Lynchburg, Tennessee: Whisky and Wyndham Timeshares


Photo of Lyncburg by Megan Culbertson

While the city’s name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it’s most well-known product certainly does, at least when you drink it. Home to the Jack Daniel’s distillery since 1866, this small town in Tennessee offers fun for families and lovers of whisky, antiques, and green mountain scenery.


We spent the afternoon roaming Lynchburg’s town square, which is home to the old Moore County Jail, in use until 1993.


Woodcut by Dan Guest of Old Moore County Jail

tennessee-timeshare-resalesIThe museum it houses is full of relics, the smell of mold, and four jail cells (two for women, two for men), none of which had working plumbing until the 1960s. nformative and informal, the museum tour was led by a lively elderly gentleman volunteer that captures the spirit of Lynchburg almost as well as the spirits the town is known for: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky.




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We took a distillery tour (free, with a few dollars extra for a tasting at the end of the tour for guests 21 and older) that reviewed the history of the country’s oldest brand of liquor. During the tour we learned about the process of making whisky while walking through the gorgeous grounds of the property. A must-see for anyone in the area, the distillery in Lynchburg is only about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee, and in the heart of the state’s beautiful countryside.


We learned that the Tennessee Valley wasn’t “electrified,” (yes, that means the rural population of the entire state had no electricity) until the 1930s when Roosevelt’s New Deal brought in power. And while the state’s small communities like Lynchburg are now fully “on the grid,” the small-town feel you get while meandering down back country roads is idyllic and a reminder to take life real slow – to enjoy it.


Tennessee has some great timeshare resales, including well-known Wyndhams, Westgate and a Holiday Inn, and several Tennessee timeshares currently listed for sale within an afternoon’s drive of the enchanting town of Lynchburg. Tennessee timeshare resales might not be the most popular on the market, but after a few days in the state, I don’t know that I’m exactly sure why. It’s a great place to vacation, and I’m sure our family will be going back.


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