Intergalactic Timeshare Resale: Exciting Destinations

We know you’ve got those itching feet and the wanderlust that comes with being human, so why not consider a trip through outer space for your next weekend vacation? Sure, Earth has all those fall foliage colors right now (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), but nothing compares with views of the stars.  



At Intergalactic Timeshare Resale, we believe in traversing not only your country or planet, but the Universe, and at a great price. Buying timeshare resale can save you as much as 70% off developer prices, just like on your home planet. Plus, most non-earth, galactic timeshare ownership comes with membership in one of the major resort trade companies (usually MDI–Multi-versatile Destination Inc., or Interworld Interspacial). With these organizations, you can easily book, bank, or trade your week at your home resort timeshare in Cloud City, for example, for an exciting outpost adventure in the Outer Rim Territories with desert spa treatments on Tatooine or a luxurious and metropolitan experience on Coruscant in the Galactic Core.


Like some Earth-based timeshare resale companies, we believe that vacations shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg (or a tentacle), and that those annoying timeshare-presentations are nothing but a price tag added to your resort purchase. In legitimizing the intergalactic timeshare industry, we promise to charge no upfront fees. If you’re looking to unload a timeshare property you don’t use often enough, we’ll advertise at no cost. We get our deci-creds when yours are in your bank account from selling your timeshare resale with us.

Come on, Earthlings! Access your daredevil spirits today and consider a trip outside your comfort zone.

For the less adventurous who prefer to stay on Earth, we recommend companies like Premier Timeshare Resale, whose honest business model served as a pattern for Intergalactic Timeshare’s attempt to stop the galaxy-wide scamming and fraud and cut down on inflated resort prices. We’re sure PTR has good inventory too, and they use licensed agents, just like us. So contact them today if you’re not up for a wooded retreat on the Forest Moon of Endor.

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