The Feds are OUT: Travel Update

By October 2, 2013PTR's Time to Share

Well, our federal government has come to a …rolling stop. Several US government based operations like the postal service and school lunch programs will continue to operate for a number of weeks despite the fact we are in this state of relative (furloughed) anarchy. All 116 federal prisons will continue to be operational and criminal litigation will continue as normal, and social security and veterans’ benefits will still go out, for now. (Facts pulled from this article).


What about travel? Well, if your travel plans included going to visit a national park, like our weekend plans to camp near Carlsbad, NM, you’re pretty screwed. National monuments are shut down, too. North Carolina has issued admonishments to travelers to plan accordingly on their Blue Ridge Parkway, since many of the rest stops are federally operated.


The NY Times has said that passports will still be issued, though, with the same expected turnaround that has been in place (4-6 weeks). Amtrack is still up and running, and airports are supposed to be fully operational. (Facts referenced here).


You know what’s NOT government funded? Your favorite vacation (minus the incredible national park vacation we took this summer). But seriously, as much of a nuisance, and serious concern, as a federal government shutdown is, it is in these times that we are reminded of how well private enterprise functions, including vacation hotspot resorts.


Although you may not be able to watch the Air Force versus Navy football game, you can still travel and soak up the experience of fall and winter destinations like Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City, Utah and Marriott’s Streamside at Vail.


Let’s all take a moment and be grateful our internet has not been nationalized, like Costa Rica’s.

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