Green and blooming: Arkansas is not so bad

Arkansas gets a bad rap, at least from what I remember of geographical jokes of backwoodsy and hick folk from school days. But our second venture into the state was as surprisingly beautiful and entertaining as the first.


Staying in Fayetteville we got a glimpse of a town that’s lush with green foliage and flowers, hip with college student trendy shops, flourishing with local flavors and, well, our weekend’s favorite: breweries. Microbreweries in Fayetteville have sprung up (maybe because of) those college kids and offer visitors and residents alike a fresh flurry of options for good food and varied recipes of beer and ale. And we went to them all.


Ok, no that’s not true, “all” is more than one weekend can accommodate, but it’s a great way to get acquainted with the town and enjoy good food and company while you


Brewery Passport with Stamps

do it. Plus, you get this cool brewery-passport with places for stamps for each establishment that you can fill up with a sense of accomplishment (and tipsiness) as you visit each one. Containing information about each brewery, a map in the back, and responsibly, a list of cab companies’ information in the back, the “passports” are delightful souvenirs, too.

And okay, it might be a bit backwoodsy, but hey, the drive-through zoo in nearby Gentry, AR is actually really enjoyable. Camel rides are available…


…and so is getting pecked by an ostrich as you try to take a photo of it.


The zoo is cash only, and corn dogs are available for visitors with sacks of bread you can feed to all the animals in the petting zoo (except the Kangaroos and primates). It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids if you’re not too concerned about animal rights or environmentally sustainable entertainment.


arkansas-timeshare-resalesWe can’t wait to see what else Arkansas has for us on our next visit, (besides filling up the rest of our brewery-passports back in Fayetteville), but we’re pretty sure it will be great. There are a ton of great things to do locally, and sights to see across the state.


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