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Destination Nassau

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The Bahamas aren’t so far away, but they seem like another world of adventure. Whether for travelers who prefer to stay within their realm of familiarity, or for globetrotters who like to get lost in back alleys to discover something new about local culture, Nassau offers a host of possibilities.


Some access Nassau by cruise, as it remains a major port of call for several cruise lines, but others prefer to make it their sole destination through commercial or private flights. And there’s no wonder why: with limitless white sand beaches and opportunities for watersports ranging from fishing, sailing, snorkeling, a waterpark, and more, water lovers flock to the island to enjoy the splash and sun.


Nassau also boasts exceptional golf and world-class spas, with upscale and designer shopping areas for a leisurely afternoon. Casinos and clubs dot the city’s skyline, providing night owls with their own late night playgrounds. And for foodies, Nassau offers a culinary delight of various local cooking courses and Bahamian cuisines. Take advantage of one of the many tours of distilleries, cigar rolling, and chocolate factories, or visit the Straw Market. A unique place to shop for handmade straw items like baskets, hats, bags and dolls, it’s a great way to experience a bit of culture and pick up unique souvenirs.


A longtime city of luxury, Nassau offers the best in accommodations for the discriminating traveler. Don’t worry: there are affordable options too. Wyndham and Sheraton both have established timeshare hotels on the island that accord with their brand names’ levels of comfort and style, but you can find a Best Western motel, too. Timeshare properties are a must in the Bahamas for vacationers who can’t stay away, and Harborside at Atlantis is a proven favorite.


With warm, mild weather, the Bahamas are a year-round destination, and close to the U.S., are relatively inexpensive from Miami, Galveston, Orlando, and other southern port cities. Don’t wait to plan your next vacation, but consider Nassau today for its luxury, brilliance and options where you can sample its laid back Caribbean lifestyle.


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Travel Spotlight: Seattle

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After a few days in Seattle, I’m realizing that this city pretty much has it all. Want a west-coast experience? Laid-back beaches abound. If you’re interested in the sea, the city offers an array of experiences like the free salmon ladder where you can watch fish swim upstream from the ocean one small waterfall at a time, and with docks and mariner’s museums, there’s enough here to hold your interest in oceanic matters for as long as your attention span. The city’s downtown area and Pioneer Market have a distinctly urban flavor with upscale shopping, art galleriers and public art installations, haute cuisine and brew-pubs, but to escape all that, a hidden free-to-the-public waterfall garden offers a welcome retreat. Even with the rain, the city is geared toward outdoor exploits, and city parks offer hiking trails through its verdant rainforest trees as well as children’s playgrounds. It’s easy to get around, and day-excursions can take you sailing, whale-watching, or to the nearby island where the quaint city of Victoria and its famous Butchart Gardens will charm you for several hours. As Washington state’s cultural capital and center of activity, the diversity in character and activity offering is astounding while naturally blending in to the social and geographical landscape.


Accommodations in the area vary from the affordable to the extravagant. From boutique hotels and exquisite and privately run inns and bed-and-breakfasts, Seattle also offers stays at trusted properties. The Seattle Marriott Waterfront (and several Marriott properties) provide the familiar Marriott guarantee for comfort and style. Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Westin all offer luxurious stays in fabulous locations for the traveler who wants to be in the middle of it all.

Though the pickings are slim for timeshare properties in Seattle, many abound in Washington state, where travelers can enjoy the cascade mountains and greenery that decks the hills of Washington’s coast year-round. Worldmark by Wyndham offers several properties alone, and Ocean Shores is a popular place for city dwellers to take a weekend away from the hubbub.


Summer is upon us, so especially if you have reward or trade points, don’t waste time and get yourself to this fabulous place that has so much to offer. (Just don’t forget your umbrella!)


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Wyndham Approves how Florida helps to prevent timeshare scams

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Florida is a location with several timeshare resort properties, and Wyndham, a large vacation ownership company, has recently issued a public statement about the new legislation signed in Florida aimed to help prevent timeshare fraud.


Governor Rick Scott passed a bill that prevents a transfer company from collecting any fee until a written agreement is signed by a timeshare owner, many of whom can no longer effectively make payments on their property. Read the whole article here, and make note of Wyndham CEO Franz Hanning’s statement, “I commend Gov. Scott and his legislative partners for taking swift action to guard against timeshare transfer scams.”


Wyndham has historically been a reputable travel and timeshare company. With interstate-roadside hotels like its Wingate line, or it’s Worldmark and Wyndham resort properties in Australia, Bahamas, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Germany, India, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Qatar, Suriname, Turkey, the United Kingdom and several properties across the USA, it boasts exceptional amenities and ease of access from wherever you might be coming.


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Buying a Wyndham timeshare resale guarantees that commitment to service that Hanning brings to the company. If you’re intrigued, browse PTR’s listings for Wyndham timeshare resales, or contact us about what Wyndham timeshares might be right for your vacation needs today.

Wyndham’s Haven in North Dakota

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Although you might be inclined to think that North Dakota is limited in its offerings of amenities and comforts, my experience here would challenge you to think again.


After four nights of primitive camping in State Forests and National Parks, and with a 10 hour drive between the Minnesota-Canadian Border and our next stop of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, our family was ready for a brief return to civilization, or at least a shower.


Surprisingly, Bismarck, North Dakota and its Wingate by Wyndham provided us with the haven we needed. We obtained a room for an affordable $104, and were happy to take advantage of its luxurious shelter.

Guest-laundry facilities and free wi-fi were only the start of our relief. With clean clothes and some work put behind us, we were only too happy to bask in the hot tub and lounge by the pool, which was spacious and sparsely populated, and featured section measuring only 18 inches in depth where my two year old could splash to her heart’s content.


The website will advertise “continental breakfast included,” but upon coming downstairs, we found pre-prepared bacon and eggs staying warm over a burner, and a cook ready to prepare your omelet, made-to-order, while we watched.  This Wyndham property also boasts an exercise facility, conference and meeting rooms, free parking, dry cleaning, and a hotel bar.


With a sleek décor and modern design, not to mention its location near shops from which we replenished our food supply and boosted our morale (a nail salon for me!), this Wyndham property was exactly what a week in the woods had ordered.

We are now refreshed and ready for the Dakotan Badlands!


(Wyndham also does timeshare across several states , including Nevada, Wisconsin, Hawaii, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, Colorado and others, as well as internationally in Australia, the Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. If you love Wyndham as much as I do right now, you might want to check out some Wyndham timeshares for resale.)

NYC: Another Timeshare Option to Open

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According to an e-news article just published on Crain’s New York Business site, another Manhattan timeshare resort will be available in NYC soon. Converting the sleek and modern Alex hotel, Wyndham resorts will be developing a timeshare property in a fabulous midtown location.


The Alex Hotel is located at 205 E. 45th Street, and known for its luxurious assortment of single rooms, suites, and multiple bedroom deluxe suites. The property itself is only 10 years old, and was in foreclosure when Wyndham made the deal to purchase it over a series of a few years.


Wyndham will be doing some renovations, according the article on Crain’s, and with a steal of a sale at $115 million, Wyndham will be able to perfect the hotel grounds to its high standards of its timeshare resort extravagance.

Timeshare owners and new vacationers alike may be pleased at another vacation ownership opportunity in New York City, where timeshare “trading” has been difficult due to the limited timeshare space.


Wyndham timeshare owners will likely have first pick of sales, but keep an eye out, and stay informed about this Manhattan timeshare resale as Wyndham owners begin to shift their inventory. Wyndham timeshare resales hold their value well, so this is a prime piece of property for its location and value!

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