Timeshare Scam Warning! Look Out for PTR Poser

We often talk about the timeshare scam artists out there and we love to see them get caught and locked away. Unfortunately, Premier Timeshare Resale has been used in a scam and we want to warn everyone out there!

warningWe received an email last week asking about an agent named Yonathan Sanchez. This person DOES NOT WORK AT PTR. He contacted a timeshare owner claiming to work for PTR and offering a buyer. Of course, he required an upfront fee. Remember, Premier Timeshare Resale NEVER ASKS FOR AN UPFONT FEE.

Sanchez used PTR’s logo, staff information, and testimonials to try to gain the prospective seller’s trust. But one obvious flaw was his Gmail email address. Also, he does not have a bio on our website. All of Premier Timeshare Resale’s agents are licensed real estate agents and their licenses can be checked online.

If you receive any calls from anyone that isn’t listed on our website, do not tell them any personal information. Timeshare scam artists steal hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from innocent, unsuspecting victims. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones falls prey to these tricksters. You can never be too cautious when buying or selling a timeshare, so make sure your agent and broker are legitimate and never pay a fee upfront.

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