owner a quote on a resale listing price.


Weekend getaways are crucial for preserving your sanity. If you can spare the time away from family obligations, we recommend them. Our PTR staff is traveling to Fredericksburg, Texas, next weekend, and will report back on its charms and challenges. In the meantime, look for more weekend getaways and accompanying timeshare resale deals and listing requests from Denver and Atlanta, coming soon. Happy Holidays! (It has begun!)



Travel Spotlight: Seattle

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After a few days in Seattle, I’m realizing that this city pretty much has it all. Want a west-coast experience? Laid-back beaches abound. If you’re interested in the sea, the city offers an array of experiences like the free salmon ladder where you can watch fish swim upstream from the ocean one small waterfall at a time, and with docks and mariner’s museums, there’s enough here to hold your interest in oceanic matters for as long as your attention span. The city’s downtown area and Pioneer Market have a distinctly urban flavor with upscale shopping, art galleriers and public art installations, haute cuisine and brew-pubs, but to escape all that, a hidden free-to-the-public waterfall garden offers a welcome retreat. Even with the rain, the city is geared toward outdoor exploits, and city parks offer hiking trails through its verdant rainforest trees as well as children’s playgrounds. It’s easy to get around, and day-excursions can take you sailing, whale-watching, or to the nearby island where the quaint city of Victoria and its famous Butchart Gardens will charm you for several hours. As Washington state’s cultural capital and center of activity, the diversity in character and activity offering is astounding while naturally blending in to the social and geographical landscape.


Accommodations in the area vary from the affordable to the extravagant. From boutique hotels and exquisite and privately run inns and bed-and-breakfasts, Seattle also offers stays at trusted properties. The Seattle Marriott Waterfront (and several Marriott properties) provide the familiar Marriott guarantee for comfort and style. Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Westin all offer luxurious stays in fabulous locations for the traveler who wants to be in the middle of it all.

Though the pickings are slim for timeshare properties in Seattle, many abound in Washington state, where travelers can enjoy the cascade mountains and greenery that decks the hills of Washington’s coast year-round. Worldmark by Wyndham offers several properties alone, and Ocean Shores is a popular place for city dwellers to take a weekend away from the hubbub.


Summer is upon us, so especially if you have reward or trade points, don’t waste time and get yourself to this fabulous place that has so much to offer. (Just don’t forget your umbrella!)


If you have a timeshare in Washington and don’t want it anymore, get info on how to sell a Washington State timeshare. If you’re interested in buying a Washington timeshare, click on the link above or contact our agents.