Great Ways to Save Money on Vacation

By January 27, 2019Travel Tips to Share

Vacation Notes

As my husband and I gear up for our annual family vacation in the next couple of weeks, we found ourselves referring back to some notes we took while on vacation last year. Bring chip clips. Don’t bring fins (the place we’re staying has some available to use for free). Have dinner done before 6 pm (time differences make dining out with littles that much harder!). Some of the reminders are specific to this location. Other notes we utilize on every trip we take because they are great vacation money-saving tips no matter where we go. After all, most of us look forward to our vacations, but not so much the toll it can take on our wallets.

empty wallet

So, whether you are visiting Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, California, or the Caribbean, here are some things you can do to lessen the burden on your bank account. All while having a great time!

Travel Lighter

Unless there is a product you absolutely can’t live without, leave the toiletries at home.


Most hotels and resorts offer things like shampoo, conditioner, and soap for free. Some even provide toothpaste.

Ladies, no need to pack your blow dryer! I have yet to visit a hotel or resort that didn’t have one. Leaving these things behind saves space and much-coveted weight (and money!) in checked baggage.



The Grocery Store is Your Friend

Another great way to save some money is to go grocery shopping when you get to your destination.

grocery store

Despite only making a weekly trip every year, we made sure to get a local grocery store discount card last year to save even more. Dining out can be great, but if you have a family it can also be very expensive. Many resorts have kitchens. And, even if your hotel does not, making a lunch here and there instead of hitting a restaurant for every meal will save you a ton.


Dining-out Deals

When you do decide to dine out, look for discounts on sites like


Taking the time to purchase and print a few coupons can sometimes save you up to 50%. even has an app in which you enter your location and can find the deals closest to you.

Apps like Yelp can also be a resource for a free appetizer or drink every now and then. Just remember to check in and show the wait staff your discount code (on your device) before he or she takes your order.

Purchasing deals from Groupon or LivingSocial is a wonderful way to see local attractions while saving money. New deals are listed often and come at a cost far less than the normal retail price.


Use Local Transportation

Look into local transportation. It can also save you big.


Most resorts offer free shuttle services.

Transportation like buses and trolleys often charge a minimal fee.

And, most of the time, young children ride free.


Timeshare Resale

Last, but not least, buying a timeshare resale is another great way to save money on a yearly vacation.

Those selling timeshare resales are existing owners looking to get the best fair market value for their vacation share. This saves buyers thousands than the direct-from-resort price. Premier Timeshare Resale and our RE/MAX agents can help you find the timeshare of your dreams. Contact us today!



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