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Warm-Weather Getaways for Year-Round Sun

As the winter season trudges on, some of us are already thinking about sunny getaways. While the bright lights and family gatherings of the holidays make this a very special time of year, sometimes we can’t help but sit by the fire and imagine it’s the sun’s rays on a warm coastline. But, where do you imagine your hot holiday taking place?

Arizona sunrise

In a recent highlight, TripAdvisor suggested eight warm-weather getaways, from South Africa to Spain. Here are our top favorites:


Durban, South Africa: A beach city with a unique blend of cultures from India to Western Europe, surfers love Durban’s Golden Mile. Families or couples can find an array of activities where modern resort style accommodations blend with the surrounding natural beauty. Check out Durban timeshare resales here.


The Canary Islands, Spain: Close to North Africa, these islands blend Spanish and Moroccan cultures amidst sand dunes, volcanoes, cliffs, and forests. National Parks and parties of the year can be found on any one of these seven islands, easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. A popular tourist destination for Europeans, Canary Islands timeshare resales abound for trade.


Barbados, Caribbean: Barbados boasts an atmosphere of laid back romance and high strung adventure, depending on which side of the island you’re on. West coasters will experience calm inlets for swimming opportunities,


with travelers on the east coast finding “massive, competition caliber waves.” Turquoise water is a staple on both sides, though, and Barbados timeshare resales on the market are available through PTR now.


Dubai, UAE: This spot offers the only 7-star hotel in the world and is a metropolitan adventure settled into a coastal desert offering unique cultural experiences at open-air markets, the largest natural flower garden, and camel races. Dubai timeshare resales may not be for everyone, but the ones available go quickly.


San Diego, U.S.A: For travelers taking a spur-of-the-moment vacation without time to renew their passports, San Diego provides a warm beachfront year-round. Great for young kids with access to parks, beaches, zoos, and theme parks, the city lets tourists vacation without really having to leave home. San Diego timeshare resales include WorldMark and Wyndham properties that owners could easily access through internal trades.


St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean: yes, we put the Caribbean on this list twice. It’s close, it’s familiar, and it’s full of exotic tropical forests and lagoons minutes from underwater marvels and less-than-crowded beaches. With over 200 historical sites, the island offers a world of diversion for vacationers; and eco-rambles, bio-tours, and climbing are available for the more adventurous tourists. St. Kitts timeshare resales, especially Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club, are a hot commodity that won’t lose value like some other timeshares on the resale market.


Maybe you can wait for your local weather to warm up. Maybe you can’t. Either way, the above locations are great getaways for families and couples alike. Ask Premier Timeshare Resale what other destinations can be right for your family in affordability or amenities today.


Tennessee continues: DOLLYWOOD & Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Even if visiting theme parks isn’t your thing, there’s a southern charm about this one that is undeniably appealing. 

Our family spent an afternoon at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where even our three-year-old could ride real rollercoasters and enjoy the Bluegrass and Barbeque festival that lasts over three weeks, celebrating the commencement of summer.


The staff were friendly and helpful, and Dollywood was as immaculate as a Disney park. And even after Memorial Day weekend: short lines and fast access to rides both large and small.  tennessee-timeshare-resales

tennessee-timeshare-resalesPlus, the park is smaller in scale than some of the more daunting theme parks, so it was walkable, even for the three-year-old, who would gather steam and start dancing every time we passed a bandstand emanating folky music complete with fiddles and banjos.


Accommodations nearby are plentiful, too, with timeshares in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg nearby. The Great Smoky Mountains (and their national park namesake) are nearby too, offering a serene retreat from the tourism and theme park atmosphere of the cities.


Camping, with lawn games and tents is a great way to enjoy being in nature and away from the hubbub.


But the Wyndham Smoky Mountains timeshare resale is, too. Great for just driving through, or getting out and enjoying a dip in the rivers that run through the national park, Great Smoky Mountains is free to visitors and open year round.tennessee-timeshare-resales


We hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway, too, on the north side of the national park, and enjoyed winding roads, being inside clouds…











…and a hike to a spectacular view of a waterfalltennessee-timeshare-resales—the way the first pioneers saw this country—before we said goodbye to Tennessee. And the verdict is in: we will be back.


Lynchburg, Tennessee: Whisky and Wyndham Timeshares


Photo of Lyncburg by Megan Culbertson

While the city’s name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it’s most well-known product certainly does, at least when you drink it. Home to the Jack Daniel’s distillery since 1866, this small town in Tennessee offers fun for families and lovers of whisky, antiques, and green mountain scenery.


We spent the afternoon roaming Lynchburg’s town square, which is home to the old Moore County Jail, in use until 1993.


Woodcut by Dan Guest of Old Moore County Jail

tennessee-timeshare-resalesIThe museum it houses is full of relics, the smell of mold, and four jail cells (two for women, two for men), none of which had working plumbing until the 1960s. nformative and informal, the museum tour was led by a lively elderly gentleman volunteer that captures the spirit of Lynchburg almost as well as the spirits the town is known for: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky.




Photo from JackDaniels.com

We took a distillery tour (free, with a few dollars extra for a tasting at the end of the tour for guests 21 and older) that reviewed the history of the country’s oldest brand of liquor. During the tour we learned about the process of making whisky while walking through the gorgeous grounds of the property. A must-see for anyone in the area, the distillery in Lynchburg is only about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee, and in the heart of the state’s beautiful countryside.


We learned that the Tennessee Valley wasn’t “electrified,” (yes, that means the rural population of the entire state had no electricity) until the 1930s when Roosevelt’s New Deal brought in power. And while the state’s small communities like Lynchburg are now fully “on the grid,” the small-town feel you get while meandering down back country roads is idyllic and a reminder to take life real slow – to enjoy it.


Tennessee has some great timeshare resales, including well-known Wyndhams, Westgate and a Holiday Inn, and several Tennessee timeshares currently listed for sale within an afternoon’s drive of the enchanting town of Lynchburg. Tennessee timeshare resales might not be the most popular on the market, but after a few days in the state, I don’t know that I’m exactly sure why. It’s a great place to vacation, and I’m sure our family will be going back.


Olympic Cities: Vancouver and its timeshare resales

For the next in our Olympic blog series, we move back in time two years, to the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ve written about Canada before, both the exotic and rustic options in timeshare resale, and Vancouver is a favorite spot for traveling. Navigable with lots of public transport, Vancouver is clean, fresh and outdoorsy, and home to a wealth of attractions for families and singles alike.


Some trivia about the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver are that some events occurred at sea level (a rarity for Winter Olympics), and Vancouver was the most populous city ever to hold the Winter Games. And contrary to the atmosphere around this year’s Sochi Olympics, the Vancouver Olympics also organized and hosted the first Pride House for LGBT athletes in the history of the event.


So if you’re interested in going back through Olympic host cities and exploring the Olympic legacy, if you’re a timeshare owner, you might consider trading into one of the numerous Vancouver timeshare properties on the west coast of Canada. If you’re thinking of buying Vancouver timeshare resale, two properties are at the top of the list in demand and quality:


1-WorldMark by Wyndham at Vancouver– a high rise vacation ownership property on the Vancouver skyline and nestled into the heart of the city, WorldMark at Vancouver offers a respite from the bustle of the city at your feet. Condos with kitchenettes and free parking during your stay, you can relax onsite in the swimming pool or step out the door to explore a national forest and a host of wellness spas.


2-Club Intrawest Vancouver– with modern and streamlined luxury accommodations, the Club Intrawest showcases high end art in your bedroom with phenomenal views of the city out floor-to-ceiling windows. Near your scenic hike on the sea wall and a live theater performance or symphonic concert, Club Intrawest Vancouver timeshare resales make the city vacation affordable and accessible.


If you’re interested in buying or selling Vancouver timeshare resales, get in touch with our agents at Premier Timeshare Resale to determine the best value for your family.

New Orleans: an enchanting and rich cultural experience

Is it cold and windy, maybe even rainy where you are? Given that it’s November 4th, our guess is that it very well may be. Do you know where it’s not blustery or damp? New Orleans. This week’s forecast sees high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, with mild evenings and partly cloudy skies. If that’s not reason enough to book a trip, I’m not sure what is, but here are a few more compelling details that might get your fingers clicking on the keyboard to find a flight.


Festivals. Nola does food and music right, and upcoming this month are the Jazz in the ParkTreme Creole Gumbo Festival, the Voodoo Music Experience, and Oak Street Po Boy Festival. My mouth is literally watering right now, and you can bet the New Orleans Jazz music won’t be leaving your ears anytime soon after you hear it live and up close.


New Orleans offers a whole host of recreational activities beyond their famous festivals: shopping and dining are amongst the many. Casinos and museums abound, to satisfy your diverse interests, and the New Orleans Saints make autumn an exciting season for the city’s sports lovers.


Did I hear you ask about accommodations? WorldMark at New Orleans is snuggled up right next to a streetcar stop for your exploring convenience, and the courtyard pool and rooftop sundeck are reasons enough to leave the wintering weather behind you and come stay at this resort. Need more options? Wyndham’s Avenue Plaza and La Belle Maison are New Orleans timeshares that offer suites and excellent service. La Belle Maison was highly ranked as #2 of 16 specialty accommodations in Nola on Tripadvisor.com, and its reviews speak for its experience. Wyndham’s Avenue Plaza in the Garden District also offers spacious suites and sunny courtyard dining.

If you’re already a timeshare owner, book your next timeshare trade week to New Orleans, and tell us how you liked it. If you’re looking to buy New Orleans timeshare resale, well, come on over to our website here to talk to licensed real estate agents about which property we have might be right for you.


And if you’re headed to New Orleans, don’t forget to party like a local.


Destination Nassau

The Bahamas aren’t so far away, but they seem like another world of adventure. Whether for travelers who prefer to stay within their realm of familiarity, or for globetrotters who like to get lost in back alleys to discover something new about local culture, Nassau offers a host of possibilities.


Some access Nassau by cruise, as it remains a major port of call for several cruise lines, but others prefer to make it their sole destination through commercial or private flights. And there’s no wonder why: with limitless white sand beaches and opportunities for watersports ranging from fishing, sailing, snorkeling, a waterpark, and more, water lovers flock to the island to enjoy the splash and sun.


Nassau also boasts exceptional golf and world-class spas, with upscale and designer shopping areas for a leisurely afternoon. Casinos and clubs dot the city’s skyline, providing night owls with their own late night playgrounds. And for foodies, Nassau offers a culinary delight of various local cooking courses and Bahamian cuisines. Take advantage of one of the many tours of distilleries, cigar rolling, and chocolate factories, or visit the Straw Market. A unique place to shop for handmade straw items like baskets, hats, bags and dolls, it’s a great way to experience a bit of culture and pick up unique souvenirs.


A longtime city of luxury, Nassau offers the best in accommodations for the discriminating traveler. Don’t worry: there are affordable options too. Wyndham and Sheraton both have established timeshare hotels on the island that accord with their brand names’ levels of comfort and style, but you can find a Best Western motel, too. Timeshare properties are a must in the Bahamas for vacationers who can’t stay away, and Harborside at Atlantis is a proven favorite.


With warm, mild weather, the Bahamas are a year-round destination, and close to the U.S., are relatively inexpensive from Miami, Galveston, Orlando, and other southern port cities. Don’t wait to plan your next vacation, but consider Nassau today for its luxury, brilliance and options where you can sample its laid back Caribbean lifestyle.


Premier Timeshare Resale has several Bahamas timeshare resale properties for sale. Browse current listings for timeshare resales in the Bahamas, inquire about one of the many of the Bahamas timeshare properties, or get an appraisal on a Bahamian property that you already own through our website.

Wyndham Approves how Florida helps to prevent timeshare scams

Florida is a location with several timeshare resort properties, and Wyndham, a large vacation ownership company, has recently issued a public statement about the new legislation signed in Florida aimed to help prevent timeshare fraud.


Governor Rick Scott passed a bill that prevents a transfer company from collecting any fee until a written agreement is signed by a timeshare owner, many of whom can no longer effectively make payments on their property. Read the whole article here, and make note of Wyndham CEO Franz Hanning’s statement, “I commend Gov. Scott and his legislative partners for taking swift action to guard against timeshare transfer scams.”


Wyndham has historically been a reputable travel and timeshare company. With interstate-roadside hotels like its Wingate line, or it’s Worldmark and Wyndham resort properties in Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Germany, India, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Qatar, Suriname, Turkey, the United Kingdom and several properties across the USA, it boasts exceptional amenities and ease of access from wherever you might be coming.


Wyndham timeshare resales typically hold their value well and if you’re looking to sell a Wyndham timeshare and you go through a licensed agent, such as the ones at Premier Timeshare Resale, you won’t pay any fees upfront, and you won’t get paid for the sale until the deed is transferred. Buying a Wyndham timeshare resale is your best bet for price and quality. Even Wyndham’s President and CEO states that his desire lies in the effort to, “further enhance safeguards for timeshare owners and associations, and strengthen our collective efforts to protect consumers.”



Buying a Wyndham timeshare resale guarantees that commitment to service that Hanning brings to the company. If you’re intrigued, browse PTR’s listings for Wyndham timeshare resales, or contact us about what Wyndham timeshares might be right for your vacation needs today.