Smoky Mountains – Top 10 Destinations

We are in the midst of unprecedented closures and travel cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. Schools and businesses are closed across the country and shelter in place orders are being given in many states and counties across the USA.

This forced down time provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about new places and explore and plan future travel. We have a graduating high school senior this year, so our summer family vacation will be at a location of his choosing, except he hasn’t chosen yet. Since I can’t use some extra free time to start planning a new trip, I’m digging through photos to scrapbook memories of old trips.

Hands down, one of our favorite family vacation destinations of all time is Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Bordering Tennessee and North Carolina, this popular park should be on everyone’s “get there at least once” list.

Let’s talk first about the park itself. There are so many wonderful day hikes with enough variety to fit families and individuals of every age and ability level. With 1000 campsites, you can also extend the adventure to multiple days, but the best sites can become fully booked, so advanced planning is needed.

Beyond the park itself are several towns that are their own adventure lands. Gatlinburg is the gateway to the Smokies. Ravaged by a wildfire in 2016, Gatlinburg has diligently been rebuilding and is the home to a combined ski resort and amusement park, an aquarium, mini-golf courses, museums and a water park among many other attractions.

For those who want to shop or eat, Gatlinburg has too many choices to list. But no visit to Gatlinburg would be complete without a pancake breakfast (or lunch if getting up early isn’t your thing). There are many great choices to choose from, but my family loves the Pancake Pantry. This popular spot takes you back in time from the wooden tables and chairs to their cash only policy. But the food is worth the wait (and wait you most likely will).

We have so many wonderful family memories from multiple vacations to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. And we look forward to creating more in years to come as we will be definitely be returning to one of our favorite destinations.

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