Destination: Vancouver

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Vancouver, British Columbia offers the perfect combination of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure for many travelers to the Northwest. The city center is dense and highly navigable on foot, with the surrounding area based around several large breathtaking parks with a myriad of refreshing natural sights.

With a superb selection of casual outdoor dining and haute cuisine, there is something in Vancouver for everyone.  Especially when you consider it’s critically acclaimed opera, symphony, and ballet, as well as it’s burgeoning “underground” music scene.

One area of the city, called Granville Island, is a paradise for families of all ages. Developed in 1979 from what used to be an industrial wasteland under the Granville Bridge, Granville Island now offers a Kid’s Market and free water park to before strolling along beside the houseboats, or striking up a chat with local fishers.

And if you’re looking for a thrill, don’t pass Vancouver by: with its local emphasis on outdoor play, you can find almost any adventure sport (or regular sport!) that suits your fancy, from boating, fishing, cycling and mountain biking, eco-touring and embarking on sea-safaris, to golfing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, scuba diving, and whale watching.  You won’t be bored!

Vancouver accommodations are many and range from the luxurious and ornate hotels to simple and home-like bed-and-breakfasts, with several “wilderness” and camping “hotel” options as well!

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Whatever your aim, whether to pursue outdoor adventure, revel in cosmopolitan culture, engage in family-focused activities, or simply relax on the beach, Vancouver, BC has it all, and it’s just waiting for you to visit.

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