Timeshares Facilitate the Family Vacation

One of the hallmarks of the middle class is being able to take a family vacation. Whether it’s piling in a station wagon (or SUV) and driving to Disney World, taking an Alaskan cruise, or spending a week in a sun-and-surf resort in Hawaii or South Carolina, the American family vacation remains a part of family life, as this article examines in depth.


Creating priceless memories, decompressing from work, and bonding were cited as the most important reasons to keep up the practice of vacationing together. In hard economic times, like the great recession of 2007-2009 families bought food and cooked on their vacations instead of eating out at restaurants, but travelers were determined to vacation: it’s in our blood. Or at least our middle class lifestyle.



Other cost-saving strategies recommended by experts were vacation rentals and timeshare resale ownership (as opposed to hotel stays), especially with a clan of five people or more. When you rent a home or stay in a timeshare property, you can cook your own food and accommodate more people. Camping is another option for the especially rustic vacationers, and the great American road trip with national parks and days at the beach is in favor again, too.


Timeshare resales in hot vacation spots like South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Utah, and for the deeper pocketed families who can afford the flights, Hawaii, are great alternatives to paying for hotels in different spots every year. Staying in reputable properties like Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt keep your timeshare resale value relatively stable over the years while continuing to offer you immense flexibility in locations through trade and point programs.


If you’re one of the 132 million individuals who clings to the shrinking middle class designation, contact PTR today to find out whether a timeshare resale might be one of the more affordable ways to preserve your yearly family vacation time together.


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