International Premier Resale is Not an Affiliate of Premier Timeshare Resale with RE/MAX

In the last several days, we’ve received multiple calls and e-mails from Sellers asking us if we are affiliated with International Premier Resale. We are not. From what we gather, they have contacted multiple sellers with a buyer offer and according to the sellers, they have asked the seller to pay some sort of fees upfront (closing, appraisal, transfer taxes). We have not been able to reach this company or find them online with the name supplied to us by Sellers, International Premier Resale. They also can not be found on the Better Business Bureau:


Our best advice to you comes in 2 simple rules:


1. Never pay upfront fees, not even a dime, no matter how good or legit the offer sounds. Any fees required can be at closing. Always, verify who the company is and who will be handling closing. Look up both company names with the Better Business Bureau.


2. Verify the person you are speaking with is who they say they are. Do not call any phone numbers supplied to you from the company making you the offer. How do you know they aren’t giving you a fake number to their associate sitting in the next room? Scammers are known to impersonate legitimate companies and licensed agents. Instead look up the number online and call the number you find published on Yellow Pages, Yelp or another third party source. Ask whomever answers the phone to speak with the “Agent Name”. Verify that person is the person who contacted you with an offer.


Remembering those two simple rules above can save you thousands of dollars and hours of stress and frustration. You can’t be too careful in this day and age. Scammers target desperate sellers and the often trusting elderly. Don’t let them make you or your family members victims. Share these two simple rules and help create awareness. The scammers will cease to exist if no one gives them money!


What do you do if you’ve already paid money to someone you think is a potential scammer?


1. If you paid by check, cancel it. If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company and see if they can reverse or stop the charge immediately.


2. Contact the Attorney General’s Office of the state in which you reside and also the state is which the scammer is located. State Attorney General’s websites can be found at


3. File a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission.

4. Contact and file a complaint with the Real Estate Division of the state in which the scammer is located.


5. Contact and file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau.


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