Vacation at home

By October 4, 2013PTR's Time to Share

Vacation, vacation, vacation.

Vacation, vacation,



It seems like we’re always talking about destination this, tourist hot spot that. PTR has a habit of touting travel because, well, that’s what we do. But sometimes we need a break.


Whether it’s from dealing with removing our shoes at airport security, hailing a taxi, or simply braving the busy streets in our own town, we all get to the point where travel itself can become overwhelming.


Not to mention expensive. You can find great timeshare rental deals for last minute weekend getaways, or you can make an investment in timeshare resale, but we know that budgets get tight and there’s nothing like slipping in between your own clean sheets.


So sometimes, we vacation at home. Read on for five tips on how to take a vacation without taking a step outside your front door.


1-    Turn off your phone. Seriously, the constant alerts, buzzes, alarms, and ringtones that emanate from our phones are seriously disruptive to relaxation.

2-    Clear your calendar. Maybe you have to plan it a month (or several!) in advance, but having an entire weekend set aside where you’re not tied up in obligations or busy with social events has the potential to be incredibly refreshing.

3-    Take out, or order in. Pizza or curry delivered to your door saves on the mental and physical hassle of meal-planning and preparation. Plus, you can eat in your pajamas. Bonus.

4-    Explore local events. Whether it’s an art opening, college football game, seasonal outdoor event (pumpkin patches, apple picking, brew festivals) or an 80’s cover band, get up and go do something fun you wouldn’t normally.

5-    Change your sleeping scene. Whether it’s in a hammock, in a tent in the backyard, on your covered porch, or just in a guest bedroom, changing sleeping arrangements up a bit at home can make you feel like you’re on vacation without having to travel…anywhere.

Many of the comments and messages we receive on our posts have to do with the timeshare industry being not right for everyone, and it isn’t. Premier Timeshare Resale works hard to legitimize the timeshare industry by providing NO PRESSURE for buyers, FREE LISTINGS for sellers, and NO UPFRONT FEES for anyone.


If you purchased a timeshare in the past, and find that you’d rather vacation at home now, PTR’s licensed agents will walk you through the steps of listing it (always for free) and giving you helpful, honest, unbiased information you can really use.


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