When most people here “Wisconsin,” they might think of cheese, or Green Bay Packers, or maybe just plain cold, but my recent traverse through the state convinced me it has much, much more to offer.

With several state parks and forests, the state is awash with natural beauty. Dotted with fir, pine, alder, birch, and ash trees along the roads, and lakes interspersed throughout the landscape, many scenic drives offer travelers breathtaking views from the highway, with small towns proffering produce markets, leatherworking, and brewing. If rural beauty isn’t your thing, the towns aren’t bad either. Milwaukee is home to 750,000 residents and boasts a metropolitan area of over 2 million. With it’s location on the lake, and a recently re-developed river-walk downtown, it has an urban charm that doesn’t feel overwhelmingly bustling.   Madison, Wisconsin is known for its artistic and music scenes, and its emphasis on local community and development through small business and programs like community supported agriculture, gardens, and local markets in support of its growing population.   Other smaller communities like Delafield, Wisconsin, offer five star boutique hotels with first rate cuisine nestled within clean and well maintained quiet townships offering a haven from a busier life.   Some of the smaller resort communities are well-worth visiting as well. As renowned vacation sites, both Lake Geneva  and Wisconsin Dells offer timeshares, in addition to nearby several other bays, harbors, and rivers.  If you haven’t considered Wisconsin as a vacation destination, please do so. Wisconsin_timeshare_resales   If your interest is piqued and you want to view Wisconsin timeshares for sale, find them at the link above.   But above all, get outdoors and enjoy the wonders this beautiful state has to offer!

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