If owning part of a Marriott Resort, or Westin or Hyatt or Hilton property through timesharing isn’t glamorous enough, fractional ownership of yachts and jets are a viable option, and according to this article from NBCNews, more people now than ever are buying shares in aircraft ownership.   While the idea of vacation ownership isn’t new, and many wise consumers even know that the best deals and value come from buying timeshare resale, the market for fractional and shared ownership varies greatly. You can snag a deal in a mountain resort town like Park City, Utah for anywhere from a thousand dollars to more than fifty. But Jet fractional ownership takes this idea to a new level.   Can’t afford to own, house, and maintain a jet on your own? (Very few can) Now there’s no worries! You can get fractional ownership and share the cost of maintenance with several others through management companies like NetJets, whose CEO is none other than Warren Buffet himself. NetJets boasts perks like being in complete control of itineraries, flying with your pets, enjoying superior catering, and lower fuel costs.  Sounds like a great deal, right? Unfortunately, prices aren’t listed on the informational site, so you have to contact the company to obtain any information.  Some jet fractional companies permit resales, and some do not. And as an additional disclaimer, as Warren Buffet is quoted in the article from NBCNews, this program is targeted toward the “very, very rich people.”   Still, there is something enticing and exotic about the idea of owning (part of) your own jet. And it’s apparently sufficiently appealing to a wide enough audience that the industry is seeing a 55% rise in new owners.   “Life, liberty, and property,” is John Locke’s original phrase, which Thomas Jefferson altered to “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence. Do we equate property with happiness? In fact, owning property does seem like a quintessential American value.   But don’t worry, if you’re not among the elite that goes in for jet ownership, fractional or otherwise, you can still have your piece at a pretty affordable price. Check out our timeshare resales at the links below to find what property ownership will work with your budget.   Browse resale timeshares for sale Park City timeshare resales Fractional Ownership

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