Everyone wants a piece of Saratoga Springs: sell yours now!

By September 24, 2013Time to Share's HOT Spots

I don’t know if we tapped into that collective unconscious with our last post, or added to it through our blog, but this past week, Premier Timeshare Resale has received multiple inquiries from buyers looking for Disney timeshare resales at Disney’s Saratoga Springs. Great. Wonderful. Fabulous. Now we need you to sell them.

And no wonder! Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is located in Orlando (Lake Buena Vista, to be more accurate), Florida, in the heart of the Walt Disney World area. In fact, when guests want to visit Downtown Disney, all they have to do is hop on a boat and get ferried over. (It doesn’t get much more magical than that.) Saratoga Springs, New York, was a Victorian retreat in the late 1800s that was known for its spas and horse racing. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa was inspired by (and closely imitates) the historic locale with all its charm and style.


Disney’s Saratoga Springs timeshare properties are nestled between the rolling hills of the neighboring, and award winning, golf course and the peacefully reflective Village Lake. Known for creating worlds of enchantment, Disney almost outdoes even itself in its Treehouse Villas, a wondrous attraction of the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. Treehouse Villas are elevated ten feet off the ground, and offer three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, flat-screen TVs, private decks, driveways and charcoal grills. Plus, with multiple playful pools, waterslides, whirlpools, and waterfalls, Disney Saratoga Springs timeshares don’t disappoint moms, dads, grandparents, or the kiddos.

“We know all this,” you say. “We’re the ones who want to BUY Disney Saratoga Springs timeshares.” So here’s where I say:


If you own a Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa timeshare, contact us today to hear what kind of price we can get for you NOW.


Buyers know that this property is hot, and if you’re a Disney Saratoga Springs timeshare owner and are ready to invest in another property or different kind of vacationing, Premier Timeshare Resale has buyers for your Disney Saratoga Springs timeshares, and a lot of them, so you will get the most for your property if you sell now.


We don’t need to tell you why Disney is great. We’ve already done that (and most people already know from the enduring love we all have for characters and that first moment at a Disney Park); we just need to get the word out for owners wanting to sell Disney Saratoga Springs, the time is now.



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