Veteran’s Day: taking time to observe their service

From the Revolutionary and Civil Wars far from living memory, to the World Wars and Korea and Vietnam of the 20th century and the conflicts in the Middle East these last decades, Americans have been serving our country with their lives. This Veteran’s Day, why not consider some vacation locations in which travelers can observe and celebrate the service of our countrymen.


Williamsburg, Virginia is a village in which visitors can experience a re-creation of colonial times, watching butter be churned and a showing of revolutionary military force in re-enactments of battle exercises. Marriott’s Manor Club timeshare resales are quite popular, and other Williamsburg timeshare resorts offer luxury stays as well.



Normandy, France, where Allied Forces landed on June 6, 1944 after crossing the English Channel with the goal of liberating Western Europe from the occupation of Nazi Germany. Several coastal villages nearby offer timeshare resort accommodations from which you can venture to the historic sites.


Nashville, Tennessee isn’t just a music hub. The site of a battle in which 6,602 lives were lost during the Franklin-Nashville Campaign in 1864. The American Civil War battle sites provide some of the richest and most interesting facts in American War History, as opponents on both sides of the conflict were American citizens fighting for their beliefs close to (or in) their homes. Nashville is also home to several first class accommodations, including Wyndham Nashville, a timeshare in the city you might consider trading into through RCI or Interval International if you’re a timeshare owner with membership.


This article also has some other interesting sites to consider visiting for next year’s Veteran’s Day, and remembering how America’s freedoms have been dearly paid for.

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