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By August 17, 2018PTR's Time to Share

It’s that time again! A chance for us to get to know another one of our team members at Premier Timeshare Resale a little better. The person I would like to introduce you to today has been married 52 years and met his wife at age 14 (married at 18)! A family man, John and his wife had 7 children and are now blessed with 8 grandchildren. He works with us at Premier Timeshare Resale as the broker of our California office and a sales agent, helping people with any buying and selling questions they may have.

So, without further ado, please welcome John Raymond to our blog today!John Raymond

John, how did you start working with timeshares?

I got my California real estate license in 2001. My friend, Larry Hayden, asked me to join his company as a licensed timeshare resale agent.

So you begin working with timeshares in 2001 with your friend, Larry? Or was there time that passed between getting your real estate license and becoming a licensed timeshare resale agent?

Let’s see…. Well, Larry Hayden is a longtime friend. I knew he was a timeshare resale broker and made a visit to his office one day in 2001. That began my real estate career. A few months into it, 9/11 hit and we had to diversify. We supplemented income by selling life insurance online with an occasional home sale. Then 2008 hit and the financial world collapsed. So, in 2009 I bought Select Realtors (now Raymond Realty), a property management and residential sales company. Times were tough, so I delivered pizza for Pizza Hut for a couple of years. Then I met Kelly Marshall and I’ve settled in here at Premier Timeshare Resale.

After discussing family and marriage, I discovered John has a goal to own 2 multi home ranchettes. One in Oregon and one in California.

Would the multi-home ranchettes be primarily for the use of you and your children and grandchildren?

Each ranch will be maintained by the people that live there. Our families will come and go as time allows. We all like the idea of family and community living, so it’s going to be so much fun!!

Sounds like a lovely goal. When that pans out, I would love to come visit!

Speaking of community, I feel like food and fellowship go hand in hand. Do you have a favorite food right now?

Olive Garden has a wonderful Chicken Alfredo meal. Kelly Marshall sent it to me when I was recovering from pneumonia. I love it. Wine must accompany.

Any particular variety?

My wife and I both like red wines, so a nice Cabernet or Merlot is what we normally order. I do like whites on some occasions. Pinot Grigio and/or Chardonnay.

Mount Rushmore

What is one favorite place you have lived or traveled to and why?

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. After 49 years of marriage, my wife and I took two weeks to look through the state in which my wife was born.

Nice! Ok lastly, what is your favorite song right now and why?

Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw. Live like you’re going to die today. Why? Because no one is guaranteed TOMORROW. The reminder is to enjoy every moment as it happens. It’s all you have. NOW. Some teachers suggest that most miss NOW with concerns of yesterday and anxiety about tomorrow. So right NOW, take a deep breath. Feel it. Enjoy it. Blessings!

John Raymond and family

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