You may have seen our recent post about scammers getting busted, but the fight is still an uphill battle.



Premier Timeshare Resale received an email last week from a timeshare owner who had been solicited by a fraudster using PTR’s name and logo. Fortunately, this owner made a smart move by googling “Premier Timeshare Resale” to look up our company and found out that his solicitation was a fraud.


BEWARE: known fraudsters Ryan Flynn and Joseph Covell, one with the fraudulent title “Director of Sales and Marketing,” of “Premier Timeshares,” have been sending emails to timeshare owners requesting upfront fees. They are posing with the Florida phone number and address of 407.515.0216, 5389 S. Kirkman Road, suite 103-102 Orlando, Fl 32819. This group has been illegally using our logo and letterhead, and asking for a Money Gram for $250 for the sale of resort properties such as Flagship.


AGAIN: RYAN FLYNN AND/OR JOSEPH COVELL ARE CONDUCTING IS A SCAM. You can learn about Premier Timeshare Resale, our agents, and contact us to verify that we never ask for upfront fees, and our real estate agents are licensed with the state of Utah. 


Please share this information with other timeshare owners, friends and family so that they are not duped by yet another predatory scam, this time using PTR’s own property.


To see what the Ryan Flynn/Joseph Covell scam contracts look like, click here, and remember THESE CONTRACTS ARE FRAUDULENT.


The company of Premier Timeshare Resale was born out of hardworking licensed agents with a love for travel and direct experience selling timeshares from developing resorts. PTR’s vision is first of all one of timeshare integrity. Through resale, owners are able to save thousands of dollars to buy a property at a resort they love, vacation with friends and family, and travel affordably. We vociferously condemn scammers who besmirch the timeshare industry and prey on their fellow man.


Stand against this illegal practice with us and help Premier Timeshare Resale legitimize the timeshare industry through honesty and integrity.



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