With the Cricket and Women’s FIFA World Cups in full swing, we thought we would take a look at all of the beautiful locations the world-wide tournaments are held in. Spanning the globe, the World Cup of many sports constantly travels to foreign lands. Timeshares are a great way to make your travel flexible enough to see all of the championships you want, while never sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Sydney opera houseThis year, the Cricket World Cup is being hosted in Australia and New Zealand. Although these exotic locations are halfway across the world, they are popular destination for United States travelers because English is a shared language. However, although the alphabet is the same, the combination of slang, accents and fast speech can make one feel like they don’t even speak the same language!

canada sunsetBack to the North American continent, Canada is currently hosting the Women’s FIFA World Cup. Our neighbors above are another popular tourist destination for locals due to its beautiful cascading landscapes and close proximity. A timeshare in Canada can do more than bring you closer to a number of sports championships, it can also become what feels like a second home and a place you and your family will treasure year after year.

brazil sunsetWhen it comes to World Cups, nothing can compare to the Men’s FIFA championship. Hosted in beautiful Brazil last year, you’d be surprised at how many timeshare opportunities exist in this majestic land. While the trip to Brazil may stem from a love of football, it will grow into a passion for the place and you’ll look forward to your trip each year in no time.

Whether you’re traveling to see your favorite athletes in person, or just to experience a new country, buying a timeshare can make your travel easier. Guaranteed reservation dates, an in-room kitchen, and a full-service resort eliminate many of the struggles associated with traveling abroad.

flight boardPremier Timeshare Resale believes in travel, and wants to share the gift of travel with everyone by making it easy. A timeshare resale not only cuts down on planning, but cuts costs, getting you your timeshare at the best price possible. If you have questions about how owning a timeshare resale can make your travel dreams come true, talk to one of our licensed timeshare resale agents. These trained professionals can answer your questions and begin the search for your dream vacation home.

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