Hot Spot: NYC’s Manhattan Club Timeshares

By November 14, 2013Time to Share's HOT Spots

The city never sleeps, and there’s always something new. Walking around the streets of New York City can give you a rush, and unlike many vacation destinations, there’s no real “season” for tourism. Sure, summers are when kids are out of school and can travel, but the brisk autumn temperatures and snow-dusted parks in winter are as much an allure as neighborhood water parks in the hotter months. Whether you’re in for the Broadway shows or NYC Ballet on Manhattan or to sit down with a stout in a storefront home-brew shop in Brooklyn, or anything in between, New York has indefatigable charm and unending sights and activities.


If you’re a timeshare owner and want to see the city in style, try trading into the Manhattan Club timeshare through RCI. Its luxury and style are world-class, and the intimacy of an old-fashioned club atmosphere can offer your weary feet some hard-to-find quiet on the streets of Manhattan. Blocks away from the south end of Central Park in Midtown, the Manhattan Club is centrally located for most everything in the city. If you own a Manhattan Club and have been considering selling, please get in touch with us. Manhattan Club timeshare resales can be rare gems (one look at the accommodation photos and you’ll know why), and Premier Timeshare Resale often has buyers waiting for specific units of these in-demand properties.



If you’re intrigued by Manhattan timeshare resale and ownership, next time you’re in New York, stay in the hotel for a few nights. You may be so impressed by its affordability and seduced by its lavishness that you just have to have a piece for yourself. If you decide you want to buy at Manhattan Club timeshare resale, get in touch. Premier Timeshare Resale offers, as always, NO UPFRONT FEES and the diligent service of state-licensed Realtors whose mission to legitimate the timeshare industry drives us to provide excellence in service with integrity.


And really? Who doesn’t see these Manhattan Club timeshare photos and think, “Oooh, I want one!”



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