The difference between timeshare fraud and legit timeshare resales is BIG

Remember that post about the feds cracking down on timeshare fraud? Here is another example.  Four and a half years of federal prison and a fine of $520,342 in restitution payment awaits a Florida woman for her role in a fraudulent timeshare company. Her co-defendant owes $74,289 and fourteen months in prison.


The Florida timeshare scammers conned more than 250 timeshare owners into parting with more than $1.1 million, so the restitution payments won’t give the swindled folks their money back, but it is a step in the right direction.


Operating under the names Smart Choice Vacations, TMI Enterprises, and Divine Vacations Group, the defendants used strategies of telemarketing to known timeshare owners and asking for closing costs upfront for the sale of their timeshares to nonexistent buyers. This is the practice used by most timeshare scams: the promise of a buyer, with a “small” fee upfront.


The timeshare industry is unfortunately fraught with fraud and plagued by these unconscionable people willing to take advantage of timeshare owners who feel trapped by and investment they no longer want or need. In our continuing efforts to legitimize the timeshare industry for both timeshare owners who want to shed an unused property and those who want to buy timeshare resale, Premier Timeshare Resale supports reputable timeshare resale business practices. These include:







Not all timeshare properties are created equal, and Premier Timeshare Resale does occasionally have to give timeshare owners bad news about their timeshare’s value on the resale market. We strive to do this with honesty and integrity.


If you’re wondering, “What’s my timeshare worth?” Please get in touch with us today. We will give you the straight answer, without the fraud and false hopes. And maybe, for some of us, it just might be an answer we’re hoping for.


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