Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Combats Scam Industry

November 12, 2013 – Premier Timeshare Resale with RE/MAX Associates (PTR), a licensed timeshare resale broker has recently launched a new service that offers an answer for owners looking to sell even the hardest to sell timeshares for no upfront fee. Timeshare owners can say goodbye to the scams and hello to a real solution.


Timeshare Resale BrokerPTR is a no upfront fee, licensed timeshare broker who is not turning anyone away. If you own a timeshare, they will try and sell it for you. There are no upfront charges or hidden fees. They are paid a commission fee at closing. This means, they are only paid if and when they sell it for you. This is truly a win/win for everyone; there is no risk to a timeshare owner but still incentive for the timeshare agents to get it sold.



Several months ago, the BBB, ARDA and Consumer Protection Agencies nationwide began recommending those looking to sell a timeshare never to pay an upfront fee and to use a licensed timeshare resale broker. This advice is backed by sound reasoning. Selling and closing a timeshare isn’t an easy task. Licensed agents experienced in timeshare resale have the best chance at completing a successful timeshare sale. Additionally, licensed individuals are being regulated by government agencies to ensure recourse in scam cases. Even CNBC Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson on The Today Show’s popular “Today’s Money” segment advised a timeshare caller to “go to a licensed timeshare resale broker.” .


Finding a reputable licensed broker to sell a popular name brand timeshare like Marriott, Hilton or Westin has become an easier task. But, what about the timeshare owners of lesser-known timeshare resorts? Who can these owners go to for help?


Owners of the more obscure timeshares call half a dozen brokers and get the same response “I’m sorry we don’t handle that resort.” Left with little to no options, these owners become desperate and the number one target of the timeshare scams. More sophisticated scams have emerged in which timeshare owners are told “no upfront fees.” These elaborate scams consist of fake contracts and requests for “good faith” deposits, paid up front. Others claim they are “appraisal fees” or “closing costs,” real estate terms that all sound legitimate. Unfortunately, these owners often have become victim time and time again; until now that is.


Premier Timeshare Resale is broadcasting this offer because of its belief in legitimizing the timeshare resale industry. Owner Kelly Marshall states that for the past several years her company has been inundated with requests to sell timeshares that her company didn’t have the ability to list and advertise. After researching what options to recommend to these owners and finding that they are left with little to none that didn’t require an upfront fee, PTR decided to do something about it.


For hard-to-sell timeshares, paying a fee in advance is usually just more money down the drain. By offering no risk to owners but a commission incentive when sold, the timeshare agents are motivated to get the owner the end result they want: a sold timeshare.


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