So often we see stories of fraudulent timeshare companies that have manipulated and taken advantage of people, often earning millions of dollars in illegal profits. Yet, we don’t often hear about what’s being done to stop them. Where are their penalties? Their justice?


In Florida  however, justice is finally being served. The Federal Trade Commission recently passed judgement on a company named “National Solutions” in Florida that was accused of scamming hundreds of people out of millions of dollars. The court estimated damages at over $6.3 million for victims, and as a result imposed a $6.3 million fine for the operators. “That was our best estimate, after examining paperwork and other materials, of how much consumers were injured,” said William Hobor, an FTC staff attorney. Other National Solution workers signed settlements that banned them from the timeshare business.

It is comforting to know that despite the rampant timeshare fraud, there are still measures being taken and penalties carried out to try to stop fraud.

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