On Thursday President Obama announced that the U.S. will be starting a number of initiatives to improve our country’s relationship with Cuba, including increasing trade and travel between the two countries.

Cuba streetThis will end half a century of animosity between the U.S. and Cuba. But building trust and amenities to accommodate the anxious tourist ready to explore the mysterious country won’t be an easy task.

Travel and tourism to Cuba has been a lofty task for decades. The small amount of tourists that Cuba did allow to visit had to apply for a number of permissions and licenses just to enter the country. On top of that, travel to Cuba could only be done as an educational and relationship building mission, which means travelers had to go on guided tours and prove that they were learning, teaching and sharing cultures. There were no mojitos or lazy beach days on a vacation in Cuba.

President Obama’s initiatives will make it easier for tourists to travel to Cuba by reducing the number of licenses required, allowing travelers to explore un-escorted, and no longer requiring tourists to report on their activities to prove their educational value.

Cuba mountainsHowever, it doesn’t mean that the country is ready for a flood of tourists. Until the Cuban trade embargo is lifted, full cultural exchange can’t take place. That means no chain restaurants or purely leisure travel. Experts say it’ll be years before the embargo is lifted, and even then it will take time for Cuba to build resorts and ports that can accommodate a high volume of travelers.

Although it will be a long road before Cuba is completely integrated into modern tourism, many notable resorts and cruise liners are excited about President Obama’s announcement. The beautiful sandy beaches of Cuba’s Caribbean coastline are a prime tourist location, and the intricate Cuban culture will prove beautiful and fascinating to curious travelers.

Because of Cuba’s close-minded politics over the last half century, there aren’t currently any timeshare resorts in the country. However, areas surrounding Cuba, such as Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Mexico, are endlessly gorgeous locations to travel and offer a similar experience of distant cultures and premier beaches as Cuba.

Cuba beachExplore our Caribbean timeshares and get a taste for this exceptional travel location while Cuba works to improve their tourism industry. It could someday become a top location for touring in the world.

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