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Many companies offer timeshares, but Disney, like everything else, takes them to the next level. When Disney began offering timeshares in the 1990s, they had the Disney heritage to honor and it is clear they do this with their timeshare program. Each of the many Disney timeshare locations world- wide offer the special Disney magic to all of their guests from the moment of arrival to the very last wave goodbye off departure.


Buying a Disney timeshare resale is like buying a piece of the Disney magic that is all your own. No one can walk away from a Disney timeshare vacation and not feel special. Each Disney timeshare resort offers activities that will appeal to all the members of your family, regardless of age. The magic is an integral part of the experience. To prove it, they pride themselves on “Above and Beyond” service, anticipating needs, assisting with on or off site dining reservations, and facilitating special and unique celebrations and milestones.


A Disney timeshare is based on the increasingly popular points system. This means that rather than owning a certain room, at a certain resort, for a certain week of the year, you own points that can be used all around the world at any Disney timeshare location. You may hold onto your points for a year and combine them with your points for the following year to take a more magical vacation, or you may break your points up and use them to take two or three smaller trips throughout the year. The points system is very flexible and can accommodate nearly every vacation dream.


Here are some more important facts about owning a Disney timeshare resale:


-The Disney timeshare collection not only includes Disney themed resorts, but it includes RCI exchanges as well.


-You can do almost as much with a Disney timeshare resale as you can do with an original purchase.


-There are a few restrictions but those will not be an issue for the majority of travelers.


-Disney fractional ownership also gives you discounts at certain Walt Disney World resort restaurants, spa treatments, golf memberships, and Disney theme park tickets and passes.


-Your ownership is for a predetermined length of time, rather than forever. For example, some ownership lengths are based on the resort it was purchased at and some are based on when the resort was initially open for Disney Vacation Club sales.


Many vacationers are looking to enjoy the Disney magic while avoiding some of the notorious Disney prices. Premier Timeshare Resale exists so that the Disney magic can be spread to even more families. Whether you are ready to buy or sell a Disney timeshare, they can offer you the best deal possible for the number of points you are interested in obtaining or selling.


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