Park City News: Buyout Offer to Settle Lawsuit Between PCMR and Talisker

A lawsuit over the land that houses Park City’s Mountain Resort (PCMR) has been underway for the last few months. The dispute began over a backdated lease for much of the land that the PCMR resort sits on with Talisker Land Holdings, LLC. Vail Resorts has been fighting the land battle with PCMR and, as important court dates approach, Vail Resorts and trying to settle the case outside of court.


pcmrvtaliskerThis week, John Cumming, CEO of PCMR parent Powdr Corp, released a letter from Vail Resorts’ CEO Rob Katz, in which Katz offered to buyout PCMR. In the letter, Katz said Vail Resorts would pay “fair market value for any of the assets you have that would be helpful to us in operating the resort,” although an actual price was never identified.


Cumming, however, was not appeased by the offer, releasing a statement Tuesday in response to Katz’s letter.


“We have repeatedly made it clear to Vail that PCMR is interested in exploring all possible solutions that will preserve the independence of PCMR as the nation’s premier family ski resort. What we won’t agree to is a Vail takeover. Vail’s domination of the ski market in Summit County would be bad for our community, bad for our guests, and bad for our employees.”


Although PCMR isn’t going down without a fight, fans of the resort don’t have to worry about the mountain being taken away regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome. Vail Resorts has made it clear that, if they acquire the land, it will stay as a ski resort.


The ski community seems to be split as to whom they’d rather win. Some argue that a Vail Resorts takeover would ruin the charm and local atmosphere on PCMR, while others advocate for the change, saying PCMR is rundown and needs a facelift.


What do you think? Would PCMR be better run under new management or do you love the resort as it is? Do you have a Marriott’s MountainSide or Westgate Park City timeshare and how do you think this will affect your stay? Will the lawsuit outcome affect where you ski next year or whether you buy a Park City timeshare? Leave your response in the comments.


To find out more or read the letter from Vail Resorts click here.



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